15 Outstanding Cake Toppings To Experiment With

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Cake toppings could get tricky when you would want to find better ideas for the process. Toppings play a great role when it comes to cakes. Toppings basically give an identity to the concept you would want to present. The chocolate sauce could work for a cozy evening, while colourful sprinklers would go well for a sunny day. Toppings definitely speak more than the actual cake. Here is an ideal representation of the different cake toppings you can use for your cakes to give them a charming personality.

15 Outstanding Cake Toppings To Experiment With

1. Chocolate Sauce

chocolate sauce
source- I Heart Naptime

Nothing works better than chocolate when it comes to cakes! Chocolate sauce is one of the most common cake toppings. It gives a glaze to the cake with its indulging flavor. Dark chocolate sauce basically gives a boost to the soft bread of the cake. They form a combination of a smooth texture with a creamy sauce. The chocolate sauce would work excellent with chocolate cakes as well as with certain fruit cakes.

2. Icing Sugar

icing sugar
source- Big Bolder Baking

Icing sugar refers to the fine granules of sugar that can be used to decorate the cake beautifully. It can be sprinkled to increase the sweetness of the cake and cupcakes. You can spread it in any design you wish to create on the cake while sprinkling it. This is one of the best and most common cake toppings, and you can innovate as much as you wish.

3. Fresh Fruits

fresh fruits
source- Cupit Food

Now that we are talking about beautiful colours, fresh fruits go superb with certain cakes as they have this really fresh colour to them. Mix fruits like orange slices, some blueberries and strawberries and the cake start to look like a slice of heaven! Some other fruits like black grapes, pineapple cubes, or raspberries can also be used as cake toppings.

4. Grated Coconut

Grated coconut
source- Youtube

Who saves you when you are out of ideas and ingredients? It’s coconut! Grated coconut is again a common ingredient used in a variety of sweets. Coconut is impressively a great option to top your cake with. It gives this smooth layer on top to enjoy in every single bite. Grated coconut goes well with fruit as well as chocolate cakes. Toasted coconut can also be used to cover the entire cake.

5. Caramel Sauce

caramel sauce
source- The Flavor Bender

Caramel definitely is the king when it comes to cake toppings. The caramel sauce has this unique texture of creaminess along with the buttery content in it. Caramel sauce is generally used for drizzling, however, cakes can better be topped with it. It forms a fine layer of sauce that melts in your mouth. Chocolate, fondant, and fruit cakes could always be topped with mouth-watering caramel sauce.

6. Edible Flowers

edible flowers
source- Great British Chefs

Wait, did you just say charm? Edible flowers are nothing less than adding charm to your delicious cake! It is one of the best cake toppings to express love, joy, and excitement on the cake. A variety of colours can be used in topping the cake with these flowers. They change the entire personality of the cake with the enchanting aroma.

7. Nuts

source- Suppers in the suburbs

Toast them, roast them, or chop them; nuts are a gem for topping the cake. Almost everyone loves nuts because of their crunchy texture and ever promising nutrients. A cake topped with nuts offers more crispiness in every bite compared to any other delicacy. Almonds, cashews, and walnuts are some of the favourite nuts that can decorate the palatable dessert.

8. Sprinklers

source- Pinterest

Sprinkles or call it a rainbow cake, becomes the same. Sprinklers are predominantly colourful in their feature that makes them look mouth-watering. Who can ever say no to these cute sprinklers? They can be a great choice for cake topping as they are extremely tiny and full of love. Cakes decorated with sprinklers look fresh and alluring. Sprinklers could work like magic when used as decorating ingredients for fresh creamy cakes.

9. Chocolate Bar

chocolate bars
source- UG Bazaar

We are now bombarding cakes with immense chocolate decorated in the form of chocolate bars. It is a fresh concept and totally worth trying. Chocolate goes well with chocolate is a true saying for using chocolate bars as one of the toppings for cakes. It literally makes the cake stand out with charm and beauty. Kit Kat, Munch, or any other chocolate bar could be a better option for the garnishing process.

10. Candies

chocolate and candies
source- Teen Vogue

Candies – colourful, sweet, and full of life. Certain candies and chocolates really have the power to catch the attention within seconds. Such candies or chocolates placed on a cake could make the cake look ten times tastier. People enjoy taking away the toppings even before the piece of cake. Candies placed on cakes are heavenly in taste and overall look. M&M, Gems, Kisses, and Hugs are a few of the candies you could use as your cake topping!

11. Macarons

source- FeedFeed

One of the most popular cake toppings is macarons! Undoubtedly, macarons have the capacity to catch attention with their colours. They have a cute and joyful personality that intensifies the soft nature of a cake. A creamy cake would look even happier with the toppings of macarons. Macarons of similar colours or even a mixture of distinguished colours could be added to the list of cake toppings.

12. Chocolate Shavings

chocolate shavings
source- Melodia

What happens when you accidentally run out of all these cake toppings? A Chocolate Bar could help you in such an alarming situation. Several cakes are beautifully garnished with nothing but chocolate shavings. It’s the peeler or the grater that turns hard chocolate into smooth shavings. Chocolate shavings could be placed in a higher amount right on the top of the cake. It could also cover the entire cake, which would make it look nothing but TEMPTING!

13. Mini Doughnuts

mini doughnuts
source- The Sweet Rebellion

Doughnuts! People probably love doughnuts for the way it offers a smooth-creamy texture in every bite. Mini doughnuts are no less than perfect toppings for cakes. They have this cute personality, which enhances the absolute aura of the cake. Place these mini doughnuts on the top of a cake, and you are done with the garnishing work!

14. Mini Cupcakes

mini cupcakes
source- proudlypetite

Cake and cupcakes? OH! YES! This is how well mini cupcakes compliment the huge cake. As a cake topping, cupcakes cover a large area of the cake. They do not leave a single gap for making the cake look dull even once. Mini chocolate cupcakes go well with chocolate cakes, while colourful cupcakes become better partners to fresh fruit cakes.

15. Fondant

source- A Mummy Too

Got creative insights? Use it here for your iconic cake! Fondant has this amazing specialty that enables extreme personalization. You absolutely make what you wish to eat! The fondant could be turned into mini heart shapes or long stripes to be placed on the cake. Fondant could be shaped to certain customized toppings like stars, grass, various symbols and much more depending upon your creativity and the willingness to present the delicacy on the table.

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