104 Best Foods to Eat in Navratri

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Best Dishes For Navratri


Navaratri is one of the biggest festivals in our country. It is celebrated with lots of happiness, glory, and, most importantly, garba nights. On Navaratri, Maa Durga’s nine forms are worshipped and cherished not only by pooja but also by fasting for days. 

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104 Best Foods to Eat in Navratri

1. Sabudana khichdi

Well, sabudana khichdi is a healthy option to go for because it will make you full in less amount of consumption. It’s full of carbohydrates which makes you feel energetic while you are fasting. 

Well, sabudana is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make sabudana kheer if you like it sweet, or go for vada if you like to eat something salty and enjoy your meal. 

2. Kuttu ka Dosa 

Kuttu is the most useful ingredient, mostly used during vrat (fast). 

People mostly replace normal wheat flour with kuttu ka atta during fast; hence, this dish comes in where you can prepare kuttu ka dosa with kuttu flour. 

And who doesn’t like to eat dosa? Don’t forget to toss it with some fresh ghee and enjoy it with some fresh mint chutney. 

3. Aloo ki kadhi

Well, there’s nothing more fulfilling than having your favorite kadhi in your meal. 

No doubt everyone loves to eat kadhi, but during fast, you can’t have that authentic kadhi; that is why aloo ki kadhi comes into the picture. It’s delicious, plus instead of having aloo falhari, you can have the better option of having it in your kadhi. 

4. Low-fat Makhana Kheer 

Kheer is one of the best desserts made for any ritual. I mean, most people can’t imagine any festival without having Kheer. 

That is why we have the low-fat Makhana kheer, which is a much healthier option than your normal kheer; hence, you don’t need to regret asking for an extra bowl because you won’t need to think about getting extra calories. 

5. Banana Walnut Lassi 

Here comes our power drink on the menu which will definitely charge you up for the whole day; with some yogurt, banana, walnut, and honey, this power pack drink will uplift your mood for this Navaratri. 

Don’t miss trying this recipe! 

6. Arbi Kofta with Mint Yogurt Dip 

Here comes our spicy snack, which will cheer you up for this Navaratri. All you have to do this just gear up prepare it serve it with mint Yogurt Dip and have your family time Enjoy! 

7. Vratwale Chawal ka Dhokla 

Are you tired of eating fried stuff during festivals? if yes, I have a solution for you just try this recipe and I bet you won’t regret it. 

Use some samwat ke chawal and steam it like your usual dhokla tossed with ghee plus cumin and red chilies and serve it fresh! 

8. Kebab-e-Kela 

Are you bored of traditional dishes served in the festive season? if yes then go for this wonderful recipe which will definitely make your mouth watering. 

Make some kebab of raw bananas with a little amount of spice and serve Enjoy! 

9. Sonth ki Chutney 

This chutney recipe will definitely make your dishes more delightful. 

If you are bored of having fried pakoda or bajjis with normal green or mint chutney then try making chutney out of Sonth I bet you won’t regret it trying it at least for one then see the magic of this unique chutney.  

10. Vratwale Paneer Rolls 

Graving for some panner? here comes are next dish in our list name Vratwale Paneer Rolls! 

Well, you can add some potato along with paneer with your favorite spices and here your rolls are ready to toss with some ghee and sever hot! 

11. Vratwale Aloo ki Sabji Rasedaar

Well normally everyone eats aloo ki sabji with thin gravy it’s usually made to have with Puri but do you know you can have the same recipe for your fast? No? so here it comes just replace your normal rock salt with sendha namak and serve it with Kuttu ki puri or paratha whatever u like and finally Enjoy your meal! 

12. Kuttu ki Puri 

As we see above, I have given a perfect recipe to serve with this dish, I’m mentioning now you guessed right it’s Kuttu ki puri! 

it’s amazing yet hot and crispy as your normal Puri paired it with your favorite gravy (mine is chole) and enjoy! 

13. Vratwale Khatta Meetha Aloo 

Who doesn’t love to eat spicy yet sour plus sweet flavor in their dishes obviously if it’s combined well in one dish. 

Here comes this recipe which is the combination of all three flavours spicy plus sour and sweetness within it. 

Just add little lemon to your potatoes and spice, stir fry it with ghee, and serve hot Enjoy! 

14. Kuttu ka Cheela

Here comes our next recipe as you can read in title it’s Kuttu ka cheela it’s healthiest recipe in this list and if you are not feeling like having something heavy this dish is just for you it’s light yet fulfilling. 

Have Kuttu ka cheela with your all-time favourite coconut chutney and enjoy! 

15. Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa 

Here comes the most tempting recipe of the list it’s none other than Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa. I mean who doesn’t want to eat samosa people loves to eat it and mostly during Vrat people have to grave for it but not anymore because there is recipe for samosa lovers. 

Just don’t use your normal flour and replace it with Singhare ka atta and putt your filling and fry it in ghee it’s ready to serve hot!  

16. Rajgira Roti 

Rajgira Roti is basically a flat bread made of Rajgira flour. 

It is gluten free and one of dish which you try during fasting. 

17. Rajgira Poori 

Rajgira poori is buffed bread made with adding some mashed potatoes. 

It’s delicious and delightful recipe to try this Navaratri. 

18. Vrat ke Uthappam 

It basically made of Sama rice flour which is popularly known as Vrat ke chawal. 

It’s delicious and taste good with some coconut chutney. 

19. Vrat wale Dahi aloo 

It is basically a recipe that is simple yet delicious it’s just taken two ingredients along with spices. 

You just need potato and yogurt at most and its ready. 

20. Dahi wale Arbi Gravy 

It’s basically gravy made of yogurt and Arbi. 

It just needs a few things and your delicious meal is ready to serve. 

21. Kaddu ki Sabji

Kaddu ki sabji is famous for its texture and taste. 

It is popularly known as Satvik food and it is made up of yellow pumpkin and few spices. 

22. Vrat ke Jeera Aloo 

It sounds simple yet it’s fulfilling. 

Just stir frying your boiled potatoes with some jeera makes it delicious. 

23. Khatta Meetha Kaddu 

It’s basically your yellow pumpkin mixes with some lime juice which gives it tangy flavour and sweetness comes from pumpkin. 

24. Sukhi Arbi 

It’s fried Arbi recipe made up of some Arbi and spice mix. 

Simple yet fulfilling. 

24. Sabudana ki Cutlet 

Another dish is made up of sabudana which makes it more delicious. 

It is thin-fried patties good for your light yet delicious meal. 

25. Sama ke Chawal ki idli

who doesn’t like to eat idli for their breakfast? I bet everyone do. 

So here comes next dish for your fast just replace your normal idli rice with Sama rice and serve it hot. 

26. Farali Batata Vada 

The farali batata Vada are basically Vada made of potatoes and spices or popularly called as potato Bonda which is delicious and easy to make  

27. Aloo Makhana 

Another delicious recipe that comes for you is Aloo Makhana. 

Just mix your boiled potato and Makhana stir fry it in ghee and enjoy. 

28. Sweet Potato Chat 

Sweet potato chaat is one of the easiest dishes you can make Navaratri it’s tasty and just need sweet potatoes and a few spices to make it. 

29. Banana Chips 

It is an easy snack made of raw bananas which you can make easily at home during Navratri and enjoy while fasting. 

30. Banana Kofta 

Another recipe that can be made of raw banana is easy yet fulfilling. 

It will add spice to your meal this Navaratri. 

31. Sabudana pakoda

A crisp recipe made up of sabudana, peanuts and with some mashed potatoes. 

Its tasty snack which can be served this Navratri. 

32. Sabudana Chedva 

As the name goes it’s a snack recipe made up of nylon sabudana and with dry fruits which is no doubt tastes good. 

33. Vrat ke Palak Pakode

It basically palak ke pakode made up of buckwheat which is delicious and easy to make. 

34. Kuttu ke Pakode

A delicious recipe made of mashed potatoes, peanuts and some pomegranate powder. 

Simple yet delicious. 

35. Vrat ke Coconut Chutney 

Excluding garlic and onion for fasting you can try making this recipe for your Kuttu ka Dosa or uthappam recipe. 

36. Makhané ke Kheer 

It is simply a kheer recipe with some added Makhané to it. 

It sweet and delicious dessert for your meal. 

37. Rajgira Kheer 

It’s simply a pudding made of Rajgira. 

It’s a sweet and delightful dessert that you will love it. 

38. Apple Halwa 

It is a unique recipe made up of just apple, sugar, and ghee it doesn’t need milk, khoya or any kind of milk powder in it. 

Simple and easy recipe. 

39. Badam ladoo

Just need three ingredients and need fees minutes to prepare it’s so super yummy and only needs almond, jaggery and raisins. 

40. Dry Fruits ladoo

It is healthiest ladoo Recipe which doesn’t need any sugar, ghee or oil to make one. 

Just you need your favourite dry fruits and 20 minutes to prepare it and its ready to serve. 

41. Sama Chawal Khichdi 

It is another rice porridge recipe made up of Samvat rice and Potatoes. 

42. Kuttu Ki Khichdi 

Kuttu ki khichdi is a whole meal made up of buckwheat peanuts and potatoes. 

It is considered to be a complete meal. 

43. Vrat wale chawal ka pulao 

It’s a very easy recipe made up of Samvat rice the easiest pulao recipe to try. 

44. Sabudana Thalipeeth

It’s basically a pancake made of tapioca pearls, mashed potatoes and ground peanut alongwith spices. 

45. Kuttu Ka Paratha 

Kuttu ka Paratha is a normal Paratha which is made up of mashed potatoes and buckwheat flour. 

46. Singhare ke puri 

It basically made of chestnut flour with mixer of mashed potatoes and spices for the taste. 

47. Vrat ke aloo 

Vrat ke aloo are basically mashed potatoes with spices with no added onion and garlic for fast. 

48. Vrat ke dahi arbi

Same like vrat wale dahi aloo recipe it’s basically a gravy of arbi with yogurt and spices for fasting. 

49. Vrat ki kadhi

It’s a kadhi made of rajgira easy and quickest recipe to make for your fast. 

50. Arbi curry 

It is basically a north dish made up of Arbi and with some spices. 

51. Aloo tamatar sabji

Aloo tamatar gravy is a very light recipe. 

It only needs three ingredients’ potatoes, tomatoes and spices. 

52. Arbi fry 

It is same as fried potato just fry some taro roots with spices enjoy. 

53. Sabudana Vada 

It’s basically a Vada made of peanuts, potatoes and tapioca pearls all combined makes an awesome Vada for your fasting. 

54. Roasted Makhana 

Basically, your makhana mixed with some spices and roasted. 

It is a good breakfast for fast season. 

55. Arbi cutlet 

Arbi cutlet is basically spicy tikki which is ofcourse gluten free which makes it best option for your meal. 

56. Vrat Ke aloo chat 

It basically your regular aloo chat recipe made of potatoes and some mixs spices. 

58. French fries 

Easy yet fullfilling recipe made of just potatoes and mix spices. 

Your only crispy snack to have. 

59. Farali Pattice

A potato pattices with mixer on nuts, sweet coconut stuffing which you will love to have for your meal. 

60. Aloo Tuk

It basically looks like chips made of potatoes and they are double fried for more crispy texture. 

61. Potato Chips 

Freshly homemade potato chips delicious in taste and more healthy options to have. 

62. Kaddu Pakode

One of the fried recipes made of pumpkin had a sweet taste and crispy texture. 

63. Tamarind Dates Chutney 

This tamarind dates chutney has sweet and tangy tastes which goes well with Indian chat recipes. 

64. Phalahari ki Chutney 

Phalahari chutney is basically chutney made of coriander used to serve in Vrat. 

65. Cucumber Raita 

One of the easiest recipes yet cooling and delicious and ready in 5 mins. 

66. Pomegranate Raita 

Pomegranate raita is sweet in taste and with added spices it becomes Savory to have.  

67. Beetroot Raita 

Colourful, vibrant, and delicious goes well with Indian dishes. 

68. Sabudana Kheer 

Sabudana Kheer is rich pudding made of tapioca pearls and some milk for fast. 

69. Makhané ki Kheer 

Makhané ki kheer is a popular recipe made during Hindu festive season tasty yet delicious. 

70. Panner Kheer 

Panner kheer recipe is basically made of cottage paneer east and quick to make. 

71. Samak ki Kheer 

Samak ki Kheer is made of Vrat ke chawal it’s easy and quick to make sweet dish. 

72. Lauki ki Kheer 

The sweet kheer made of bottle gourd which is sweet and healthy to have. 

73. Almond Kheer 

Almond Kheer is made of almond paste with nuts in sweet creamy milk. 

74. Lauki ka halwa 

Lauki halwa is basically bottle gourd halwa made with slow cooking it takes time to cook but it’s worth it. 

75. Papaya Halwa 

It tastes sweet ofcourse and made with pumpkin with slow cooking along with nuts and milk. 

76. Ash Gourd Halwa 

It a sweet Savory made of white pumpkin or Ash Gourd. 

77. Sweet Potato Halwa 

Sweet potato halwa is made of mashed sweet potato with some pinch of saffron. 

78. Sama ke Chawal ka Halwa 

Sama ke chawal ka halwa is made of Vrat ke chawal its sweet dish made of various festive occasions. 

79. Coconut ladoo

The dish is made of three ingredients milk made, coconut, cardamom powder and ready to serve. 

80. Nakrel naru

It’s basically a coconut ladoo made of jaggery rather than sugar. 

81. Fruit chaat 

The Delhi style fruit chaat is popular no doubt but you can have it in your fast as well, just add your favourite seasonal fruits and enjoy. 

82. Fruit salad with ice cream 

Basically, a summer cooling recipe made of fruits, nuts and scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

83. Lassi 

I refreshing milk beverage very popular drink of Punjab has various flavours and is loved for its thick texture. 

84. Dry fruit Milkshake recipe 

Recognized as an energy pack drink used to boost your energy throughout the day. 

85. Banana Milkshake 

Banana Milkshake is a popular drink made of banana easy and quick drink to enjoy during fast. 

86. Strawberry Milkshake 

Strawberries are one of the most lovable fruits out there and you can prepare your only beverage with this as well. 

87. Apple Milkshake 

Finding a healthier version of your sweet beverage have an apple Milkshake and enjoy without any regret. 

88. Mango Smoothie 

One of the most lovable beverages out there. 

Have it as your breakfast or as your snack and enjoy. 

89. Watermelon juice 

Most refreshing drinks and yet tasty. 

It will definitely enlighten your mood. 

90. Apple juice 

Healthy yet fulfilling drink which you will love this season. 

91. Orange juice 

A sweet and bright healthy drink ready to enjoy for really quick this season. 

92. Blueberry juice 

Full of nutrition and bright colors will uplift your mood during the fast. 

93. Grape juice 

Made by blending a few basic ingredients healthy yet satisfying. 

94. Muskmelon juice 

Juice made for warm weather. 

Easy yet fulfilling recipe makes you fall in love with its taste. 

95. Pear juice

Energetic drinks will help you to not feel low during fast. 

96. Pineapple juice 

Pineapple juice made of pineapples along with some black salt and roasted cumin will refresh your mood. 

97. Pomegranate juice 

It is one of the healthiest juices made of pomegranate or anar. 

98. Mint juice 

Mint juice popularly known as pudina ka juice is a healthy and refreshing beverage for your summer. 

99. Idli

It is recognized as one of the popular breakfasts in India healthy yet nutritious. 

100. Dosa recipe 

It is basically a pancake popularly known as sada dosa or plain Dosa in India. 

101. Uddina vada

It’s a Vada made of black grams basically a crispy donut. 

102. Kotte Kadubu

Kotte Kadubu is a soft idlis made of jackfruit leave cup it’s aromatic and delicious. 

103. Rice Payasam

It is also known as Paal Payasam. 

It is basically a rice pudding made by slow cooking. 

104. Seviyan Kheer 

It’s a popular recipe made of creamy milk, and dry fruits and flavored with some spices and sugar. 

Rich creamy dessert for the festive season. 


It’s the only time when we celebrate and fast for so long like for nine days with dance, food, and a lot of happiness. 

So don’t forget to try this recipe and spread happiness amongst your family and friends. 

Happy Navratri! 

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