Top 15 Vegan Foods to Eat in Tel Aviv

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Foods to Eat in Tel Aviv

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Formerly known as Tel Aviv-Yafo, it’s the most populous city in the Gush Dan; metropolitan areas of Israel. The city marked by 1930s Bauhaus buildings, its beautiful beaches, diverse cultural scene, vibrant nightlife, and top-notch specialists in cuisine makes it uncommon. However, what sets it apart, the city is officially declared as the ‘Vegan Capital of the world.” Around 80000 pure vegans, the city holds its vegan dishes in quiet regard. Let’s take a look at some acknowledged vegan dishes out here:

Top 15 Vegan Foods to Eat in Tel Aviv

1. Hummus


Being vegan is not difficult unless you enjoy the process. Vegan’s top adored dish, the ultra-creamy, dreamy and light Hummus is a delicacy to devour anytime. Basically a dip prepared using chickpeas and served with bread a surely please your taste buds.

2. Stuffed Vine Leaves

Stuffed Vine Leaves

A classic Greek appetizer, Stuffed Vine Leaves popularly known as ‘Dolma’ is different from the regular lettuce or tortilla wraps with special Israeli flavors; lentils the dish passes your test of savory with full marks.

3. Basbousa


While non-vegans dash by the idea of vegan desserts, Basbousa gives a tough competition. Regarded as Ravani it’s an eastern Mediterranean treat found in Israeli bakeries. A perfect solution for your midnight cravings, Basbousa definitely win hearts.

4. Sambusak


A twist to the authentic Indian Samosas, Sambusak is an Israeli’s savory turnovers. The fried or baked pastry filled with chickpeas, veggies, and cheese can be your snack, meal, or your quick lunch any day.

5. Lentils


After heavy junk food, let’s binge on some simple yet popular staple food in Tel Aviv. Lentils are a nutritious option to devour on a lazy day. It can be prepared as a warm salad or a winter comfort lentil soup. The flavorsome spices and vegetables make it an easy go-to dish in the city.

6. Pita Bread

Pita Bread

The luscious, egg-less pita bread contains just a handful of ingredients and can be made at home in no time. The quick hand at it will result in the genuine true some flavors worth everything. They are often served with hummus as an interesting combination.

7. Baked Falafel

Baked Falafel

Nothing tastes better than Falafel, and the vegan-friendly baked falafel would be your true companion. The gluten-free, nutritious, and full of flavor. The packed patties and the pouring sauce makes it a wonderful delight.

8. Vegan Pizza

Vegan Pizza

For every avid pizza fan out there ‘ Home is where pizza is’. And the vegans to have their share of joy. Pizzas would never disappoint you, the base is topped with homemade cashew cheese, and soy cheese definitely drools you over. ‘ The Green Cat’ is the first and the most recommended spot for years.

9. Green Roll Sushi

Green Roll Sushi

The only plant-based sushi in Tel Aviv, Green Roll Sushi is a treat to view and gobble down. The lip-smacking legendary signature sauces, dips, and their crazy invention with vegetables leave you dumbstruck.

10. Labneh


The wonders of Labneh can’t be put in words. The thick, creamy cheese-like yogurt is accompanied by za’atar and its special yang of tanginess is loved over the globe. Tel Aviv’s 416, is an experience to enjoy.

11. Lakshmi Thali

Lakshmi Thali

A touch of authentic Indian Thalis is a pleasure to experience. The huge heavenly Thalia served with tofu, zucchini fritters, sweet potato masala, and uttapam bringing the joy of colors to life. The Indian Spices create an ever-lasting impression and ‘The Dosa Bar’ with time turns an obsession.

12. Injera


The delicious Ethiopian traditional bread, Injera is prepared by the state grain of Ethiopia, Teff. The fluffy cheesy pancakes are nutrilicious and look a Dian to order again and again. The naturally gluten-free bread is a choice to have in savory as well as sweet dishes.

13. Activated Charcoal Latte

Activated Charcoal Latte

A city known for its legacy of coffee-culture, Activated Charcoal Latte is a perfect, thick detoxifying drink to sip all day long. An alternative to dairy items, the drink tastes and works equally strong.

14. Shakshuka


The lip-smacking vegan spin on shakshuka is worth your efforts. It is made with spinach, lemony pan-fried tofu, and resembles the flavors completely. A heavy, healthy, and happy is what matters at the end of the day.

15. Vegan Cheese Board

Vegan Cheese Board

I say cheese, you say cheese! And there we present the guilt trip, the entertaining vegan cheese board is the most required ingredient in parties. The versatile and customizable looks win the game. A snack or an appetizer it’s a go-to choice any day.

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