12 Ideal Toppings for Icecream You Should Try

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12 Ideal Toppings for Ice cream You Should Try

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Toppings for Ice Cream? Definitely yes if you are the person who loves to enjoy ice creams with absolute satisfaction. While most of the ice creams are tasty in their original forms, some of them could work like magic just with a pinch of delectable toppings. Whether it is a simple vanilla ice cream or a complex honey nut crunch, we have a list of toppings for all these flavorful delights!

12 Ideal Toppings for Icecream You Should Try

1. Chocolate Fudge

chocolate fudge
source- Wholefood Simply

Who would not want to have some gooey chocolate on the top? It is not less than a hot sizzling brownie when ice creams are topped with hot chocolate fudge. An iconic combination of cool ice cream with creamy and indulging fudge makes it right to be in the list of toppings of ice cream. Hot Fudge can work well with vanilla, chocolate and a fusion flavored ice cream.

2. Nuts

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Nuts are everywhere! Whether you talk about toppings for ice cream or the ingredients of ice cream, nuts have been in the history from a long time. Almonds and cashews have dominated the world of ice creams as they are majorly stuffed in the mixture. Some iconic nuts like walnuts or pistachios happen to the best of nuts to be used as toppings!

3. Caramel Sauce

caramel sauce
source- Oh Sweet Basil

Hands down caramel sauce is an amazing sauce for topping. It is rather creamy and has a thick texture that blends with the soft ice cream. Vanilla ice cream or a Swiss chocolate ice cream happens to be the best pair with caramel sauce. Drizzle and enjoy the paradise in each cool bite.

4. Oreos

source- tipsy bartender

Who would not want crunch at the side? Oreos are kind of rulers in the world of shakes and desserts. Whether it is a brownie or a pastry, Oreos add the spice to the delicacy. Oreos can be used as toppings for ice cream to fulfill the craving of munching in ice cream. It can go well with vanilla based ice creams.

5. Chocolate Popcorn

chocolate popcorn
source- tastemade

It is astonishing yet one of the best toppings for ice creams. Popcorn has been the key ingredient for snacks however the world of dessert appreciates the entry of popcorn. Several ice creams can be topped with chocolate popcorn. It is rather sweet and indulging with ice creams and not salted like its original form. Chocolate ice creams can use Chocolate Popcorn as a great topping option.

6. Melted Marshmallow

melted marshmallows
source- Pinterest

Did anyone just say MAARSSHHMALLOWWW? Because that’s how you have to squish these mini melted marshmallows with your ice creams. Marshmallows are sugar-coated treats with alluring colors that enhance the flavor of ice creams. Melted marshmallows can undoubtedly work well as a topping with its soft and gooey texture. It complements the creamy texture of ice creams.

7. Sprinklers

source- Serious Eats

Entering the world of beautiful colors, sprinklers happen to be one of the impressive toppings for ice cream. Whether it is a vanilla flavored subtle ice cream, a strawberry ice cream, or an ultimate fusion of caramel ice cream, sprinklers are for everyone! Chocolate sprinkles or white chocolate sprinkles go well with specific flavored ice creams. On the other hand, colorful and joyous sprinklers complement ice creams based on vanilla flavor due to their colors.

8. Candies

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Candies are the ultimate topping option when we talk about ice creams. Ice creams contain a rich, creamy texture with minimum chewy stuff in the mixture. Candies are crunchy in their origination. Many ice creams can be topped with ever-popular candies like Gems or M&M. These candies would give you the right crunch along with the palatable flavor of ice creams.

9. Chocolate Chips

chocolate chips
source- Amy’s Healthy

Not every topping needs to be complex. Sometimes, mere toppings happen to be the outstanding toppings for ice cream. A chocolate chip is one of them! Any ice cream can complement chocolate chips as it becomes the universal topping for most desserts. The semi-soft texture of chocolate chips would make your mood happier once fused with ice cream.

10. Fruits

source- Pinterest

We are not talking about fruit salad but rather fruits on your ice cream! Fruits have combined well with dairy products; hence we have enjoyed various forms. However, certain ice creams appreciate the fusion of fruits in a magical manner. Strawberry cubes stuffed in a strawberry ice cream add more charm to the delight. Similarly, coconut shavings may find perfection in a fusion with coconut ice cream. Cherries, blueberries, and raspberries could also go well with certain ice cream flavors.

11. Jelly

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Some more softness to the cream. Jelly is probably the softest topping for ice cream. Jelly has a consistency that melts directly in the mouth. It comes in a variety of flavors and pairs up instantly with flavorful ice creams. It works best with several ice creams as jelly has similar features of ice creams. Both of them are rich in creamy textures along with a mouth-watering taste.

12. Gummy Bears

gummy bears
source- Sugar Geek Show

Imagine having mini bears on your palatable cup of ice cream. Gummy bears have this pleasant feature with an ever-smooth texture. They are colorful and spongy, which makes it even more lovable. Gummy bears can definitely be used as toppings for ice creams which make it flamboyant in its overall display. Kids would go crazy to see gummy bears topped on their favorite ice creams.

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