Top 15 Awesome Mughlai Cuisine You Must Try Out

Mughlai cuisine has been originated from the Indo-Persian culture that serves an amazing blend of meat with pungent spices. It includes a delectable marination of strong spices with beef as well as meat. The cuisine utilizes spices along with remarkable dishes prepared with rice. Mughlai Cuisine is a royal cuisine that is enjoyed by humans all around the world. Mughlai Cuisine is unique since it includes food dishes that are extremely spicy to extremely smooth and tender. The variation in textures can be seen in a variety of food dishes in Mughlai cuisine. Perfect aroma with a perfect fusion of … Read more

12 Types of Biryani a Foodie Must Try

If you are in India, Biryani is something you’ll get in every city and almost in every restaurant. This is the richness of it that will make your soul happy. The beautiful balance of spices, meat, rice, and vegetables is what makes it delicious. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India offers you a variety of biryani. This is the beauty of India, one country one dish but different flavours. It is one of the favorite delicacies of not only Indians but also people visiting India. For Indians, biryani is not a dish, it’s an emotion, that makes your sad soul happy, can … Read more