25 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Rome

Sure, the pizza, pasta, and all the savory eatables are super yummy. But a trip to Rome is simply incomplete if you do not try the iconic desserts that the city has to offer. Follow this list of handpicked sweet delights to get yourself a sweet-dish experience like no other. 25 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Rome 1. Tiramisu Tiramisu is an authentic Italian classic dessert that hits you in the right spot. Savoiardi biscuits doused in coffee, layers of grand Mascarpone cheese, and rich cocoa powder dusted on top — a dessert really cannot get any better … Read more

22 Exquisite Traditional Desserts From Europe

There’s always room for some dessert even after having a considerable amount of heavy meal, be it lunch or dinner. Desserts are everybody’s favorite. These are often slices of heaven or are either crunchy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside, they could be fruity, creamy, chocolaty… the list of possibilities is endless. Let’s look at some exquisite traditional desserts from Europe that are delectable in taste. 22 Exquisite Traditional Desserts From Europe 1. Gelato – Italy Gelatos are famous Italian Desserts. These are frozen treats served in cones or cups. They are the healthier version of … Read more

14 Best Gluten-Free Dishes To Try Out in Italy

  It is said that the people of Italy are very conscious about what they consume and include in their diet. They have made an effort to adapt and include and exclude certain ingredients to customize their regional cuisine to accommodate a gluten-free diet. Italian cuisine comprises well-balanced, ingredient-focused menus. 14 Best Gluten-Free Dishes To Try Out in Italy 1. Gelato Gelatos are naturally gluten-free with a variety of flavours. Authentic gelato uses more milk and less cream compared to ice cream, also excluding egg yolks. Gelato is also considered a healthier version of ice cream as it contains fewer calories, less sugar, and lower fat … Read more

15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Italy

Italy has bestowed the most appealing, elegant, sophisticated, and splendid delicacies to the gourmet world. This cuisine delivers authentic flavors blossomed in the Italian Strada. The Italian Republic located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea masters in using a blend of cooking practices coming from various regions of the country. Italians are known for using a variety of herbs which are a quintessential part of their culinary practices. 15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Italy 1. Neapolitan Pizza Crispy, crunchy and flaky, baked flatbread with a rich tomato sauce drizzled on the base and engulfed in a generous … Read more