8 Maggi variations we bet you never knew

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Maggi is just not a food item but a feeling, catering to all the needs from a small craving to a meal. Everyone has their own best memory attached to Maggi, and many of us have grown up eating the iconic ‘Meri Maggi’. The alchemy of this one snack relieves the tiffin problems of a mother, or midnight cravings or Maggi addicts will know a bowl of Maggi is the only solution to all of their problems. However, with one bowl or two bowls of Maggi, the stomach might get full, but the heart would never meet satiety, right? Maggi more than in its classic form has got its versions of relieving the taste buds with every person giving their version and makeover to it. Here are some of the versions of Maggi from a stall to a restaurant you might find.

8 Maggi variations we bet you never knew

1. Chipotle Maggi

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Maggi cooked with its iconic flavor is drool-worthy equally, but what if it gets its whacky twist? Piping hot noodles tossed with some delicious vegetables and finishing it with a lettuce dress is perfect. The Chipotle mayo over it just adds to the fusion, invoking various flavors in your mouth with this delectable dish.

2. Maggi sizzler

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Maggi, which are instant noodles, is now served with a side of Patties, French fries, sautéed vegetables, barbecue sticks, and top with your favorite sauce. The fusion which has been served by many joints and made at home ‘Maggi head’ is the introduction of a new crossover between two equally lip-smacking dishes. The dish gets its creativity from every person making it. Some of the ideas may be making the Pattie with Maggi itself or siding it with Maggi fritters or giving the age-old Maggi recipe your unique cooking skills or topping it with a combination of sauces. It’s like having too much drama on one plate and giving the dish your signature touch.

3. Makhani Maggi

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India, having a diversity of dishes unique to its state and taste, which is now transforming Maggi by adding their touch. One of them could be the Makhani Maggi, the exotic flavors of Dal Makhani infused in Maggi, which is all that a Maggi lover will require to satisfy its Maggi cravings. This indulging dish drowned in Makhani sauce is like a transformation of Maggi and something more unique than the usual sauces we use. The dish with an Indian style to cook will surely pamper your taste buds with its saucy texture and finger-licking tastes to devour till the last bite.

4. Biryani Maggi

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The various Indian styles used in cooking Maggi have not gotten a halt and have been cooked in the Biryani style too. The royalty of the dish of Biryani meets the simplicity of Maggi, which is the best thing for all Biryani lovers and Maggi heads. If you feel a lot more experimental with the fusion of Indian styles and Maggi, there is a lot more in the store like the Punjabi Tadka Maggi, Kali Mirch Maggi, Achari Maggi, etc. These dishes are capable of giving you major vibes of the state along with a tempting texture and a mind-boggling taste.

5. Maggi Pizza

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The thought of matching the soft texture of Maggi with the crunchy crust of Pizza is astonishing in itself, but yes, why not give it a thought? The Maggi Pizza becoming popular among the masses is an irresistible combination of veggies, cheese, Maggi, sauce, and pizza bread baked to perfection. Each bite gives the taste of cheese Maggi and a crunchy texture with the pizza base, surely a dream come true for all the Maggi lovers.

6. Maggi Lasagna

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The baked dish Lasagna is tailored to a new masterpiece by including Maggi in it. Lasagna, which includes layers of scrummy pasta, cheese, and sauces, looks more delightful with layers of noodles in it. Everyone’s favorite vegetable Maggi mixed with sauces and spread into various layers of Lasagna, pampers the taste buds with every layer. The experience is cherished when the baked cheese melts in the mouth, feeding the soul more than the stomach.

7. Maggi Burger

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Maggi burger, an unthinkable thought, is a combination creating flavors in every bite. Maggi Burger or Magburger, a little unique from the Maggi noodles, which are normally eaten as the filling of the Pattie of the burger dressed with lettuce and cheese like any other burger. Maggi Burger gives a flavorful taste with other ingredients including Pattie along with cheese and lettuce, creating a heavenly dish to gobble up.

8. Melting cheese Maggi Vadapav

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The crossover of two iconic dishes, with melting cheese over it, is capable of creating major cravings and trying out the dish at once. Maggi fritters have been common, but making dough of Vada Pav, including Maggi in it, while perfectly roasting the bun and including the combination of chutneys is a perfect fusion. The dish is completed with pouring melting cheese over it and having a messy bite, which is worth a try.

So all the foodie heads, what are you waiting for? Put on your apron and try some of these ideas for your next snack craving!

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