15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Jamaican

Jamaica is the third-largest country in the Caribbean when it comes to wonderful food and its amazing flavours. Authentic local food was born out of necessity in this land as earlier nothing was readily available in the country but only fresh and raw food materials. So they had to make their food out of raw spices and fruit materials that were available. After all, it was a life on the islands and that’s what makes Jamaican cuisine one of the most revered cuisines in the world. 15 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Jamaican 1. RICE & PEAS People in … Read more

13 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Andaman and Nicobar

Andaman and Nicobar Islands present a fusion of Indian Culture. This is even reflected in the food of the local peoples of these Islands. The finest of India’s cuisines are as rich and diverse as its cultural diversity. It is an art that has been passed on through generations purely by word of mouth. Andaman cuisine is heavily influenced by all the cultures that came into contact with the region. Like many other aspects of Andaman culture, the influence of the Hindu, Christian, Muslim and also Sikh religions in the traditional food is extremely strong. The dishes you should never … Read more

18 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Maldives

The Maldives is a popular holiday destination for people, this is a tropical island situated amid the Indian Ocean. The white sandy beaches, the azure sea, the colorful corals, and the local dishes are a traveler’s delight. Now let us find out what tasty dishes should be savored if a person visits the Maldivian islands. 18 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Maldives 1. Bis keemiya (samosa) This is a dish made of a light, flaky and chewy pastry crust on the outside and the inner stuffing of sauteed and shredded cabbage, hard-boiled eggs and spiced onions. It is a … Read more