10 Best Indian Foods For A Mountain Trip

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We are all looking for excuses to go to our beloved hill stations for a peaceful escape from the hustle-bustle of our lives and to let go of all the stress and exhaustion we have been holding on to. It is so therapeutic to be amidst nature and, finally, breathe. And while you are at it, you are bound to feel hungry, and what is better than gobbling on food while enjoying your break, right?

10 Best Indian Foods For A Mountain Trip

1. Maggi 

 Best Indian Foods For A Mountain Trip
Source: Youtube

Oh, the savior! Every journey to the hills is incomplete without having the best food in the smoky mountains known to mankind. It’s never a wrong time to have Maggi, especially not under the beautiful mountain skies.

2. Bread Omelette

Source: Kanamma Cooks

Staple breakfast of the mountains, indeed. It seems very simple but tastes completely different in the cold weather and with the view, it is too good to be true. It is healthy, delicious and makes up for a filling meal. Need I say more?

3. Stuffed Paranthas

Source: Archana’s Kitchen

It’s always a good idea to stuff yourself with hot Aloo Paranthas, Paneer paranthas or even Gobhi paranthas! There’s a whole range which you can choose from, depending upon your mood. Nonetheless, it’s super yum and filling and is best paired with loads of butter, yoghurt or pickles!

4. Chai & Pakode

Source: vaya

The warmth of the chai to the cold hands from the weather with heated, deep-fried stuffed pakode are bound to satisfy your soul in a way nothing can. Nothing, nothing. Hills are a good excuse to hog on loads of pakode and not give 2 cents to people who say otherwise.

5. Momos

Source: Wikipedia

A must-have for your journey to the mountains. They are delightful street food found in most hill stations, and we are grateful for them. Served with the red chili sauce and mayo or even with a gravy, these will make your entire trip a million times better. 

6. Baked foods

Source: Food Navigator

Every hill station has this one bakery that serves the ultimate favorite baked goods, from cakes to biscuits to regional sweets to a million kinds of breads. They sometimes also serve amazing hot chocolates, and we are so here for it. Do not miss out on them! They are one of the precious gems of the mountains.

7. Thukpa

Source: Food Network

Thukpa is a noodle soup originating from Tibet. It is very prominent in the Northern hills of the Indian subcontinent as well as the North-Eastern part. It is one of the scrumptious mountain foods that you need to try while you are there. Eat them as a snack or as a dish for your breakfast, you make the rules. Mutton Thukpa is very famous in the hills.

8. Ice Cream

Source: HerZindagi

We cannot be the only ones who love getting a kick out of ice creams in winters. It’s oddly satisfying to have ice creams amidst the cold, chilly weather. It hits different and better, for some reason. It’s proof that ice creams are the only constant.

9. Gulab Jamun

Source: Swathi’s Recipes

Contrary to the last point, we also love our sweet tooth being pleased with hot piping gulab jamuns from the streets of the hills. It is way too satisfying, indulging in this dessert. Tastes like a dream, no kidding. Also, you can also have gulab jamun and ice cream together. Didn’t you know that before? Here you go. It is the BEST dessert combination, and you will become a fan.

10. Jalebi

Source: Wikipedia

We know you are obsessed with jalebis. Make sure you get your hot jalebis packed for a picnic at a magnificent scenic site and nibble on them while you take in all the beauty of the place. This is a vibe we are talking about!

These are amongst the many street foods you can devour while absorbing nature and thanking it every moment. Life is beautiful and food makes it better. Take a break, enjoy your snack, and breathe. This is called self-care, look it up!

Tell us your favorite foods of the mountains you love to have!

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