Top 15 Healthy Seeds To Include In Your Diet

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healthy seeds to include in your diet:


Have you ever wondered how much nutrition you get from your daily meals? If not, then you should. Health should be the primary focus in our lives, so they say, “Health is wealth.” Your meals should include all the important sources that provide essential nutrients to the body, like edible seeds.

These tiny seeds are a nutrition bomb that can be a game changer in your healthy life. When consumed on a daily basis, they can serve as the best source of essential nutrients required for the body. We have listed below some of the great edible seeds to help you achieve a healthier self.

Here are the top 15 healthy seeds to include in your diet:

1. Chia Seeds

One of the healthiest seeds of all, chia seeds are filled with a great number of nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, calcium, and magnesium that nourishes the cells of our body and energizes from within. Add it to your bowl of muesli or granola for a healthy and nutrition-loaded breakfast.

2. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds, aka linseeds, are a great source of protein and essential minerals like magnesium, thiamine, and omega fats. The main component that flaxseeds help us with is that it promotes heart health and prevents all sorts of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a vital source of calcium that keeps the prostate healthy and discards all urinary and bladder infections. The phytosterols present in pumpkin seeds are important to keep blood pressure under check. Consume a handful of pumpkin seeds regularly for greater results.

4. Sunflower Seeds

This is a magical holy grail for all the ones facing skin issues, as sunflower seeds maintain the skin barrier and bring the outer glow. The monosaturated fats and vitamin E helps to reduce inflammation in the body and maintains cholesterol levels too.

5. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are mostly consumed in Southern Asia. It helps with any underlying inflammation in the body; it is a holy grail for women in their 50s experiencing menopause as it regulates estrogen levels and maintains reproductive health.

6. Rajgira Seeds

Rajgira, also known as amaranth, is a kid-friendly food item that has earthly and nutty flavors loved by kids. It has a great nutritional content that helps in keeping any dysfunctions away, especially in brain and bone health.

7. Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are the most important and nutritious seeds in the world. It has 20 kinds of amino acids that the body cannot produce itself. It has a good amount of protein content that provides immunity to the body and eliminates all kinds of dysfunctions.

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8. Apricot Seeds

Adding apricot kernels to the diet will provide you with a very important and essential vitamin, B17, which helps in eliminating cancer symptoms and keeps the toxins away from the body. They are packed with healthy cholesterol that cuts off the bad cholesterol and any risk of cardiovascular or cancerous symptoms if consumed regularly.

9. Pomegranate Seeds

You should include pomegranate seeds in your daily meals as it contains some wonderful nutrients like folate, calcium, vitamin C, and K that help keep away all the unwanted radicals and premature signs of aging. The powerful polyphenols present in them help to treat arthritis and other body dysfunctions.

10. Basil Seeds

This is a magical potion for all sugar-conscious and diabetic patients as these seeds particularly keep the blood sugar level in balance and maintain the body’s glucose. The monosaturated fats present give good cholesterol to the body and keep the body healthy.

11. Poppy Seeds

These seeds are obtained from the opium poppy, which is jampacked with nutritional properties that help with bladder issues, regulate bowel movements, diarrhea, etc. Try consuming it regularly in order to attain maximum benefits.

12. Caraway Seeds

Caraway seeds, popularly known as cumin, serve god-like to all digestive issues and have multiple health and healing benefits. It’s widely used in South Asian countries like India in every sabzi and daal tadkas.

13. Pine Seeds

Pine seeds are also known as pine nuts and are mistakenly considered nuts. However, these are edible seeds that are great sources of proteins, minerals, and healthy fats. Instead of eating all the refined unhealthy fats, you should opt for healthier options like these pine seeds.

14. Grape Seeds

Obtained from seeds of wine grapes, these seeds are often discarded as waste, but in fact, these seeds contain a pandora of good things that we consider waste. It has flavonoids, vitamin E, and polyphenols that can be good for maintaining cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

15. Quinoa

You must have heard of this name before; quinoa is famous for its magical health benefits as it aids digestive issues due to its high fiber content, high iron content, and other antioxidants. You can consume it in the form of porridge, salad, or as a substitute for rice.

This wide information about healthy seeds must have opened your horizons about what changes in lifestyle can actually help attain better health and mind. So, do try them ASAP!

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