14 Midnight Snacks for Your Late night Hunger!

Have you ever been hungry all night thinking about what to eat? Midnight Cravings can never let you sleep peacefully, especially these days when food is all the business we have to look forward to. So here we present some yummy, delicious dishes to suffice your midnight hunger in no time.

14 Midnight Snacks for Your Late night Hunger!

1. Almonds

Source: Treehugger

A great healthy start to the list, almonds are power-packed nutrients filling your hunger for the rest of the night. Have a handful of almonds and you would have a guilt-free night.

2. Popcorn

Source: Clean Green Simple

A movie night snack, Popcorn is a nutritious low-calorie munchy. Stick to air-popped popcorn, seasoned with herbs, and enjoy it all night longs.

3. Maggi

Source: Time Magazine

A two minute of exciting love story, Maggi is your strong companion over the night. An officially adored snack of all times and Maggi accompanied by cheese, masala, or herbs just works right for you every single time.

4. Spicy Bhujia

Spicy Bhujia
Source: Pinterest

The spicy, peppery munchy that takes control of our night cravings completely. A pack of Bhujia, tomato, onion, and chaat masala can tantalize your taste buds and offer complete satisfaction.

5. Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza
Source: Pinterest

Pizza makes everything better, and a late-night desire surely the best. A dish that reinvents those mundane circular pizzas into the quickest resort of healthy bread pizzas. All you need to have is a few ingredients, and the energy to work for a delightful snack.

6. Watermelon Ice

Watermelon Ice
Source: Taste of Home

The refreshing, fruity summer of watermelon ice would surely make space for them in your stomach. The fresh energetic Watermelon splash and a heartful of Ice cubes create a heavenly pleasure.

7. Bread Fry

Bread Fry
Source: Pinterest

The dish that takes half the effort and twice the taste, bread fry toss those left-over bread into a midnight favorite snack. Some grated cheese, ketchup, and pan out some delicacies ever-ready to gobble down.

8. Granola Bar

Granola Bar
Source: Nutrition in the Kitch

A good stand-in for cookies and chocolate, Granola Bar with a good source of protein and fiber works great for your appetite. A good change of lifestyle and health, the bar incorporates flavor in its true form.

9. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt
Source: Insider

A desire for a creamy treat, the protein-packed Greek Yogurt works well with your gut. Top it with your favourite toppings, and enjoy the midnight meal all alone.

10. Oatmeal

Source: The Picky Eater

A whole meal in itself, Oatmeal is considered as a breakfast option. However, the soothing flavorsome warmth and the fibres can be a heavy meal to devour. The melatonin in oatmeals is also known to promote better sleep.

11. Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea
Source: Pinterest

Pupils often confused over the night meal, almost always end up with a fulfilling cup of herbal tea. A caffeine-free tea helps you relax and unwind before bed. So for all those mornings addiction tea lovers, enjoy the real happiness in the night too.

12. Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich
Source: Fork To Spoon

A prime midnight snack of childhood always reminisces more memories than its flavors. The protein-rich peanut butter and the scrumptious jelly sandwich is pure magic.

13. Cheese And Crackers

Cheese And Crackers
Source: Kraft Foods

Cheese varieties are plentiful, but the best ones, Cheese & Crackers, definitely take the lead. A quick, easy bedtime dish loaded with nutrients can be enjoyed by children and elders alike.

14. Pancakes

Source: Eggs.ca

A recreated cake shifts into a tasty simple layers of pancakes you can never say no to. The best pancakes topping is more pancakes and the topped chocolate and berries make it an ever-interesting combination.

While the dishes can go on, we present some loved, nutritious all-time favorite snacks in one place. The dishes can make you hungry but remember it’s a mini-meal, don’t overdo it. Take Care!

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