Top 6 Cities With The Best Street Food

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Top 6 Countries With Best Street Food

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If you ever ask a foodie, where to eat the best food or the best meal, you know what they are going to answer? STREETS. Every foodie would agree on this that street food is the GODFATHER of the best meals or snacks that anyone has ever tasted. Some of the countries serve the best street food. The magic of street food can be experienced on each street of these countries.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pushcart or a street vendor; nothing can be compared to the love for street food and its taste. Even cities famous for fancy dining cannot give you the comfort these street foods can provide.

Top 6 Cities With The Best Street Food

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok's street food
source- AsianCrush

Have you ever planned a trip to a place just because the food over there is awesome? Well, if not, then plan a trip to Bangkok this time and experience the best street food. Bangkok’s street delights are to die for if you are a person whose taste buds are always asking for something delicious.

MUST EAT: Sweet soy milk and bean curd, Thai noodles and grilled satay, hoy tod nai mong, a crisp fried mussel pancake, Kuay tiew kai soi sai nam phung: a noodle soup with chicken wing stew with young egg and pork intestine and there are many many more in the list. Once you reach there you can eat it all.

2. Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu's street food
source- Roberts Hawaii

Hawaiian food has always been known for its creative side; it is because of the different cultural migrants settled here. The combination of local traditions and tastes from Asia, Latin America, and the mainland United States has made the street food a HIT! It is one of the top countries with the best food, and it is also famous for the food trucks that can be seen on every street serving aromatic and creatively delicious food.

MUST EAT: Poke (raw fish salad), octopus, tuna, giovanni’s shrimp, huli huli chicken salad, and many more.

3. Tokyo, Japan

Japan's street food
source- Travel.Earth

The one thing that comes in mind after hearing Japan is SUSHI! Japan’s most famous food item is sushi. Japan might also be well-known for its Michelin-starred hotels or restaurants, but the flavor that street food has and the taste it cannot be compared to any of the big hotels or restaurants. Japan is filled with amazing street chefs who cook delicious street food and make the country one of the best countries in the list of best street food countries.

MUST EAT: Sushi, grilled fish and veggies, soups, and many more.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey's street food
source- Flashpacking Travel Blog

Ever been to Turkey? Well if not then better pack your bags! Turkey has many famous street foods may be because of a lot of migrants. But this has turned out good for foodies as it has developed many different-different tastes. The most famous Turkish street food is Simit (a combination of pretzel and a bagel). The street food served there is very comforting and soothing as well as deliciously lips smacking.

MUST EAT: Simit, Durum, Turkish pizza, Turkish ice-cream, and many more.

5. Paris, France

Paris's street food

Paris itself is a beauty and a pleasure to go; it might be a little expensive but is definitely worthy. The amazing street fashion and the amazing street food both go hand in hand. The touristic thing that you can do in Paris is to buy the same color macron as your dress and BINGO you got a perfect picture for your Instagram with the delicious macron. The desserts served there to make it one of the top countries with the best street variants.

MUST EAT: Roasted chestnuts, a buckwheat crepe with gruyere, ham, and eggs, and many more.

6. Mumbai, India

Mumbai's street food
source- Outlook India

We all are aware that India is a land of species and colors; the food served here has vast diversity as well. Mainly the street food which is so mouth-watering that even at the smell of it will make you hungry! Mumbai has a lot of street food joints that are filled with many different varieties of dishes—ranging from veg to non-veg, making it a spot for best street food.

MUST EAT: Gol gappe, Pav bhaji, Chole tikkia, sweet mango lassi, biryanis, vada pav, and many more.

OH MY GOD! I got hungry just by writing up this article and I am craving Mumbai’s chat and Japanese sushi at the same time.

So, this was the article about top countries with the best street food which can make your soul satisfied and your heart happy!

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