Top 19 Samosa Varieties You’ll be Surprised to Know About

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Samosa Varieties You'll be Surprised to Know About


Do you feel samosas should be marked as the national snack of India? Well, Me too! The magical, crunchy, and zesty flavors of samosas just can’t be compared to any other food items in India. Samosa is not just famous in India but foodies from all over the world swoon over the taste of this puffy, relishing, and flavorful snack. You will find many variations of the stuffings of these samosas in our country. Let’s see what those are:

Top 19 Samosa Varieties You’ll be Surprised to Know About

1. Vegetable Samosa

The very common yet very favorite samosa variety that never goes wrong is the vegetable samosa which contains mashed potatoes, onions, peas, and a whole lot of spices to ooze up the flavors. You can add as many vegetables such as carrots, capsicum, and bell peppers to amplify the flavors. Paired with some mint chutney or Imli chutney, this is a go-to Chai snack for most of us Indians.

2. Tandoori Paneer Samosa

A petite samosa with bite-size chunks of paneer marinated in tandoori sauce, onions, capsicum, and lots of mouth-watering flavors is what this samosa variety is known for. The array of flavors that it releases with the crusty and crunchy outer layer is just lip-smackingly delish. Undoubtedly, the perfect hit in samosa varieties.

3. Chowmein Samosa

This ultimate Indo-Chinese Fusion is the new trend in India. The crunch of deep-fried samosas with lots of spicy, peppery Chowmein is a droolsome combination. After various trends by Indian food vloggers, this combination has become a total hit in every corner of India.

4. Chole Samosa

This variation of samosa is devoured in our very favorite chaat form. It is made simply by mashing potato-filled samosa dipped in a bed of Chole masala curry with chopped onions, chutneys, and dollops of yogurt to make the perfect Chaat to satiate your taste buds. Drizzled with some chaat masala and coriander leaves, this samosa is certainly a must-try!

5. Chocolate Samosa

Chocolate Samosa can be considered a samosa dessert that can serve as an after-meal sweet dish for your sugar cravings. Brimming up with the goodness of chocolates, this samosa stuffing features chocolates, sugar, and nuts, deep fried and coated again with a good amount of chocolate syrup. Spoil yourself with the exceptional taste of these chocolatey samosas.

6. Pasta Samosa

This amazing combination of Italian pasta and Indian samosa will compel you to give yourself a cheat treat with this scrumptious pasta samosa. The stuffing contains creamy, saucy pasta which can be white or red sauce according to taste preferences.  Try these beautiful samosas to encounter the Italiano twist with the best-ever indie samosas.

7. Chicken Samosa

This special samosa variety is for all non-vegetarians and chicken lovers, this samosa with chicken infusion definitely won’t disappoint you. The chicken is first cooked in a good number of herbs and spices with the zest of onion, garlic, and ginger. After the chicken is tender and soft, it is filled inside the samosa patty and finally deep fried until golden brown, and voila.

8. Cheese Samosa

Cheese samosa is the easiest and quickest samosa you will ever have. All you need is samosa sheets or make it from scratch with the help of maida and then prepare the stuffing by adding grated cheese, oregano, chili flakes and veggies, and sauces of your choice, and finally, seal and deep fry the samosas. Let yourself sink into the exceptionally creamy and yummy taste of these cheesy samosas.

9. Corn Samosa

Stuffed with sweet and soft corn with aromatic spices and sauces, this corn samosa is so addictive and yummy that you won’t be able to keep your hands off of it. You are free to add your favorite ingredients like cheese, mayonnaise, different veggies, etc to enhance the taste of these beauties.

10. Mawa Samosa

Any Indian festivities are incomplete without mawa dishes, and this mawa samosa is one of those dishes specially made on Holi and Diwali. The flaky, crunchy exterior with the smooth, fudgy mawa filling inside is loaded with dry fruits. Enjoy these treats at any family gathering or Holi and Diwali parties.

11. Egg Samosa

This Egg Samosa might sound weird but the taste of eggs with other ingredients such as onions, green chilies, potato, etc makes it so much more appealing and enticing to grab on. This unique samosa variety is the perfect snack option for rainy days and your special cheat days. Once you try these, there’s no going back.

12. Keema Samosa

This is a very popular Indian snack for its unusual and unique flavors. The keema consists of minced mutton that is flavored with a lot of ground spices and sauces and covered with the samosa patty and deep fried to bring the ultimate keema samosa that stands out of all the other varieties. Pair it up with some mint chutney or mash it and make a dahi (yogurt) chaat for a more flavorful kick.

13. Shrimp Samosa

Next is, the Shrimp samosa for all the sea-foodies! This one is a wonderful combination of seafood and Indian snacks to make this powerful snack item that you can’t afford to miss. The stuffing is made with minced shrimp, onions, chilies, and spices and can be customized according to taste preferences. Finally, they are deep-fried in samosa sheets with the perfect crispy triangular samosa that is just mind-blowing.

14. Mushroom Samosa

Are you too bored of the same old potato filling of samosas? If yes, then this one is for you. This mushroom samosa is a perfect alternative and is much tastier and a unique samosa variety to try out. To make the stuffing, the mushrooms are cut into small pieces and sauteed with other veggies, onions, and spices. This stuffing is then put into samosa sheets and then deep-fried. The soft, tender taste of mushrooms with the crunchy exterior makes it an absolute must-try!

15. Cauliflower Samosa

The mix of potatoes and cauliflower with other basic ingredients makes this utterly yummy samosa dish which is quite distinctive from the other varieties but goes amazingly well with potatoes and creates a wonderful taste to try. You can amp up the flavors by adding or cutting any ingredients you wish to.

16. Tuna Samosa

Another enticing and distinctive variety of samosa is this Tuna samosa which is minced fish flesh that is sauteed with garlic, onions, spices, and other rich ingredients to amp up the flavors of the stuffing. Then as usual it is deep-fried in samosa sheets. If you are a seafood lover too, do not miss this one.

17. Maggie Samosa

When the two most beautiful innovations of the lifetime combine to form this masterpiece is this Maggie samosa. The soothing, satisfying flavors of Maggie and the appealing and zesty flavors of samosa come together and leave a foodgasm in your mouth that is just not easy to get over with.

18. Pizza Samosa

You have to try this flabbergastingly delicious combo of cheesy, delectable pizza stuffing and the forever favorite crusty, crunchy samosa. Gather all the pizza ingredients such as mozzarella, bell peppers, onions, and seasonings, and make the perfect stuffing and cover it with the pastry sheets. You will not regret this, promise.

19. Jam Samosa

Yes, you heard it right. This is a distinctive variety of samosas that are often savored as an after-meal dessert. Ingredients such as mawa, raisins, other nuts, and seeds with jam and sugar are mixed to make this wondrous sweetmeat. These are extremely yummy and addictive, so they can easily spoil your sugar tooth.

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