10 Delicious Foods to Eat In Serbia

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I’m sure that the cuisine of Serbia must seem extremely mysterious to the average reader. The Balkan states all share a similar cuisine so this is a must-try for the adventurous.

10 Delicious Foods to Eat In Serbia

1. Sarma

We’ll start with perhaps the most popular dish of Serbia. Sarma is a dish of sour cabbage leaves with various fillings for those unaware. The fillings often include meat, rice or a combination of grains. This makes a dish with a lot of variety. The one dish that defines Serbia.

2. Prebranac

One of the popular comfort foods of Serbia, Prebranac is one for the vegetarians. The dish is almost like a casserole of white beans and onions. The dish is often given flavor using sauce. It is extremely nutritious and also very tasty.

3. Šopska salad

Serbians do a lot of things right, and their salads are only one of them. This dish is a famous cold salad that finds its origins in Serbia. It is made of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, and parsley. The dish is also topped with cheese making it a popular and healthy appetizer.

4. Riblja čorba

Wanna know a fun fact? Riblja čorba is also the name of one of Serbia’s most famous rock bands. So you can already guess how delicious the dish itself can be. The dish also has another name, Fisherman’s soup. This is a spicy soup with generous helpings of paprika and fish. It is definitely for the ones who love some spice.

5. Ćevapi

Now let us move on to the meat lovers. Serbia does another thing right as well, along with their salads. That is meat. Grilled meat to be specific. The dish is very similar to a kebab so a good choice for people wanting something familiar. You usually get around 5 to 10 pieces on a plate along with a flatbread.

6. Pljeksavica

Another popular grilled meat, Pljeksavica can also be called the local hamburger. The dish is like a national treasure to Serbia, and rightfully so. The meat is usually pork, lamb and beef. It is normally eaten as the main course and served together with flatbread. The readers won’t regret eating this one.

7. Goulash

Goulash is a stew consisting of vegetables and meat, moving on to stews. The most important ingredients are normally meat and onions, usually in the same ratio. Goulash is often served with macaroni or potato mash.

8. Pies

Pies are extremely popular in Serbia. The most popular fillings often consist of meat, mushroom, pumpkin, cherry or potato. The pies often consist of thin layers of phyllo dough. The pies are both sweet and savoury in nature.

9. Dobos Torte

Moving on to desserts, we have the Dobos Torte. It is a five-layer cake. The layers have chocolate buttercream in between them. The cake is also covered with caramel which is an added bonus. The sides of the cake have almonds, walnuts and chestnuts to keep moisture in.

10. Kompot

For the drinks, we have Kompot. Kompot is a sweet drink that can be both hot and cold. It is non-alcoholic in nature. You can make Kompot by cooking fruit like strawberries, cherries, apples, etc, in a large volume of water. It is a popular drink that can be enjoyed in any weather.

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