19 Travel Food Items For Your Dream Backpacking Trip

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The post-covid period watches intently over many eager travelers that have been tormented by the four walls of their home, waiting to set off onto a new path. Being one of them, sanitary items aside, it’s most important to collect food items to serve for the perfect snack time. These travel food items are assuredly must-have edibles, both healthy and delicious for a journey with no stops. Faced against unsanitary eateries in a foreign region, these snacks are perfect for falling back on!

19 Travel Food Items For Your Dream Backpacking Trip

1. Instant Ramen/ Cup Noodles

 Instant Ramen/ Cup Noodles

Coming back after a swim but too hungry to wait till you get to a restaurant? On a road trip with your best friend but don’t see any open food areas? Ramen has got you covered! Warm and tasty, one cannot go wrong with cup noodles that need only hot water and a little stirring. Capable of covering an entire meal and taking simple space in your bag, Ramen packets are a travel food that just cannot be skipped!

2. Pasta


Pasta isn’t often included in the list of travel food items, but Pasta can turn out to be a classy option when faced with the bare minimum nonetheless. Instant packets of pasta now allow minimal effort for maximum deliciousness that you can share with yourself or your partner as you stare at the stars from a night in the tents!

3. Energy Bars

Energy Bars

Apt for driving adventures, skippable breakfasts, and odd flight timings, Granola Bars or Energy Bars pack a decent amount of nutrition, carbs, and fat that your body needs to function. While travel can get exhausting at times, Energy Bars do, as its name states, give you the energy to go on.

4. Nutty Butter

 Nutty Butter
Source- tanaamen.com

Nutty butter is often easy to pack and hard to go bad, no matter the weather conditions. Nutty butter can ascertain efficiency with just about any accompaniment for a quick snack. From bread to khakras, nutty butter finishes up the meal with a smile.

5. Khakhras

Source- gulabs.in

Khakras, briefly mentioned in the previous item, is an Indian snack item, a health-oriented relative to crispy crackers native to Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines. Often made from wheat and masala doughs, Khakhras are spread into simple circles and roasted till they’re crunchy, easy to break. Khakhras are also conveniently available online and offline stores for those wishing to skip the tedious making process!

6. Dry Cereal

6. Dry Cereal
Source- verywellfit.com

Milk can go bad, but dry cereal will not. Readily available in convenience stores and a healthy alternative to otherwise unhealthy travel food items, dry cereal can prove to be one of the most efficient items on the list that helps you stay in shape for your pictures!

7. Fruits Or Squeezable Fruit Juices

Fruits Or Squeezable Fruit Juices
Source- amazon.in

Fruit and squeezable fruit juices are, without a doubt, the healthier travel food alternative to chips and junk food. To make your fruit packs, blend the vegetables and fruits of your choice along with yogurt and pack them into reusable pouches to freeze right before you set on your trip! Full of nutrition and great for kids should you travel with a family, squeezable fruit pouches allow a healthy day out!

8. Summer Sausage, Cheese And Crackers

Summer Sausage, Cheese And Crackers
Source- twitter.com

A convenience store pack of three sausages is easily available in small, easy to carry packets along with the iconic combination of cheese and crackers. Perfect to snack on while driving or resting between meals, Sausage, Cheese and Crackers are a travel food match made in heaven!

9. Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips are early residents of any home looking for a quick snack. Spread in a circle and cut into triangles, this snack can be baked or fried according to requirement, being an equally good fit for snack time out in a new town. With a little time for preparation and an assortment of your favourite spices, simple salted Tortilla Chips can be transformed into spicy, cheesy snacks or even healthy travel food for the road!

10. Pretzels


Unopened and stored in a cool, dry area, a package of pretzels is said to last more than just a few months. Warm water, packed yeast, melted butter, brown sugar, salt, and flour at first mixed by hand, allowing the yeast to do its work and then shaped before being backed and hardened into the Pretzels we know and love.

While “bag snack” hard Pretzels are said to last months together, it is best to finish them in a week if you’re looking for the floaty soft texture to crunch up your trip!

11. Popcorn


Fresh, light, and available in just any flavour you want, uncooked Popcorn barely takes the space as big as your fist. Microwavable or cooker-based, Popcorn can be made anywhere, anytime for an impromptu movie night with your friends or to fill your palms and mouth with as you drive behind the wheel.

12. Nuts

Source- aicr.org

Nuts are commonly ready to eat, earning them the title of an easy snack for just any time of the day. Nuts can replace less healthy travel foods such as chips high in protein and are available in salted and spicy flavours to adjust to varied tastes.

13. Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

Worried about fruits going bad during your trip? Dried fruit, the fruit of which most water is dried out and shrunk into minuscule sizes, can be the answer to the problem. Dried raisins, dates, prunes, figs, and apricots contain an extensive amount of micronutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, are handy healthy snacks for when refrigeration is not possible.

14. Candies

Source- foodhallcookerystudio.com

Candies, lollies, confectionery—how does one call it a trip without them? Emergency sugar splurges are often needed when the mood is high on excitement, but the body isn’t. During vehicle rides and often in cases of motion sickness, hard candy is perfect to suck on to get rid of nausea. Gummies, too, can be an excellent supplement for when you’re slightly dizzy with the laughter in the air. 

15. Banana Chips

Banana Chips
Source- qtrove.com

Sliced raw banana is pan-fried into sizzling oil, eventually with a bit of salt to season for a quick snack. Easy to make and delicious to taste, homemade Banana Chips, better known as Kerela Banana Wafers, can be a new surprising twist to an otherwise typical travel outing!

16. Mix Seed Power Pouch

Mix Seed Power Pouch
Source- qtrove.com

Dried sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, and many more packed in one power pouch often hold health benefits over most snacks on the list. High in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, a few mixed seeds in your daily life is bound to help you by a lot. So take a chance like you take a step out of your house and heed for a healthier diet where most deem it impossible.

17. Muffins And Cookies

 Muffins And Cookies
Source- thehumblecrumbbakery.com

All study and no play made Jack a dull boy— so how can a trip possibly be fun without cookies and muffins? But your favourite flavoured muffins can be healthy and not be a cheat code to all our diets. Almond-blueberry cookies, gluten-free oat cookies, white bean chocolate cookies, and many more baked cookies offered in the market are surprisingly healthy of an alternative against your usual picks!

18. Thepla

Source- archanaskitchen.com

Popular amongst Jains, Thepla is a type of Indian flatbread that is spicy, tasty, and healthy! Mixing millet flour with spices, herbs, yogurt, whole wheat flour, and even fresh fenugreek leaves to create a dough flattened into thin circles and cooked over a fire till they rise to a beautiful crispy brown colour, Thepla can be your new go-to snack for travel plans. Essentially nutritious for your eyes, skin, and hair, Thepla goes well with your afternoon tea or breakfast table and can be eaten with just any dip known to mankind!

19. Yogurt

Source- healthyeating.org

Yogurt is probably the most obvious travel food item on the list, with its many flavours available and easy access wherever you go. Soft and creamy, Yogurt is a must-have as it is a rich source of calcium, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, and even proteins. Easy to carry with modern packaging and delicious to taste, Yogurt is one item we all can find and eat wherever we go!

Whether you’re travelling amongst the undiscovered nature or burying your toes in silky golden sand, taking a road trip with your best friend, or attending a wedding that is far too essential to miss, this is one list that will help you pack the ultimate travel food items and snacks for your journey!

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