10 Best Exotic Fruits to Eat in Thailand

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Thailand is not only famous for its scrumptious cuisine but also for the wide variety of succulent and fresh fruits it offers. The country is the land that is the origin of a wide variety of exotic and refreshing fruits. These fruits are available in every corner of the country and are available at reasonable prices and also they keep you hydrated during summertime. It is highly recommended to taste these fruits while exploring the country.

10 Best Exotic Fruits to Eat in Thailand

1. Mangosteen

Mangosteen or Mang-Kut as Thai people call it is the queen of Thai fruits. This fruit has a purple-coloured shell on the outside and is white on the inside. Locals and travelers relish this fruit because it is a juicy, tangy, fleshy and fragrant fruit. This fruit has 5-7 delicate sections and is extremely juicy. It is available in abundance in markets during May-September which is the peak season for the fruit.

2. Durian


King of fruits in Thailand is Durian. Though the fruit is not much appreciated by everyone still is the king of fruits. Durian does not have an appealing fragrance and the exteriors of the fruit are not so pretty. It is served in most of the regions of the country despite its looks because it tastes really good. It is called Tu-Rian in Thai. There are many loyal followers of the fruit in the country.

3. Snake Fruit

Snake Fruit
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Snake fruit or commonly known as Salak in Thailand. It is one of the outrageous looking fruit found in the streets of Thailand. This fruit has a prickly and scaly outside layer but it comprises a sweet and tangy layer when peeled. The fruit is juicy, tangy and is acidic in nature. Not to get freaked out by the looks, the fruit tastes really well and is a must try.

4. Rambutan


This fruit is sure to catch your eyeballs in the market with its vibrant appeal. This bright red fruit with yellowish green spikes is the most commonly eaten fruit in this region. The name of the fruit is derived from the Malaysian word Rambut, meaning hair. The fruit is translucent on the inside and has a seed covered by translucent flesh. It is commonly known as Ngor in the Thai language.

5. Mango

Commonly called as Ma-Muang in Thailand, mango is the most loved fruit by the people of this country. Thai mangoes come in various varieties and are available throughout the country. It is consumed either ripe or half ripe. A pinch of spices are sprinkled over the ripe mango and it is served. Sticky mango rice is a very famous dessert which is made of Thai mango.

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6. Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is the most aesthetically captivating fruit in Thailand. This fruit is visually pleasing both on the outside and inside. This is the fruit from the Cactus family. It is white on the inside and has black seeds in the flesh. This fruit generally has a bland taste. Pitaya is another name of this fruit in other parts of the world.

7. Rose Apple

Rose Apple

Rose Apple is a similar looking fruit to a small pear. The texture of the fruit is moist and tender like an apple. This fruit is eaten with salt and sugar as well as spiced sugar. Rose Apple is available in Thai markets throughout the year. The fruit is commonly known as Chom-Poo in the native state. It is a fruit which should be tried when in this region.

8. Langsat


Langsat is another popular fruit amongst Thai citizens. The fruit looks like a small bite-size potato. It is divided into 5 segments and each segment consists of a seed. This fruit gives a bittersweet taste. Langsat is found in the fruit markets from July to October.

9. Custard Apple

Custard Apple

Custard Apple is a tennis ball sized fruit, having hard green skin on the outside. The fruit is fleshy and white from the inside and has a creamy texture. It is an extremely sweet and delicious fruit commonly eaten with a spoon. It has various segments and each segment has a seed that is not edible. The fruit somewhat tastes like custard and is definitely a must try. No Nai is the Thai name of the fruit.

10. Pomelo


Pomelo is one of the tropical and juicy fruit Thailand offers. It is hard on the outer shell and luscious on the inside. This fruit tastes similar to grapefruit and is one of the largest citrus fruits. It has a sweet-sour taste which is a tangy blast of flavours. It comes in many varieties varying from pale yellow to orange to red.

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