24 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Miami

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So you are planning to jet off to Miami. The first thing that’ll come to your mind is the beaches, golden sands, tanned bodies, and vibrant nightlife. But along with that, don’t forget to taste the exotic Latin American cum Caribbean-influenced foods.

24 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Miami

1. Chicharron

Chicharron is a dish made of fried pork belly or pork rinds. It can also be made from chicken, mutton, or beef.

2. Stone Crab Claws

It is a slice of succulent and tender crab meat. It is served cracked and chilled on ice with very little seasoning.

3. Fish Sandwich

A fish sandwich is a healthy way to serve fish on a barbecue. Fish is coated in spices and then grilled. After grilling, this blackened fish is added to buns and served with lime mayo and smoky paprika.

4. Arepas

Arepas is a Latin American dish. It is like a buttery sandwich that can be eaten on its own or stuffed with pulled pork, melted cheese, and avocado. La Latina is the best place in Miami to eat these Arepas.

5. Ceviche

One of the popular dishes of Miami. Fresh raw fish is cured in citrus extracts like lemon or lime and then spiced with aji or chili peppers. A wonderful, refreshing dish that one can relish in that warm weather.

6. Cuban Sandwich

Cuban sandwich is the most authentic dish in Miami. The sandwich is made from fresh Cuban bread, yellow mustard, roasted pork, baked ham, Swiss cheese, and sliced dill pickles. Versailles Restaurant in Miami serves the best Cuban sandwich.

7. Churrasco

Churrasco is a South-American dish made of steak barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire. It is served with Chimichurri sauce.

8. Key Lime

Key lime is a typical dessert of Miami. It is a pie made of key lime juice, sweet condensed milk, and egg yolks in a pie crust. It will make you drool when you bite into this sweet and crunchy pie, topped with whipped. Don’t come back without tasting this dessert.

9. Mofongo

Mofongo is an Afro-Puerto Rican dish made of a mashed mound of plantains into which seafood, meat, or vegetables can be added. It can be served both as a side dish or as the main course accompanied by beans and rice.

10. Fried Snapper Fish

Fried Snapper fish is washed and dried, slit on both sides, then seasoned with spice and pepper. This seasoned fish is deep-fried till brown and crisp. It is served with a lot of pikliz or condiments of pickled cabbage, carrots, and bell peppers. White vinegar is used for pickling them, so people are crazy about this Haitian dish.

11. Empanada

Empanada is a fried or baked pastry with a filling of meat, cheese, corn, chicken, etc. It is made from wheat flour or corn flour.

12. Alligator Bites

Alligator meat is similar to chicken. It is chewy and served with garlic sauce, burgers, and fries. The unique flavor of chicken and fish makes it irresistible.

13. Flan

Flan is a baked dish with an open-topped pastry case with a filling of fruit, caramel, or tart. The sweet and spongy dish just tastes yum.

14. Vaca Frita

Vaca Frita is a dish made of flank steak, which is fried and shredded, and then seasoned. This beef is stewed in tomato sauce that gives the flavoring.

15. Pastelitos Puffed Pastry

Pastelitos puffed pastry is a type of pastry filled with a variety of fillings like cream cheese quesitos, guava, cheese, pineapple, and coconut. The tempting look of these fancy pastries is a must-try if you visit Miami.

16. Croquetas

Croquetas is a mini breadcrumb fried roll containing ground meat, fish, ham, cheese, shellfish, mashed potatoes, or vegetables and is mixed with bechamel sauce, soaked white bread, onions, wine, herbs, and spices.

17. Chicken ‘n’ watermelon ‘n’ waffles

The mix of waffles, watermelon, and chicken in this dish is sure to please anyone’s palate. It is topped with hot honey sauce, Vermont sharp cheddar, and Bourbon maple syrup.

18. Traditional Fritas

With matchstick potatoes, a secret sauce, and Cuban bread, fritas is the equivalent of an American hamburger in Cuba.

19. Oxtail

Oxtail is yet another dish that tops our list of famous foods of Miami. Oxtail is typically cooked in a stew-like dish with butter beans for a full, hearty dinner that is a mainstay of Caribbean cooking.

20. Jerk Chicken

Jerk chicken is a hot grilled meat meal popular throughout the Caribbean but primarily associated with Jamaica. The term “jerk” describes a method of cooking in which the main ingredient is coated in spices and cooked slowly over a fire or grill that is typically made of green pimento wood placed over burning coals.

The resulting smoke is essential to the flavor of the dish and is most frequently chicken, though it can also be beef, pork, goat, boar, seafood, or vegetables.

21. Tacos

A taco is a typical dish from Mexico made of a tiny hand-sized tortilla made of corn or wheat and topped with a filling. After that, the tortilla is folded over the filling and eaten with one hand. A taco’s adaptability and variety are greatly enhanced by the availability of a range of fillings, including beef, pig, chicken, fish, beans, veggies, and cheese.

They have different toppings, such as salsa, guacamole, or sour cream, as well as vegetables, including lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and chiles, as garnishes. One popular type of antojitos, or Mexican street cuisine, that has become popular worldwide is tacos.

22. Chinese Classics

There are significantly fewer options for Chinese food in Miami than there are for Latin American or European cuisine. You can experience the full flavor of genuine Chinese cuisine.

All of the dishes are prepared in the Hong Kong way utilizing only fresh regional ingredients, ranging from different noodle dishes to warm dim sum and even a complete Peking duck that is cut and wrapped tableside.

23. Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is made up of a range of regional and traditional dishes that are indigenous to the country. Given the diversity of the soil, climate, culture, ethnic groups, and occupations, these cuisines differ greatly and use ingredients that may be found nearby, including fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs.

24. Donuts

It is a common sweet snack that can be made at home or bought in bakeries, supermarkets, food stands, and franchised specialty retailers. It is produced in a number of ways. The names are interchangeable; donut is the short form, while doughnut is the standard spelling.

Are you looking forward to experiencing Miami’s delectable cuisine? Comment and let us know.


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