Top 15 Awesome Mughlai Cuisine You Must Try Out

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Move Your Mind To The 15 Awesome Mughlai Cuisine

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Mughlai cuisine has been originated from the Indo-Persian culture that serves an amazing blend of meat with pungent spices. It includes a delectable marination of strong spices with beef as well as meat. The cuisine utilizes spices along with remarkable dishes prepared with rice. Mughlai Cuisine is a royal cuisine that is enjoyed by humans all around the world.

Mughlai Cuisine is unique since it includes food dishes that are extremely spicy to extremely smooth and tender. The variation in textures can be seen in a variety of food dishes in Mughlai cuisine. Perfect aroma with a perfect fusion of ingredients makes Mughlai cuisine a signature cuisine in the world!

Top 15 Awesome Mughlai Cuisine You Must Try Out

1. Biryani

Source: Cubes N Juliennes

Biryani can be considered as the signature dish of the Mughlai Cuisine. It is an authentic combination of rice along with spices and chicken. One cannot miss out on biryani due to its mouth-watering flavor. It is a great togetherness of rice along with turmeric, chilly powder, red chillies, and vegetables.

2. Mughlai Paratha

Mughlai Paratha
Source: Food, Pleasure & Health

Mughlai Cuisine is incomplete without the appetizing Mughlai Paratha! Paratha is generally stuffed with keema or eggs along with onions and tomatoes. Spices like turmeric, chilly powder, pepper, and green chilly are added to the stuffing. Paratha is cooked in ghee which is garnished with fresh coriander.

3. Malai Kofta

Malai Kofta
Source: Awesome Cuisine

Malai Kofta as the name suggests is a scrumptious food dish prepared with meatballs in a highly smooth texture. This dish lies as the heart of Mughlai Cuisine due to the flavor it has! Meatballs are dunked into gravy prepared with onions, tomatoes along with cardamom, cinnamon, and bay leaf. These traditional spices give the dish an excellent flavor.     

4. Murg Tandoor

Murg Tandoor
Source: Copy Me That

Want to eat and serve the best dish of Mughlai Cuisine? Murg Tandoor is the answer! This scrumptious dish is a heavenly combination of smoky grilled meat with pungent spices. Chicken is marinated with spices for the swallowing of spices in the meat. Meat is then grilled for an hour with oil dashed on the sides. It is served with evergreen mint chutney and lemon slices.

5. Keema Matar

Keema Matar
Source: Caroline’s Cooking

Just like the name suggests, Keema Matar has been a remarkable dish in the Mughal Empire. It is prepared with meat and is combined with green peas. Meat is cooked with ghee along with the addition of delectable spices hat add love to the dish. Bay leaves, cardamom, cinnamon and peppercorn turn out to be major ingredients in the preparation. Meat is added to a mixture of spices complemented by onions, tomatoes, and ginger. As the meat becomes tender and soft, the delicacy is topped with fresh coriander leaves.

6. Murg Kali Mirch

Murg Kali Mirch
Source: HungryForever

Murg Kali Mirch is an exquisite combination of black pepper along with the chicken for preparation of an appetizing delicacy. A smooth gravy is prepared with bay leaf, cardamom, and yogurt. Once the gravy turns soft, marinated chicken along with green chillies is added to the process. Once the chicken is cooked well, this awesome food dish is garnished with black pepper and cilantro.    

7. Reshmi Kebab

Reshmi Kebab
Source: The Spruce Eats

Reshmi Kebab belongs originally to the Mughlai Cuisine. It is a simple yet unique food dish prepared with meat. The meat is often grilled over the charcoal fire. This gives a highly smoky flavor to the kebabs. The tender chunks of chicken can never be missed out for a perfect meal!

8. Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh
Source: Allrecipes UK

Rogan Josh is a highly loved food dish of the Mughlai Cuisine. Meat is cooked with a pungent flavor of spices that makes this dish a signature dish of the Mughlai Cuisine. Meat is cooked with bay leaves, cardamom, and cinnamon. A nice curry is prepared with the addition of water along with saffron and chilly powder. Once the mixture is ready, it is cooked in a pressure cooker with fennel seeds and ginger powder. Rogan Josh is loved in the traditional cuisine and modern times have modified many ways of cooking this signature dish.

9. Akbari Dal

Akbari Dal
Source: Pinterest

Akbari Dal is just the unique dal in Mughlai Cuisine, which is enjoyed all over the world. It is perfectly prepared with urad dal along with fresh cream. Lentil is cooked with spices like chilly powder, turmeric, garlic, and ginger. Curd is added to the dish for a smooth texture. It is well garnished with a drizzle of fresh cream and coriander leaves.

10. Anjeer Halwa

Anjeer Halwa
Source: Heap of Spice

Anjeer Halwa is a scrumptious dessert in the Mughlai Cuisine. This dessert is prepared with figs, milk, and sugar. It has a high content of ghee that gives it a smooth and soft texture. The figs are cooked along with ghee till they soften. Cardamom powder is sprinkled over the Halwa for the right taste of spice in the dish. It is beautifully garnished with chopped almonds and is served hot as well as cold.

11. Haleem


Haleem is a scrumptious stew in the list of Mughlai dishes. This stew is prepared with fine meat with a mouth-watering combination of lentil. The stew generally includes chicken which has the heart of Mughlai cuisine. This stew includes pungent spices like cardamom, cloves, and bay leaves. Wheat is generally added for a thick texture. It is spiced with fried onions and coriander on the top.

12. Shahi Kaju Aloo

Shahi Kaju Aloo
Source: Archana’s Kitchen

Nothing could ever beat the milky and smooth texture of Shahi Kaju Aloo! This amazing dish is mainly composed of potatoes and cashews. A thick curry is prepared with heavy cream, milk, and cashews that adds on the soft texture of the dish. Potatoes are fried and then added to the curry. It includes pungent spices along with cream being used as the perfect element for the right garnish!

13. Kofta Shorba

Kofta Shorba

Kofta Shorba is a delectable delicacy that is highly enjoyed during the festival of Ramzan. It is a heavenly combination of beef and spicy gravy. Beef is minced clearly and is converted to softballs. These balls are cooked in a spicy gravy made with onions, ginger, garlic, and tomatoes. Coriander powder and cardamom powder are added for the right balance of taste! Once the kofta (balls) become tender, the delicacy gets ready for consumption.

14. Murg Pasanda

Murg Pasanda
Source: Fropky Travel

Murg Pasanda is undoubtedly a special Mughlai dish that signifies the love for Chicken and pungent spices. It is a delicacy where Chicken is marinated along with curd for a smooth texture. A flavorful gravy is prepared from tomatoes and onions with spices. Chicken pieces are then added for the perfect merger of flavor. This amazing delicacy is served with naan or Kulchas.

15. Mutton Pulao

Mutton Pulao
Source: Yummy Food Recipes

Mutton Pulao is one of the most loved dishes in the cuisine of the Mughals! This dish originates from the authentic flavors of the cuisine ruled by spices and mutton. It is a great combination of strong spices with rice. Mutton is initially cooked with onions and chillies which adds spice to the dish. Rice is then combined with the mutton for a perfect cook! Bay leaves and cardamom are majorly utilized for the preparation of this flavorful dish.

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