17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Cambodia

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A historian might only refer to Cambodia as a territory ruled by the dictator Pol Pot. But for a foodie, all that matters is the Cambodian Cuisine which is less known to the world but is delectable. Rice is the staple diet, however Fish from the Mekong and Tonle Sap also have a major role in the diet.

17 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Cambodia

1. Fish Amok

Fish Amok

An amok is a type of thick soup or curry cooked with different ingredients along with vegetables and coconut milk. The most common types are made with fish, beef, or chicken. Usually, it’s found in South Asian countries and cooked in banana leaves.

2. Kuy Teav

Kuy Teav

Cambodia is famous for rice, and the noodle that you get here is also made up of rice. Kuy teav is a noodle soup that is cooked in pork stock. You will easily find this dish on the streets of Cambodia.

3. Chicken and banana flower salad

Chicken and banana flower salad

Rich in proteins and vitamins, chicken and banana flower salad is a very healthy dish made with banana flower, chicken, vegetables, mint, garlic, and other ingredients. Dressed with shallot, garlic, cilantro root, chili, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal sauce.

4. Beef Loc Lac

Beef Loc Lac

Beef loc lac is a French-inspired dish made with beef sautéed in cucumber, lettuce tomatoes, red onion, pepper, and soy sauce. It’s a scrumptious dish served along with rice.

5. Crab and Pepper

Crab and Pepper

The southern coast of Cambodia is famous for pepper as well as its yummy seafood. If you love seafood, you must try Crab and Pepper when you visit this place. Each bite has a spicy and crispy punch.

6. Khmer Curry

Khmer Curry

Also known as Cambodian Chicken Red Curry, the paste of this curry is made with turmeric, kaffir leaves, red onion, garlic, lemongrass, and yellow galangal mixed together with coconut milk and chicken. You will become a fan of this dish if you try it once.

7. Nom banh chok

Nom banh chok

Try looking for this delicious dish when you go in search of food early morning. These are Cambodian rice noodles served with fish gravy and fresh vegetables, eaten with a few chilli peppers on the side.

8. Pork and rice

 Pork and rice

Another popular breakfast that you will find anywhere and everywhere on the streets of Cambodia. This dish is made by marinating the pork in garlic and coconut milk and then grilled on charcoal along with other ingredients. When the pork is ready, it’s served along with rice. It’s the most delicious breakfast one could have.

9. Green mango salad

Green mango salad

You must have tasted this type of salad in Thai cuisines, however, the Cambodian version of the salad is quite different. The Green Mango Salad of Cambodia is a little less spicy and contains shrimp, carrots and beans along with mint and basil.

10. Chive cakes

Chive cakes

This will become your favourite cake after trying it. Not to be mistaken with sweet cakes, Chive cakes are rice cakes made with rice flour and its served with sweet and spicy fish sauce. The combination of crispy outside and chewy inside is something you will enjoy.

11. Beef or pork skewers

Beef or pork skewers

Beef and Pork, the best combination for meat lovers. Grilled meat along with sauces is what no one can say “no” to it.

12. Grilled frog

Grilled frog

For some, it might be a little unusual dish, but in Cambodia, you will find this dish on the streets. People visiting Cambodia must try grilled frogs. P.S. it’s tastier than other meats.

13. Steamed pork bun

Steamed pork bun

Steamed dumplings filled with pork, sausages and eggs are the healthiest and the tastiest dish you can eat. You will crave for more after having just a bite.

14. Chek chien

Chek chien

A different yet familiar dish, Chek Chien is made by frying banana covered in the batter made with egg whites and coconut milk. How can you not eat it?

15. Tarantula


Scared of spiders? Don’t be, these are tasty fried spiders. Tarantula is a famous specialty snack of Cambodia which you just cannot ignore.

16. Pumpkin custard

Pumpkin custard

You are not a foodie if you haven’t tried Pumpkin custard yet! Fruit custard is a dish which most of you must have tried, but Pumpkin Custard might not be something that one will prefer as pumpkin is not a popular favorite. However, you just can’t resist yourself from having this delectable dessert.

17. Kola noodles

Kola noodles

If you are too done with meat and chicken in Cambodia, try Kola Noodles. This is a vegetarian Burmese style dish made up of rice noodles and cooked with soy sauce and garlic chives. But it’s served along with a not so vegetarian dip, i.e. fish sauce.

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