10 Best Burgers to Try Out In the US

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10 Best Burgers In The USA

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Is there any food more quintessentially American than burgers? The simple sandwich-burger of ground beef on a bun has thousands of variations, and when done properly, there are few types more delicious. There are an inch or so thick patties that drip juice down your arm, these are fast food-style burgers in the USA. There are thin patties cooked on a griddle that gets an ample crust, and finally, there are the high-end models with high price tags that raise the humble burger to fine-dining status.

So if you are a real burger fan or want to experience the best burgers in the USA and the never-ending hunger for them, then these are the best places you can crash in when in America.

10 Best Burgers to Try Out In the US

1. Double Cheeseburger (Chicago)

Double Cheeseburger (Chicago)
Source: Pinterest

Chicago is filled with burger lovers, and for many years the trend is turning into making the burgers bigger and fussier. The double cheeseburger enjoyed there has grilled onions like a crown and is much loved Chicago south siders for ages. The double cheeseburger in Chicago actually uses three patties.

Although thin, these slabs of beef are the secret to the perfect burger-to-cheese ratio. Once topped with cheddar, maple-glazed bacon, and homemade ‘Dijonnaise,’ it turns into a complete dinner meal by adding a fried egg. This is one of the best burgers served in America and especially in Chicago. People and tourists go nuts over it.

2. Mission Burger (San Francisco)

Mission Burger (San Francisco)
Source: Eater SF

When you visit Mission Bowling Club in San Francisco, you will undoubtedly be introduced to a lot more things than just strikes and spares. This bowling alley is serving up their brisket and Chuck-based Mission Burger that they sear in beef fat and then top with homemade caper aioli, caramelized onions, and monetary jack cheese.

It’s all about the beef, which is juicy and captures the magical straight-off-the-weber barbecue flavour. A lump of melted cheese combined with the caramelized onions and that too perfectly balanced with the tangy caper aioli. This burger, the mission burger at Mission Bowling Club, is one of the best burgers in the world.

3. Kuna Burger (Chicago)

Kuna Burger (Chicago)

Kuna’s Corner is not a quiet place to eat; the restaurant’s ethos is “Support your community, Eat beef, Bang your head.” But with all the explosions that go off when you take a bite, the heavy metal doesn’t just make sense; it is a perfect fit. You can also find burgers with tomatillo salsa and fried chillies and with sriracha and grilled pineapple.

If you have to choose anyone, go for the signature Kuna Burger – a fried egg, bacon, sharp cheddar, lettuce, onion, and tomato. It’s not as though there are not enough flavours in the burger, but that egg adds the extra flavour to make it memorable and the best burger.

4. The Tavern Burger (South Carolina)

The Tavern Burger (South Carolina)
Source: Big Seven Travel

There’s something special about the little 4-ounce burger at Charleston, South Carolina. Like all the best burgers in the USA, this one was crafted with expert precision from the bottom to the top.

The patty has a higher than usual 75/25 meat-to-fat ratio, and it’s half-chuck, half-brisket. It’s griddled and topped with slow-cooked sun-choke relish, special sauce, and thick-sliced American cheese and tucked into a custom-made soft sesame-topped bun. It will be gone in a few bites, so it’s pretty sure and obvious that you are going to order it again.

5. The Onion Burger (Oklahoma)

The Onion Burger (Oklahoma)
Source: eMeals

An Oklahoma onion burger, if you have never heard of one, is one of American’s great regional burger styles. A finely ground patty is smashed on a flat top, topped with finely shredded onions, cheese, then topped with pickles and mustard, all on a potato bun. Every element plays a role. A rich patty, seared hard but still medium at the center. Sharp pickles, ideally sweet hot bread and butter pickles, are added.

A little ballpark yellow mustard and the potato roll- a soft, welcoming, smash-able bun is what links all these amazing things together. This comforting, crave-able food is what will make you want to eat a second round or even a third one for the patty because one is just not enough.

6. Steakhouse Steakburger (Chicago)

Steakhouse Steakburger (Chicago)

The juicy steakhouse steakburger is an elusive beast and hard to find a proper one in a restaurant, also even harder to make at home. It is a big fat fellow, about ¾- inch thick, and weighs 8 ounces or more, wasting no space on the bun. The burger has a thin, rich, salty cordovan crust that gushes out molten fat. With each bite, it reminds us that a great burger is a gustatory delight as elusive as any delicacy.

You want cold, crisp lettuce that crunches and squirts ice water on top of the hot meat juices. Iceberg or romaine lettuce is perfect for this. So, grasp the burger with both hands and no matter what people tell you, put both elbows on the table and enjoy this burger.

7. Whiskey King Burger (Philadelphia)

Whiskey King Burger (Philadelphia)

The Whiskey King Burger is an 8-ounce patty of sustainably raised grass-fed. Angus beef from Maine that is topped with maple bourbon-glazed Cipollini, rogue bleu cheese, Applewood bacon, and foil grass. The patties are well-seasoned, super juicy, and full of beefy flavor, and if you are looking for something especially decadent, go for the Whiskey King Burger. It’s a wonder to behold.

8. Animal Style Burger (California)

Animal Style Burger (California)
Source: Eater

With a homemade caramelized onions, fry sauce, and mustard grilled patty, the In-N-Out Double-Double -Animal Style is the perfect fast-food burger. It’s just never too frozen, all-beef patties, cooked to order and smothered with gooey American cheese with In-N-Out’s famous secret spread, and topped with freshly sliced onion, lettuce, and tomato.

This burger has six meat patties sandwiched with three slices of cheese, making it a 6×3 delight. What separates animal style from a normal cheeseburger is the beef patty is grilled with mustard, topped with extra spread, pickles, and grilled, caramelized onions.

9. Zydeco Burger (Alabama)

Zydeco Burger (Alabama)
Source: myv949.com

It is a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, Cajun horseradish sauce, and onion straws. This over-the-top burger comes with your choice of one side such as fries, sweet potato fries, tots, potato salad, marinated slaw, okra, or green beans. Next time you are craving an out-the-top burger, be sure to bring your appetite to Chubbfathers. This Zydeco Burger is a must-try.

10. Office Burger (California)

Office Burger (California)
Source: Bon Appetit

An 8-ounce dry-aged Chuck patty topped with Applewood bacon, arugula, onions caramelized in bacon fat, and both gruyere and blue cheese, all picked on an oblong French roll. Yes, it’s messy. Yes, it’s a little outdated, but also none of that matters because the office burger is perfect.

The loosely ground Chuck patty is juicy but not fell-apart sloppy. The arugula offsets the fatty bacon, and the bacon with onions is just as delicious as you would expect it to be. The whole burger comes together in a perfect indulging harmony that makes you keep coming back for another bite until suddenly you are left with an empty plate.

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