14 Dishes Appreciated By The Presidents Of America

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Dishes Appreciated by the Presidents of America

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Food speaks its own language, and it is often said that one can gauge someone’s character by looking at their food preferences. Be it Roosevelt, Obama, Trump, or Joe Biden, the Presidents of America have always shown flavour to delicacies. Here’s a list of dishes appreciated by the different Presidents of America.

14 Dishes Appreciated By The Presidents Of America

1. Chicken Fricassee – Abraham Lincoln

Source: Delish.com

Esteemed and loved, Abraham Lincoln presided during the simpler times but favored this delicious dish with a to-die-for sauce! A fricassee is a stew brought about with portions of browned meat in butter, served in a sauce flavored with the cooking stock. They usually prepare fricassee with chicken, veal, or rabbit, with changes as per one’s need.

2. Clam Chowder – John F. Kennedy

Source: Simply Recipes

Clam Chowder is appreciated by Americans and people all around the globe for its creamy texture and the contrasting flavour of saltiness and smokiness present in every bite, and the President is no exception. Clam Chowder comprises celery, onions, diced potatoes, salt pork, usually cooked in a broth or milk with clams.

Popular variants of this dish are New England Calm Chowder, Rhode Island Clam Chowder, and Manhattan Clam Chowder.

3. Jelly Beans – Ronald Reagan

Source- Mental Floss

Anyone who knew Ronald Reagan knew of his love for the tiny bean-shaped sugar candies that came in various colors. He first started jelly beans to get rid of his smoking habit and came to love it. Ronald Reagan’s love for Jelly Beans became an integral part of his campaign. The company even introduced the first blueberry flavour in the ode of completing the President’s red, blue, and white jelly beans.

4. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Source: Delish.com

Buttered slices of bread are grilled with melting Cheese between until they reach a shade of golden brown. Taking just 20 minutes to prepare, this cheesy delicacy was a favorite of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Said to munch on it on breaks during many of his important meetings, the President had often shown his love for a Grilled Cheese sandwich!

5. Corn Pudding – George H. W. Bush

Source: Taste of Home

Corn pudding is a light creamy dish prepared from water, corn, and thickening agent to add any flavoring or texturing ingredients. This deep baked dish can be prepared by beating a few eggs, butter, sugar, milk, cornstarch, and of course, corn, baked for an hour to achieve the flavor that Bush adored!

6. Cottage Cheese – Richard M. Nixon

Source: Healthline

It was said that the Nixons loved Cottage Cheese so much that they drove around the White House searching for some on the night they first arrived! This Presidential favourite is a fresh cheese curd product with a mild flavour that is not aged. It is prepared by seeping the cheese instead of squeezing it to make Paneer— while keeping the curds loose.

7. Texas Barbecue – Lyndon B. Johnson

Source: TASTE Cooking

Texas Barbecue was introduced to Americans in the mid19th Century, after which it spread far and wide for its hard grilled meat and chewy texture, all the way to the white house! Beef brisket, pork, and sausages are grilled to complete the dish. It was said that President Lyndon B. Johnson favoured the entire Texas Barbecue catalogue!

8. Fried Chicken – Harry Truman

Source: Food Network

Traditional dishes were often spotted on the table of the 33rd President, Harry Truman. Mrs. Truman’s recipes, available till today, spoke of Harry Truman’s love for chicken fried in batter and served on the table!

9. Black Forest Berry Honest Tea – Barack Obama

Source: Arianna’s Robertson

Black Forest Berry Honest Tea is a type of bottled tea found in the President’s fridge. Available in stores in favoured flavours of Black Forest Berry and Green Dragon, Obama’s love for the tea once drove an aide two hours far to search for it!

10. Baked Grits With Cheese – Jimmy Carter

Source: Taste of Home

Grits were included on the Carter family’s breakfast when they first moved to the White House. This dish included a mix of milk, wheat, and egg yolks into the grits, baked with cheese to get the President’s favourite texture and taste with love for southern food and lifestyle!

11. Broiled Steak – William Howard Taft

Source: Beef-It’s What’s for Dinner

Broiled Steak is a sizzling brown steak made by first selecting a T-Bone, tenderloin, or sirloin. The Steak is placed on the broiler over a clear fire and seared short on both parts to keep the juices. The Steak is then stirred for the desired cook and then removed to a hot platter with salt, pepper, and soft butter on top. President Taft enjoyed Steak for every breakfast with soft mashed potatoes at the side!

12. Crab Soup And Homemade Bread – Gerald Ford

Source: The Spruce Eats

President Gerald Ford enjoyed Crab Soup and Homemade Bread to the point that fresh bread was whipped together for every meal. It was soaked in fresh Crab Soup, a rich, creamy soup made from milk or heavy cream, Atlantic blue crab meat, and a little dry sherry upon plating.

13. Meatloaf – Donald Trump

Source: Healthy Fitness Meals

Meatloaf is a delicacy of ground meat blended with different components and shaped into a loaf, baked or smoked. Trump has always favoured Meatloaf for lunch, with Melania having appeared on Martha Stewart to prepare Trump’s favourite Meatloaf sandwich!

14. Pasta With Red Sauce – Joe Biden

Source: wikiHow

Former President Barack Obama is said to have mentioned that Joe Biden’s favourites remain Pasta with Red Sauce and Ice Cream. While ice cream continues to be everyone’s favorite, Pasta with Red Sauce intrigued everyone. The red sauce is likely to be a concoction of tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, onion, and herbs!

Favouring exotic food items in the White House, the cookbooks and recipes of these dishes selected by the Presidents of America have more than once been recorded for public view, all to share with the world!

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