21 Candies From The 90s That Will Make You Go Nostalgic

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Candies From The 90s


There are several sweet and sour memories from the candies eaten during the 90s era by the generation of the 90s. The most special thing about these candies is that they were earned for good behaviour from parents. Another surprising fact is that they were so cheap for the worth they carried. The memories connected with these candies vary from the distribution of candies during the birthday, scoring great marks for them, or using them to express emotions by sharing any of them.

21 Candies From The 90s That Will Make You go Nostalgic

1. Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

Phantom Sweet Cigarettes
Source: IndiaMart

These were the candies for all the cool dudes during the 90s, faking to smoke cigarettes but instead puffing on these sweet candies rolled as cigarettes. These candies were thought to be a bad influence, and parents discouraged buying them. No matter how much criticism they received, they were famous and were eaten by every child.

2. Chiclets

Source: Wikipedia

These colourful small goodies of joy with different assorted fruit flavours could be felt on your taste buds even now. Chiclets, a name that will surely drive you to nostalgia, was chewed by every child of the 90s. Chiclets are candy-coated chewing gums and are commonly available in peppermint flavour.

3. Mango Bite

 Mango Bite
Source: BigBasket

These candies did not make us miss mangoes all season as they were available through these mango-flavoured candies. Mango bites were known to be the first mango candies introduced in India. The flavour of mangoes slowly rolling down your throat was an experience to be still remembered.

4. Push Pop

Push Pop
Source: Open Colleges

These lipstick-shaped candies were applied on lips by girls faking as lipsticks. The candies were just like any other lollipops, but their unique shapes gave them popularity, making them a boom in the markets with various flavours.

5. Melody

Source: YouTube

The biggest unanswered question would be the tagline of Melody that gives a burst of chocolate in the mouth. The flavour of these chocolates does not end as we chew them but grows, even more, making you enjoy an explosion of chocolate. These candies have a centre full of chocolate, sealed with layers of caramel, making them a delightful treat.

6. Poppins

Source: Achesman

These little goodies of joy came in different colours, and the most memorable struggle would be when your favourite colour would finish, and you would need to buy a brand new pack for the same. It could be defined in another way through the siblings’ fight over a colour or flavour. Poppins was the essentials in the pocket for every 90s kid as each bite of these small goodies released delicious fruit flavours and lured most of them with their attractive colour.

If a packet of Poppins is opened, it was sure that there would be more than one hand asking for it.

7. Assorted Candies

Source- 90s Kid Shoppe

These candies were not from a particular brand but sold in large packets with different types of flavors. These candies were so famous that a 90s kid could recognize them just from their color. The most common among these sweet and sour candies would be the orange flavor. These candies could be commonly seen during a trip with packs of them and eaten during the whole trip.

8. Parle Kismi

Parle Kismi
Source: Picxy

This iconic candy made everyone believe that a combination of caramel and elaichi can create wonders. This candy available in just one flavor is now available in various other Indian flavors like Kulfi, Rajbhog, Rose milk, and Meetha Pan. This candy was also criticized among the strict elders during the 90s as they were widely shared among couples.

9. Coffee Bite

Coffee Bite
Source: Exchange4media

Coffee bites were the 90s addiction for caffeine with the perfect blend combining two ingredients you have never thought of before, coffee and caramel. These bites may be the main reason behind the coffee addiction in the 90s children. These bites, even now, are small bites enjoyed and shared by everyone. Coffee Bites could be in the memories of many children as candies to be distributed during their birthdays to the whole class.

10. Guru Chela

Guru Chela
Source: Pinterest

The Guru Chela candies were enjoyed by all, and the wrappers were treasured by all the children. These candies were small packets of happiness with a very creative wrapper. The children used to spend most of the time separating two faces printed on the wrapper, but it absolutely failed. The candy wrappers had two faces intersecting at one point, making the wrappers more attractive.

11. Aam Pachak

Aam Pachak
Source: IndiaMart

Aam Pachak candies are those spice candies giving a sweet ending to all the heavy meals. These candies were like a natural aid for all digestive problems. These candies were sour because of the mango content in them and would make you binge on the whole packet while being healthy candy.

12. Chatmola

Source: Amazon.in

The iconic Rinka’s Chatmola candy was another candy used for digestive purposes. The wrapper of these candies with white elephant printed on it. The “chatpata” taste came from the various spices in the candy, and it didn’t use to fade away from the taste buds.

13. Loco Poco

 Loco Poco
Source: Reader’s Digest

The Loco Poco chewing gums would take you down a lane full of memories. These candies available in different flavours along with tattoos were a treat in themselves.

14. Hajmola

Source: Gargron.com

Hajmola candies are available in various flavours, which we used to have after meals for better digestion. These small tablets of tangy taste were a treat for everyone and were asked for more. The memories connected with these candies would be the ‘-ta’ sound that would be made every time you get the sour and piquant taste of these flavorful candies as they rolled over your tongue.

15. Cadbury Nutties

Cadbury Nutties
Source: Nearshop

These small bites full of chocolates were a delight in themselves. The exotic flavour of these sweet goodies came from the cashew nuts that are entwined in chocolate. All the sweet-toothed people enjoyed these a lot as the iconic taste of Cadbury chocolate came in small packets of joy, and these small bites.

16. Swad

Source: JioMart

The Swad candies are other varieties of digestive candies in the queue, coming with a great combination of health and taste. This candy is a perfect alternative for any digestive medicine as it is Ayurveda-based. The unique taste of these candies comes from the unique blend of herbs in the candy.

17. Pan Pasand

 Pan Pasand
Source: Khaochatpata.com

Pan Pasand was another winner during the 90s era, used as a mouth freshener more than candy. This candy is inspired by the Indian flavour of Pan and gets its sweetness from it. This was an easy replacement after meals if one could not find a pan.

18. Rola Cola

Rola Cola
Source: Flipkart

These solid cola candies would make you experience the fizz of real Coca-Cola. These black candies make you experience the taste of cola, as chewing them is amazing in itself. Amazing news that came a few months back was that they were manufactured once and made available once again!

19. Big Babol

Big Babol
Source: Amazon UK

The Big Babol chewing gum was a part of the competition for the biggest bubble blown among the 90s kids. These bubble gums were also included in the curiosity that if two of them were blown together, they would form a big bubble. These chewing gums come with different fruit flavours releasing juicy flavours while chewing on these chewing gums.

20. Ravalgaon Chocolates

Ravalgaon Chocolates
Source: The Daily Pao

These iconic candies come in different flavours, and set major competition in the small pan or Kirana shops. Ravalgaon Chocolates are said to have been manufactured in Nashik, and the legacy of these candies has expanded till now. One of them that could not be missed would be the Ravalgaon Loco, which is delicately made, having a combination of caramel and milk.

Ravalgaon Choco cream would be capable enough to drive you through the chocolate fantasy world. Ravalgaon Coffee Break, Mango mood, Tutty Fruity, Assorted Center, etc., candies are enough to fulfil major candy goals.

21. Golden Coin

Golden Coin
Source: Pinterest

These delicious goodies could be called the currency of the 90s kids as these chocolates looked and were shaped as golden coins. These chocolates having the shape of a coin were usually wrapped in a golden foil wrapper and embossed with different currencies. These coins had chocolates made of dark chocolate or were simply milk chocolates.

These candies and their flavours would surely make you drive through a wind of nostalgia and relive those moments from the 90s.

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