10 Must-Eat Fish Dishes in Bengal

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Bengali fish dishes.

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Bengalis and their obsession with fish are well-known. It’s next to impossible to talk about Bengal and forget to mention their fish dishes. Whether it’s fish curries or fry, Bengal has a lot to offer. One can’t deny how tasty and flavorful these dishes can be. Not only fish are delicious, but also healthy for you.

Though there are countless fish dishes out there, we have a curated list for you. You will be in awe when you try out these fantastic Bengali dishes.

10 Must-Eat Fish Dishes in Bengal

1. Fish Kabiraji

Fish kabiraji
Source: Local Samosa

The first dish we will converse about is Bengal’s popular tea-time delicacy, fish kabiraji. The soft, fluffy, juicy taste of marinated fish stuffed in spices will sway you. Rolled in breadcrumbs and deep-fried in oil, this dish will persuade you to take one bite after the other. Sprinkled with lemon juice and coupled with red wine, kabiraji might prove to be a new love affair.

2. Bengali Doi Machch

Bengali Doi machch
Source: Youtube

Bengali doi machch is a yogurt-based curry with a somewhat sour flavor. The small chunks of marinated fish wrapped in subtle spices add more flavor to it. It’s a unique blend of tender, tart, and juicy flavor, making it distinct from other dishes. Not only this dish is available anywhere, but it’s also delicious and easy to make.

3. Sorsebata Ilish Machch

Sorsebata ilish machch
Source: cookpad.com

Being labelled as one of Bengal’s favourite dishes, you can’t afford to neglect sorsebata ilish mach. The prime ingredient of this dish is ilish fish, which is very flavorful. Though ilish fish are expensive, their soft and oily texture is unforgettable. You will get lured by its strong, pungent aroma and bitter taste. This dish should be on your try-list if you visit Bengal any time soon.

4. Fish Biryani

Fish biriyani
Source: The saute lover

For all our biryani lovers, we got you a wholesome Bengali flavor. This biryani has everything that you name as flavorful, aromatic, and jaw-dropping. While having the first bite, you might get attacked by a flood of different flavors. Like any other biryani, it has a bunch of flavors, from sour to sweet at once. The many layers of rice topped with browned onions and chunks of fish treat the eyes.

5. Macher Muro Diye Moong Dal

Macher Muro Diye Moong Dal
Source: Spoons and Sneakers

Now moving on to the next dish is macher muro diye moong dal. This exquisite dish is extraordinary in every way. The marinated heads, which are later fried, are hot, spicy, and crispy. The sizzling fish heads blended with moong dal are superb for health. All these things make up an excellent and delicious dish which you will admire. Hence, you will have no other choice but to adore it and savour each bite.

6. Macher Tok

Macher Tok
Source: Rumki’s Golden Spoon

If you are scrolling down and still haven’t found a match for you, then wait. Macher tok might please your desired standards. This sour curry is generally consumed and loved all over Bengal. Its pungent smell, subtle sour taste, and nutty flavor of fenugreek are a heavenly match. Although the list of spices used is pretty long, its recipe is simple and easy to make.

7. Chital Macher Muitha

Chital Macher Muitha
Source: Bongong

Reinventing every dish and seasoning it with fish is every Bengali’s favourite. Our list is incomplete without the traditional chital macher muitha. The process of making it begins with deboning fish and making fish balls. Frying the fish balls in oil and combining it with spicy gravy makes the dish wholesome and luscious. Because of its subtle spicy crispy taste, this exotic dish is unforgettable.

8. Bhetki Macher Paturi

Bhetki Macher Paturi
Source: Vogue India

Moving on to the other dish, we have bhetki macher paturi. Marinating the soft, raw chunks in a mustard-based paste is the most crucial part. Later, envelop each piece in banana leaves and cook till it becomes tender. Though making it is a long process, its mixture of sweet and tender tastes is toothsome.

9. Muri Ghonto

Muri Ghonto
Source: Youtube

Muri ghonto is one of the most famous signature dishes of Bengali cuisine. Though served as a side dish, it is savoury and mouth-watering. It is a fantastic amalgamation of fish heads, spices, and rice. The heavenly crispy, flavorful taste of muri ghonto is nowhere available. You can’t forget to include muri ghonto if you are experimenting with fish dishes.

10. Gondhoraj Machch

Gondhoraj Machch
Source: Petpujo and Adda by Simon

Last but not least on our list is gondhoraj machh. It’s made using coconut milk and gondhoraj lime. While the credit of making this dish so tasty and flavorful goes to the usage of gondhoraj lime and leaves. A drizzle of gondhoraj lime gives the dish an entirely new flavour. The sour, sweet and delicious taste will tickle your taste buds and persuade you to eat more.


We have discussed a handful of dishes already. One thing that is notably common in all these dishes is the unique way it’s prepared. Fish is not only an admired food item but also an integral part of Bengali cuisine. Hence, we end our discussion believing that you will try these delicious dishes at home.

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