16 Must-Have Food Experiences in Japan

Japan is undoubtedly one of the world’s best culinary countries. One of the major draws for tourists to Japan is the cuisine. From quick snacks from street vendors to opulent meals created for monarchs and traditional dinners made by spry elders who presided over the kitchen for decades, Japan has it all. Consider the following dining events to make the most of your trip to Japan: 16 Must-Have Food Experiences in Japan 1. Kaiseki cuisine The cuisine and culture are combined in this Japanese eating experience. Kaiseki cuisine, or Japanese haute cuisine, is a multi-course meal made up of a … Read more

6 Things you Should know About Food Culture in Japan

Japan, the land of sunrise, like other Asian countries, has a vibrant culture. Japanese have a different set of beliefs and a rare heritage. They are similar to Korean and Chinese but very different in their way. Rice, noodles, and seafood are at the core of all the cuisines. Japan is an island; hence, it has a very excellent seafood culture. Japanese culture quickly traveled to America and Canada; they are very familiar with Japanese cuisines compared to other countries. Before we dive into the cuisines, let us get familiar with the tradition. The Japanese take food preparation, cooking, presentation … Read more

12 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Osaka

Osaka is one of the most popular and splendid cities in Japan. The city is situated on the Japanese Honshu Island, so the cuisine’s seafood dishes dominate. The streets here are full of life, serving scrumptious local delicacies. Phenomenal shrines, breathtaking views of cherry blossom trees, and the lively food culture complete the heart of this city. The food is dominated by meat and flour. People here are fond of seafood extensively. A variety of fish and sea animals are consumed here. The restaurants here are designed in such a manner that they display their signature dish with huge inflated … Read more

15 Best of Local Japanese Food Offered by Tokyo

Japan is a beautiful country but what makes it extraordinary is its capital Tokyo. It belongs to the category of the exciting dining destinations of the world. Tokyo cuisine is considered to be a fancy one for it has amazing high-end restaurants but also inexpensive yet filling local food. You name a famous Japanese dish and Tokyo has definitely got it for you. Never miss their awesomeness in food when in Tokyo. The Best of Local Japanese Food Offered by Tokyo 1. Tempura Tempura is a local Japanese dish made up of fish and other seafood, vegetables and other ingredients … Read more