10 Best Indian Foods For A Mountain Trip

We are all looking for excuses to go to our beloved hill stations for a peaceful escape from the hustle-bustle of our lives and to let go of all the stress and exhaustion we have been holding on to. It is so therapeutic to be amidst nature and, finally, breathe. And while you are at it, you are bound to feel hungry, and what is better than gobbling on food while enjoying your break, right? 10 Best Indian Foods For A Mountain Trip 1. Maggi  Oh, the savior! Every journey to the hills is incomplete without having the best food … Read more

The Journey of Maggi in India

When we talk about midnight hunger pangs, Maggi is the first thing that comes to our mind. Maggi is very easy to make and it gets ready in 2 minutes. It is one of the most loved and largest food brands in India. At every nook and corner, we can see famous Maggi points selling different varieties of Maggi. The starting point of the journey of Maggi Maggi noodles was started in 1984 by Nestle. Initially their target audience were the children. It was therefore positioned as a snack for children which was easy to cook and gets ready in 2 … Read more

15 Easy to Cook Dishes For Hostel Students

If you are a student and living in a hostel, then one of the biggest struggles of your daily life will be hostel food. It is a big task to focus on your studies along with keeping yourself healthy. Sometimes, you just wish to eat some healthy as well as tasty food. These food items can be made in a hostel room very easily with minimum required ingredients. 15 Easy to Cook Dishes For Hostel Students 1. Scrambled Eggs To make scrambled eggs, all you need is eggs, milk or water, butter or extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Make … Read more

17 Varieties Of Maggi You Would Love to Make at Home

Maggi has been an all-time favorite snack of humans all over the world. This humble comfort food has captured the hearts and souls of folks with its amazing, timeless, and instant recipe. Maggi is made in various manners to suit different taste buds. Right from the streets of snowy hilltops to the small houses, the smell of Maggi has proved to be the symbol of warmth. Maggi can be twisted with different flavors to enhance the taste of the dish. Pungent flavors of chilly flakes, oregano, and spices are used. The Masala (Tastemaker) is mixed in the dish which glorifies … Read more

14 Midnight Snacks for Your Late Night Hunger

Have you ever been hungry all night thinking about what to eat? Midnight Cravings can never let you sleep peacefully, especially these days when food is all the business we have to look forward to. So here we present some yummy, delicious dishes to suffice your midnight hunger in no time. 14 Midnight Snacks for Your Late Night Hunger 1. Almonds A great healthy start to the list, almonds are power-packed nutrients filling your hunger for the rest of the night. Have a handful of almonds and you would have a guilt-free night. 2. Popcorn A movie night snack, Popcorn … Read more