25 Best Macaron Flavors For Your Sweet Tooth

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Macaron is the finest dessert if you crave something sweet with a high-end taste. A macaron features a delicate mix of sweetness and other flavors. It’s usually extremely pricey due to its two main ingredients and the knowledge required to create the smooth, light, non-sticky one! With only one bite, it transports you to the streets of Paris.

25 Best Macaron Flavors For Your Sweet Tooth

1. Classic Chocolate Macarons 

Source: www.bookmyflowers.com

High-end bakeries are known for their chocolate macarons. Before sinking your teeth into the chewy goodness in the center, take a first bite that breaks through the crisp outer coating. Stuffed with a dark and delicious filling, this goes along with coffee, tea, or champagne.

2. Strawberry Cheesecake Macarons 

Source: www.shugarysweets.com

Strawberry cheesecake has a soft yet slightly tangy finish, similar to cream cheese. It has a rich, creamy feel. Additionally, with some frozen strawberries ground into a fine powder, you can get a lot of flavors without using a lot of them. On Valentine’s Day, it can be shared with loved ones!

3. Raspberry Macarons 

Source: bakingwithaimee.com

The sweetness of the shells is well balanced by the tart raspberries used not only in the filling but also in the macaron shells, making these raspberry macarons with white chocolate and raspberry filling one of the tastiest macarons ever. It’s possible to make it using the Italian meringue method!

4. Pistachio Macarons 

Source: www.youtube.com

They’re a little more subtle and less sweet, and you can even add some dark chocolate to give them a lift! Pistachio White Ganache fills this most decadent of French desserts. It’s a made-in-heaven match!

5. Blackberry Macarons

Source: www.cocoablack.com

The smooth texture of the blackberry macaron has a swirl of fresh berry puree and a touch of cinnamon in the buttery shell. It’s the ideal Easter dessert! The blackberry flavor in the macaron is prominent, with a hint of lemon and sour cream to round it out. It’s absolutely amazing!

6. Cookie and Cream Macarons

Source: www.confessionsofaconfectionista.com

It has a creamy, smooth sweetness to it, as well as crispy chocolate biscuits sprinkled throughout. It is similar to cookies and cream ice cream, with a creamy vanilla base and a touch of cookie. Moreover, the cookies may even be refrigerated until you’re ready to use them.

7. Black Currant Macarons

Source: www.imperialsugar.com

This French macaron has a passion fruit flavor with a dark berry flavor that isn’t raspberry-like but earthy with a hint of strong black grape. Basically, the filler is either store-bought blackcurrant jam or mixed berries.

8. Red Velvet Macarons

Source: www.confessionsofaconfectionista.com

Crisp and pleasantly chewy shells with a subtle taste of chocolate and vanilla and a vibrant red appearance. The shell gives the macarons a wonderful texture, but the taste comes from the filling.

9. Lemon Macarons 

Source: www.beyondumami.com

When life hands you lemons, create lemon macarons, we say! These lemon macarons are packed with lemon curd and lemon buttercream and taste exactly as good as they sound. It’s a delicate combination of sweetness and citrus flavor, with a tangy, crunchy cookie texture.

10. Mango Macarons

Source: web.codedfilm.com

Fresh mango macarons are on their way! Mango Buttercream and Mango Jam are used to fill these macarons. It may remind you of a tropical beach sunset. The addition of lime zest enhances the overall flavor of this dessert by bringing out some refreshing and zesty notes!

11. Mint Chocolate Macarons

Source: www.youtube.com

It has everything you might desire in a dessert: A sweet, chocolaty pleasure complemented with a fresh mint taste. Furthermore, mint adds a great zing to everything, making everything smell, taste, and look fresh.

12. Snickers Macarons

Source: www.tastemade.com

You’ll relish this macaron if you like Snickers. They’re filled with Caramel Buttercream and nougat, then covered with chocolate sauce, caramel swirl, crumbled Snickers bars, and chopped peanuts.

13. Caramel Apple Macarons

Source: www.confessionsofaconfectionista.com

Each mouthful is a perfect balance of salty, sweet, and apple. It’s ideal for anything autumnal, including Halloween gatherings. When it comes to dessert, this wonderful combination of caramel, toffee, pecans, and dried apple chips (if desired) is as sweet as it gets.

14. Chocolate Caramel Macarons

Source: imperialsugar

Between the chocolate shells of each macaron comes a surprise of gooey caramel. It’s the perfect treat for you if you enjoy soft buttery caramels coated in creamy chocolate and finished with a pinch of salt!

15. Coffee Macarons

Source: www.taste.com.au

The Coffee Macaron combines a creamy coffee-flavored white chocolate drizzle with a traditional macaron shell. They’re perfect for serving with hot chocolate or as part of a picnic dessert table or any other gathering.

16. Jasmine Macarons

Source: www.sanjanafeasts.co.uk

Jasmine Macarons have a fresh and mild floral flavor that is somewhat sweet. It is frequently filled with raspberry jasmine scented jam and champagne buttercream.

17. Vanilla Bean Macarons

Source: tarasmulticulturaltable.com

Vanilla macarons have a sweet, almost caramel-like flavor with a subtle floral component that tastes like jasmine. The vanilla flavor is mostly defined by the sugary-floral mix.

18. Gingerbread Macarons

Source: www.thelittleblogofvegan.com

It’s delicious right out of the oven. It’s not too gingery, but it’s a great mellow blend of spices. Made up of ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves, which are all delicious spices. Furthermore, these macarons have a gingerbread buttercream filling and are sprinkled with white chocolate.

19. Apricot Macarons

Source: www.imperialsugar.com

A beautifully colored orange shell with a tasty apricot fruit spread within. This is a truly intriguing flavor that is so different, refreshing, and subtle!

20. Lavender Macarons

Source: in.pinterest.com

Lavender macarons with a hint of lemon, filled with a light lemon honey buttercream, are a wonderful French treat! This sweet flowery flavor is ideal for a relaxing evening with a nice cup of chamomile tea on a spring day.

21. Green Tea Macarons

Source: in.pinterest.com

Matcha green tea has a bitter flavor that contrasts nicely with the sweet macaron shells, which are mostly sugar and almonds. Green tea and white chocolate fill is a fantastic combination, particularly for people who find macarons “too sweet.”

22. Chocolate Peanut Butter Macarons

Source: www.barleyandsage.com

With a chocolate macaron shell, delightfully salty-sweet peanut butter center, and a chocolate drizzle for good measure, these macarons have all the flavors of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. If it’s served with hot coffee, it’ll be even better!

23. Peppermint Macarons

Source: twitter.com

If you enjoy mint chocolate macarons, you’ll love this variant. It comes in shells with a faint peppermint flavor, a standard buttercream filling within, and crushed candy canes on top!

24. Rose Macarons

Source: www.driscolls.com

In this scenario, roses taste better than a flower. Imagine the fresh, delectable scent of a rose petal – that’s how a rose macaron tastes, though slightly sweeter. For a flowery dessert, rose buttercream and champagne jelly are also put within the shells.

25. Pumpkin Spice Macarons

best macaron flavors
Source: www.reddit.com

It’s filled with a Pumpkin Cheesecake filling and topped with graham cracker crumbs and orange sugar melts. It’s best enjoyed in the fall or during special occasions such as Halloween.

Beautiful sandwich biscuits known as French macarons have a crisp surface. ‘Macaron shell’ is the name for each individual cookie. Making macarons takes a lot of skills and patience. They can be done in a variety of ways, including Italian, French, and Swiss. Let us know which macaron flavor you’d like to try next in the comments section!

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