Pizza New Addiction Among The Youth

A delectable warm pizza with freshly baked dough, tangy tomato sauce, and gooey cheese is a delight for the senses, and that’s what makes it everyone’s favorite. It’s always there to cater to your cravings and the ultimate 1 AM partner among the youth. This piece of happiness comes in a square box, is round in shape, and triangular when we have it. Dominos and Pizza Hut are the most loved pizza outlets in India. Dominos cheese burst pizza is the most loved one among the youth.

Origin Of Pizza

Pizza originated in Italy in the 18th century. It was prominently popular in Central and Southern Italy. Since then, it is going through many transformations, and currently, it’s one of the most popular dishes worldwide.

Types Of Pizza

Types Of Pizza
Source: The Kitchn

Many experiments and inventions have been done, and countries have introduced their styles of pizza because of which customers are spoilt for choices. There is New York pizza, Greek pizza, Sicilian pizza, Californian pizza, etc. There are a variety of crusts such as thin crust, whole wheat crust (especially for fitness freaks, who keep their calories in check), Neapolitan crust (it is a simple dough that requires attention and technique to get it right).

What Makes It Everyone’s Favorite?

1. Taste

This heavenly thing has such a wonderful taste. Having one slice will make you forget all your problems, and you can’t have just one. There are countless variations to its taste, first the soft dough then the gooey cheese coupled with a tangy taste of tomato sauce and crunch of vegetables make you want to have more and more of it.

2. Texture/Crust

Source: American Heart Association Recipes

This is the most important and noticeable quality of it is that it is so delicious and awesome. There are tremendous differences in textures among different varieties of it. There are different textures among different styles, from crunchy to soft and sloppy.

3. Integrity 

It can accommodate so many toppings. It is available for vegetarian people as well as non-vegetarians. Different types of cheese can be used. These four types of cheese, i.e., cheddar, gouda, mozzarella, parmesan, are popularly used across the globe, and that’s what makes it so finger-licking good.

4. Time

Source: Reddit

There is a reason why it’s categorized as fast food because of the time consumed for its preparation. So if you wish to have a quick snack, then this is exactly what comes first on everybody’s mind. Various stores guarantee delivery in 30 minutes or less else it’s free.

Pizza has gained popularity over time, especially among the youth, and they have become frequent consumers. That is, it has become an addiction among them, which can prove harmful.

Addiction To Pizza Can Have Harmful Effects

1. High Cholesterol Level

Increased consumption of it can elevate cholesterol levels. The amount of cheese used in a pizza adds a lot of fat to your body; it can lead to major heart diseases. Be careful when you are consuming it and limit its intake.

2. Obesity 

Source: NewsThump

Since it is made up of refined flour, it is deprived of nutrients, vitamins, or fiber content, so it does nothing but increase belly fat. People have a habit of consuming soft drinks like Coke or Pepsi and pizza, which can be very harmful to their health. It increases sugar levels in the body, which can lead to diabetes.

3. Increased Blood Pressure

Increased Blood Pressure
Source: Healthline

It contains high sodium content, which can lead to hypertension. Having numerous amounts of it increases the salt in our body, which leads to high blood pressure. Also, high blood pressure results in cardiovascular diseases, leading to many heart problems.

In short, having pizza once in a blue moon is okay, but as it is said, excess of everything is bad. Excessive consumption of it can certainly harm your health, especially for the youth. Its taste may give you temporary pleasure, but it can prove very harmful in the long run.

Take care!

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