12 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Osaka

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Osaka is one of the most popular and splendid cities in Japan. The city is situated on the Japanese Honshu Island, so the cuisine’s seafood dishes dominate. The streets here are full of life, serving scrumptious local delicacies. Phenomenal shrines, breathtaking views of cherry blossom trees, and the lively food culture complete the heart of this city.

The food is dominated by meat and flour. People here are fond of seafood extensively. A variety of fish and sea animals are consumed here. The restaurants here are designed in such a manner that they display their signature dish with huge inflated balloons shaped like sea animals.

12 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Osaka

1. Takoyaki

Source – Daniel’s Food Diary

Osaka calls for seafood lovers, and Takoyaki is exclusively recognized as the most loved dish in Osaka. A delicious octopus waits for you in these dumplings. A batter of flour, butter, and Japanese stock is prepared for this delight. The dumplings are filled with octopus, some spring onions, pungent ginger, and seasonings. They are baked and garnished with mayonnaise for the serving.

2. Fugu

Source – KKDay

Most people find Fugu to be dangerous, and yes, it is! Fugu cannot be cooked at home and requires a skilled chef to prepare this dish. Fugu is considered the World’s deadliest fish; hence it is prepared with extreme care and expertise. It is arranged in a floral pattern and is usually eaten raw. A soft texture with a subtle flavour is what Fugu is for! It can also be enjoyed in a stew.

3. Okonomiyaki

Source – Just One Cookbook

Okonomiyaki looks like a pancake; however, it has got a lot of stuffing within it. Okonomiyaki is a common delicacy for the people of Osaka. A fine batter is prepared with flour and water. It is generally filled with a lot of cabbage. Delicious squid or pork can also be added to the dish. Okonomiyaki is deep-fried and served with soy sauce.

4. Taiko-Manju

Source – osaka.com

Something sweet can never be bad for your gut. Taiko-Manju is a sweet delicacy that is baked to perfection. It is stuffed with a filling of steamed beans which makes it even better. Taiko, meaning drum, probably derives its name from the shape of this delight.

5. Kitsune Udon

Source – Just One Cookbook

The word Kitsune means fox and people in Osaka have named it so because they believe “the fox loves deep-fried tofu.” It has a sweet flavour topped with Udon. Udon is nothing but wheat pasta prepared authentically in thick strips. It is simmered in a sweet sauce and is served with an exclusive topping of deep-fried tofu.

6. Negiyaki

Source – tsunagu Japan

Similar to Okonomiyaki, Negiyaki is a pancake-shaped dish of Osaka. Negiyaki is definitely healthier than the original Okonomiyaki.  It is made with a thick batter of flour and water. The batter is filled with a huge amount of spring onions. It has no pork like Okonomiyaki. Soy sauce is drizzled over the delectable dish for the right fusion of flavours.

7. Kushikatsu

Source – Ichigo Ichie

Kushikatsu is just another form of kebabs that are deep-fried in hot oil. Kushikatsu has a huge variety of fillings. It can be stuffed with vegetables, pork, or even meat. Numerous people in Osaka also prepare Kushikatsu with a filling of sweet potato, shrimp, pumpkin, eggs of quail, bacon, and onion. It is served with traditional sauces or flavoured salt.

8. Yakiniku

Source – TripAdvisor

Nothing is better than barbecued beef! Yakiniku is an amazing delicacy to enjoy beef in the most surprising format. People in Osaka absolutely love this way of grilling the meat and enjoy it with dips. The meat is grilled over a charcoal barbecue, and the grilled meat is dipped in sauce and consumed directly.

9. Horumon

Source – Japan Cheapo

Horumon is considered to have originated in Osaka. Horumon is not much different from Yakiniku. The grilled meat is replaced with the innards of cows and pigs. The innards that have not eaten before are grilled and dipped in sauces for consumption.

10. Shiromaru

Source – Twitter

When visiting Osaka, you can not forget the signature Ramen! Shiromaru is basically tonkotsu broth served with thin noodles and other major ingredients. It is mixed with pork, mushrooms, finely chopped cabbage, and shallots. It is milky, thick, and extremely creamy due to the broth. It is a common dish in Osaka and can be found in local restaurants.

11. Doteyaki

Source – osaka.com

Doteyaki is a sweet-savoury delight generally enjoyed as a side dish in Osaka. It is prepared with sinewy beef mixed with miso and sugar. Miso is a paste prepared with fermented soybeans or barley. It is sugary yet has an extremely pungent flavour. Beer is highly complemented with this dish in Osaka.

12. Butaman

Source – Osaka-Info

It looks just like a Momo! Butaman is prepared by the process of steaming. Flour and water are combined to form a wrapping for the stuffing. Essential stuffing of vegetables and pork is filled in these dumplings. Butaman is then steamed to perfection and is served hot. Osaka is known for Butaman since it has an original flavour with steamed meat and vegetables within it.

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