12 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Turkey

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12 Turkish Desserts You Can't Skip On Your Visit To Turkey

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The desserts of turkey are well known in the world. The Turkish desserts include some of the most eye-catching as well as heart-melting items. You cannot resist eating these desserts. And if you are a dessert lover then Turkish desserts will be heaven for you. So here we bought you some mesmerizing Turkish desserts.

12 Best Desserts You Must Try Out in Turkey

1. Kunefa – an ancient Arabian pastry

Image Source: The Spruce Eats

It’s an ancient Arabic sweet also known with many different kunfah, kunfeh, knafeh, and kunefe. A traditional 10th-century dish dessert invented in Palestine and prepared from cheese pastry coated with a sugar-based syrup. A common choice for Ramadan parties. This spongy dessert has a subtle sweetness that releases the aromas of essences, dry fruit especially when served hot. Very fine vermicelli adds a classic taste.

2. Ayva Titlis – Authentic Turkish Quince desserts

Ayva Titlis
Image Source: YouTube

This is a healthy vegan Turkish dessert, and its primary ingredient is the quince fruit (known as ‘ayva’ in Turkish). The quince is initially tendered by boiling in water, or in the oven, along with cloves and sweet syrup, a process that gives it the typical custard-like sluggish appearance. Spices and syrup give this dish a typical aroma.

3. Burma baklava

Burma baklava
Image Source: CDKitchen

It is a sweet confectionery stuffed with pistachios. This dish is a multiple layer dish that is rather crispy and crunchy, unlike most other sweets. This baklava is normally made up of shredded wheat dough filled with pistachio and then fried in ghee and before serving the dish is drizzled with caramelized sugar. It has a buttery flavor with a mild sweet taste and scent of fresh pistachios.

4. Tahini halva – healthy Turkish sweetmeat

Tahini halva
Image Source: The New York Times

Tahini is a dish prepared from roasted sesame seeds, especially popular for making desserts in the mid-eastern countries. Halva is made from various dense, sweet confections that originated in the Middle East, but is now enjoyed all across the world. It’s smooth and tender, and when you give a bite, it will melt in your mouth. The combined flavors of nuts and sesame are the best thing that has happened to this dish. This dish is enough to fall in love with the desserts.

5. Lokma – Turkish sweet balls

Image Source: TasteAtlas

These are small bite-sized pastries. They are basically fried sweet dough, coated in simple sugar syrup, and served as dessert. This Turkish sweet is mostly accompanied by coffee. You can even add other toppings like toppings of honey, cinnamon chocolate sauce, sesame, or grated walnut this enhances the taste. These crispy bite-sized balls are usually served hot and filled your mouth with flavors in the very first bite. It has a mild sour taste due to the addition of lemon within it which gives a twist to this dish.

Sweet Borek
Image Source: The New York Times

Borek is a dessert which can have any stuffing starting from meat, cheese, vegetable (pumpkin, sweet potato, nettles, etc.) to apricots, pistachios, or even fruits with sugar. The smell and flavor of these dry fruits and apricots are mixed with honey and will make it a mouthwatering dessert.

7. Turkish Delight (Lokum)

Turkish Delight
Image Source: Stay at Home Mum

This Turkish delight also called Rahat Lokum, or simply lokum, is a group of chewy sweets of Turkish origin made with starch and sugar gel. It is a Renowned jelly sweet from Turkey. This dish has multiple variations with its flavor and garnished with a lot of dry fruits including almond, hazelnuts, and pistachio. It has a variety of flavors including rosewater, Bergamot orange, lemon, or mastic, mixed with some essence and varieties of toppings, and the colorful and appealing getup can bring out the child in you.

8. Keşkül – Turkish almond milk custard

Image Source: cookpad.com

This is a variation of custard and is prepared from almond-based milk. It is typically served cold along with toppings of coconut, almond, and pistachios. Keşkül has a very delightful taste of almonds and the garnish pistachio and coconut. It is very rich and healthy for it. You will surely be mesmerized after eating it.

9. Kataifi – crispy baked Turkish dessert

Image Source: Definitely Delish

This Turkish dessert is simple yet delicious and has made from various spices, flavorings, and dry fruits. It might look complicated but it can be baked and served readily upon ordering in any restaurant. It most commonly has a walnut filling (can have other nuts too), along with a seasoning of ground cinnamon and cloves seasoning. It’s crispy from the very first bite till the last. The flavor of cow milk butter as well as all the nuts and spices creates the most unique and satisfying taste.

10. Revani – sweet pastry cake dish

Image Source: Recipes Making

Basbousa Revani is a traditional sweet cake from the country that is based on semolina or farina and is soaked in sugar syrup, most of the Turkish desserts here are. Often grated coconut is added to the baked pastry. This is very soft and spongy semolina, which will melt in your mouth and leaves a lot of flavors behind.

11. Asure – A pudding of Noah

Image Source: Asure – Turkish Foodie

Asure, Ashure, or Asore is also known as Noah’s pudding. This Turkish dish also has some biblical references in its name. Noah who has survived the ‘great flood’, using a variety of items available during his time. A mixture of fresh and dried fruits, grains, beans, and lots and lots of nuts. It is a storehouse for a variety of ingredients and gives you surprises of flavors in every bite.

12. Tavuk göğsü – The signature chicken Dessert

Tavuk göğsü
Image Source: Turkish Yummies

Tavuk göğsü means chicken breast. This pudding is considered a ‘signature’ dish of Turkey. It is a unique dish in the sense that it is made from chicken. This dish is served to the Topkapi palace, during the reign of the Ottoman sultans.

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