20 Types Of Rice Around The World

Rice is a staple food item in most parts of the world. If you like chapati with Rajma, Daal fry, or Kadhi, then it is unfair to those wonderful dishes. Rajma or Kadhi are meant to be devoured with rice because of the unparalleled aromatic flavors that it brings. It is not just filling our bellies but utterly satisfying to our foodie senses. Do you know there is a lot of variety in rice you can find worldwide? Let’s check them out. These are the 20 types of rice around the world: 1. Basmati Rice If you, too, are a … Read more

11 Varieties Of Puttu You Must Try

One of the popular dishes of Kerala, puttu is an easy and quick dish to prepare. Puttu is a humble yet healthy and filling breakfast that takes minimum time and effort to make. The dish is also popular in Sri Lanka and some parts of Tamil Nādu. It can be prepared with different flavors and colors, which makes it more interesting and delicious. So Here Are The Top 11 Varieties Of Puttu You Must Try: 1. Mango Puttu All mango lovers must definitely try this variety of puttu. It can be prepared using fresh and ripe badami or alphonso mangoes. … Read more

10 Best Meat Dishes Of Lucknow

Lucknow, often regarded as the city of Nawabs, will blow your mind with its beautiful Mughal architecture here and there between the concrete jungle. The word that comes first when we hear the name Lucknow is kababs, and Lucknow doesn’t disappoint us in that area for sure. It guarantees to amaze you when it comes to non-vegetarian cuisine because it is highly influenced by the people who used to live there and their expertise in spices that can be felt in Lucknow’s food till date. Every roadside food stall has a different story to tell and here we will tell … Read more

10 Interesting Facts about Biryani You Must Know

We all can agree to the fact that Biryani = LOVE. Be it Hyderabadi, Mughlai or Lucknowi, this irresistible concoction of rice prepared by using a multitude of spices is an absolute delight to the taste buds. But, Biryani is not any ordinary dish. It has got a rich history to its credit, inundated with several interesting facts which you would be amazed to discover. 10 Interesting Facts about Biryani You Must Know 1. The origin Our humble Biryani has been satisfying the hunger of the human kind not only for years, but centuries. Biryani is a native of Persia. … Read more

20 Iconic Street Foods to Eat in Hyderabad

Don’t you think some places just compel you to give in and gluttonize your heart out? Well, if your answer is no, Hyderabad will change your mind in a snap. Here’s a list of drool-worthy dishes celebrated in the city that will make you want to book a ticket to Hyderabad right now. 20 Iconic Street Foods to Eat in Hyderabad 1. Biryani There is no way in this sane world that you can miss out on this supremely delicious rice delicacy if you are in the city. Hyderabadi Biryani, incredibly fragrant and as good-looking as it is delicious, has … Read more

11 Delicious Staple Rice Dishes From Around The World

Baas, Chawal, Reis, Riz, Kome, Arici—Rice! A staple to countries abounds, rice is prevalent in numerous nations and within many hearts. These staple rice dishes embody the warmth of homely food and the spirit of home. Rice is the one food item that connects You and Me. From little hard grains to boiled soft white rice, here are 11 staple rice dishes from 11 different countries that will remind you of home. 11 Delicious Staple Rice Dishes From Around The World 1. Nasi Goreng – Indonesia, Malaysia Warm cooked rice stir-fried over medium heat with fresh green vegetables, pieces of … Read more

Top 15 Awesome Mughlai Cuisine You Must Try Out

Mughlai cuisine has been originated from the Indo-Persian culture that serves an amazing blend of meat with pungent spices. It includes a delectable marination of strong spices with beef as well as meat. The cuisine utilizes spices along with remarkable dishes prepared with rice. Mughlai Cuisine is a royal cuisine that is enjoyed by humans all around the world. Mughlai Cuisine is unique since it includes food dishes that are extremely spicy to extremely smooth and tender. The variation in textures can be seen in a variety of food dishes in Mughlai cuisine. Perfect aroma with a perfect fusion of … Read more

14 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Islamabad

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan. The most visited tourist places in Islamabad are Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument, Badshahi Mosque, National Art Gallery, Minar-e-Pakistan Rawal Lake, and Lahore Fort. The city is known for its high standards of living, safety, and greenery. 14 Best Street Food You Must Try Out in Islamabad 1. Hallem Hallem is one of the most loved dishes in Pakistan. This is a combination of meat, lentils, wheat and barley cooked with spices till the meat pieces get blended into the gravy, making it thick. After that ghee, saffron, green chillis, ginger and coriander leaves are … Read more

12 Types of Biryani a Foodie Must Try

If you are in India, Biryani is something you’ll get in every city and almost in every restaurant. This is the richness of it that will make your soul happy. The beautiful balance of spices, meat, rice, and vegetables is what makes it delicious. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India offers you a variety of biryani. This is the beauty of India, one country one dish but different flavours. It is one of the favorite delicacies of not only Indians but also people visiting India. For Indians, biryani is not a dish, it’s an emotion, that makes your sad soul happy, can … Read more

16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Kanpur

The industrial capital of Uttar Pradesh, lying near the bank of Ganges, Kanpur is noted for its leather industries and delicious food. Let’s take a look at some mouth-watering dishes available here that sum up some of the best food items this Indian state has to offer: 16 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Kanpur 1. Shami Kebab A traditional dish prepared using minced meat mixed in chickpeas powder and spices elevating the flavours of the dish. While the recipe varies from home to home, it always has a glimpse of the old conventional taste. 2. Biryani Kanpur’s Biryani represents … Read more

14 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Karnataka

A southwestern state, Karnataka is bordered in the west by the Arabian Sea, in the northwest, it is bordered by the smallest state of India, Goa. In the south, it is bordered by Kerala, and in the north by Maharashtra. Ragi and Rice form a part of the staple diet of Karnataka with the Udupi cuisine of coastal Karnataka being a very popular cuisine in India. The food of Karnataka ranges from a wide variety of vegetarian dishes to an even wider and more delicious range of non-vegetarian dishes. 14 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Karnataka 1. Neer Dosa … Read more

17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is an attraction because of its central location in India. It is commonly abbreviated as MP. It is rich in history and culture but that’s not all to this state. Madhya Pradesh promises a delightful package of regional cuisines from all over India. Local food such as ‘poha’ (flattened rice) is considered most famous, especially in cities like Ujjain, Indore, and Ratlam. The renowned street food of Indore like Bhutta Kees and Sabudana Khichdi is very delicious and available almost everywhere. Bhopal (the capital of Madhya Pradesh) is widely known for meat and fish dishes such as korma, … Read more

25 Most Popular Street Foods to Eat In Delhi

Indian street food is as diverse and colorful as our culture and rituals. Whether it’s an office break or chilling time during tuition, no matter what age group, we Indians just can’t resist the urge to dig into these not-so-healthy, yet so-scrumptious roadside delights. Whether sweet or salty, Street Food in India offers it all. The narrow gullies of Old Delhi narrate many stories through the overwhelming variety of street food that they offer. They’ll inspire you to pull out your cameras, explore new ways, and sometimes, even get into the kitchen and recreate. The temptation is everywhere and it’s … Read more

16 Most Popular Varieties of Biryani in India

Biryani is a popular mixed rice dish that is very popular among people of India. Its origin is from the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent but has grown to be a favourite dish of Indians, over the years. 16 Most Popular Varieties of Biryani in India 1. Calcutta Biryani Calcutta Biryani, as suggested by the name, is from the streets of Calcutta (Kolkata). It has milder spices compared to other Biryani. Boiled potatoes and eggs are a major part of Calcutta Biryani. It is made of curd based chicken and has a tinge of sweetness to it. The use of … Read more

20 Best Traditional Foods to Eat in Lucknow

The city of Lucknow is famous for its history, architecture, tahzeeb (culture), language, khatirdari (hospitality) and most of all its food. The Awadhi cuisine developed over the years, acquiring great finesse in cooking and presentation of food, under royal patronage. From over a hundred-year-old restaurants to high-end restaurants in Lucknow, all cater to the individual’s craving for satisfaction after having good food. The blend of age-old cooking methodologies and spices that have been passed down over generations from the bawarchis of the nawabs knows the best ways to bring alive the taste buds of your tongue. The romance between Lucknow … Read more