14 Street Food you must try out in Indore

Talking of street food in India, if there is one city that leaves everyone speechless with its variety, tastes, and usage of spices, it’s Indore. The city is like heaven for the foodies wishing to explore the varied Indian food items. “City of Foodies”, this name has been given to Indore because of its flavors, its variety of chaats and the wide range of street foods that is enough for a foodgasm for anyone. 14 Street Food you must try out in Indore 1. Poha-Jalebi A common breakfast item in the city, poha-jalebi is a spectacular combination of the spicy … Read more

6 New Taste Recipes from Wanderers

Having food every day is a blessing. Exploring different types of food is an adventure. New tastes and cultures play an essential role in a wanderer’s life. The more you travel, the more you get to experience different flavors. Food is essential, and taste also matters, but regional food has a separate fanbase. The regional ethnicity is far more necessary than anything. Different regions have different cuisines to explore; if you are a die-hard fan of such territorial food, this article will indeed introduce you to another new appetite. Nimad, in the southwest of India, is Madhya Pradesh, is a … Read more