15 Best Food Items In the Canteens Of Delhi University

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The colleges of Delhi University are heaven for all the foodies out there. The canteen is too good to be true, and the price they serve their food at is mind-blowing. Truth be told, the canteen could be one of the reasons students love to go to their colleges. After a long lecture, sitting in the canteen with your friends or alone, with a cup of iced tea, food, cultural societies’ occasional practices; it’s a total vibe!

15 Best Food Items In the Canteens Of Delhi University

1. Samosa

Best Food Items In the Canteens Of Delhi University
Source: Cubes N Julinennes

Almost all the colleges serve these, and they are super delicious. Filled with spicy potatoes, these deep-fried samosas are served with a tamarind sauce and a mint sauce. Do not forget your daily chai with it.

2. Chilly Potatoes

Best Food Items In the Canteens Of Delhi University
Source: Rumki’s Golden spoon

Can we take a moment and appreciate how college canteens serve the crispiest chilly potatoes ever? Paired with the ultimate favorite iced tea, this makes up for a very wholesome meal.

3. Chocolate Frappe

Source: Taste of Home

Who said canteens are boring? Chocolate Frappe from Hansraj College can definitely lift up your mood in no time. Next time you are here for Confluence, their annual fest, make sure you try this out.

4. Masala Dosa

Source: Vismai Food

The best breakfast, period. Sri Venkateswara College serves authentic South Indian food at very nominal prices, and the Masala Dosa definitely stands out. It is hands down the best thing DU has to offer.

5. Rajma Chawal

Source: aartimadan

All the North Indian kids are obsessed with Rajma Chawal, and we understand why. It is a match made in heaven. DU serves some really scrumptious Rajma & rice, and we are grateful for it.

6. Egg Fried Rice

Source: My Food story

Ramjas College serves a savory fried rice that you are bound to love. These will make you come back for them over and over and will definitely become your best friend in your college life.

7. Omelets

Source: Serious Eats

Not an everyday college thing, but you can get some delicious omelets right outside the colleges. We guarantee you will become a fan of them. These are just so appetizing. 

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8. Cheese Macaroni

Source: NDTV Food

If heaven were a dish, this would be it. Served at the canteen of the famous Lady Shri Ram College, this one is a best seller and is loved by all students across the Delhi University.

9. Keema Dosa

Source: Suvai Manam

Talking about Lady Sri Ram, they serve some lip-smacking keema dosa filled with chicken or soy keema in between, and it is absolutely a must-try here. Do not miss out on this, please!

10. Mutton Cutlet

Source: Yummy tummy Arthi

If you are a die-hard non-vegetarian lover, these mutton cutlets served at Delhi School of Economics will bring so much joy to you. Have it along with their Masala Coke and enjoy some good food.

11. Naan Thaali 

Source: Zomato

Aloo naan with Dal Makhani and Shahi paneer is the talk of Delhi University. This Thaali makes up for a filling lunch. It is served across most colleges of DU and we love it a little too much.

12. Hot dogs

Source: Eat this, not that

Oh, to have a good hot dog after a long hot college day with a cooling drink and sit amongst the tree; bliss. You can find vegetarian or non-vegetarian hot dogs in DU, and all of them are so delightful!

13. Chhole Bhature

Source: Vogue India

Why wait for Sunday to enjoy a big plate of Chhole Bhature when you can have them any time in your college? Sounds right to us. Enjoy this big meal at several canteens and we promise you it is totally worth it.

14. Chicken Patties

Source: Mostly Masala

Flaky Patties stuffed with creamy chicken is a specialty at Kamla Nehru College. They taste yum by themselves, but paired with a cup of cold coffee, this becomes divine. An absolute must-have!

15. Manchurian Roll

Source: Vidyascooking

Other than South Indian food, Sri Venkateswara College’s canteen also serves some delectable rolls. Manchurian roll being one of them. These are too good and you need to try them out whenever you are here next.

Needless to say, DU’s canteens are very diverse and include multiple cuisines. They serve hygienic food that is pleasing to your taste buds. While you are in your college years at this university, make sure you do not miss out on your canteen!

What is the best thing served at your college?

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