12 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Auckland

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Auckland- a place known for its visitor-friendly hospitality and plenty of entertainment. Located to the north of the North Island of New Zealand is a major city and one of the most developed and visited cities of New Zealand. While we know that Auckland is famous for its construction marvels, this place also boasts amazing food. Taste your way around Auckland, and you’ll discover fresh, world-class dishes made from the source ingredients. 

12 Most Popular Foods to Eat in Auckland

1. Hangi


What is better than having a traditional dish at local shops? Hangi is a traditional Maori cooking method using heated rocks buried in a pit oven also known as Umu. It involves the method of cooking that uses team to cook chicken, pork, beef, potatoes and other root vegetables. Hangi is meant to be saved for special occasions. Though the process of making this is a bit tedious, the smoky taste is marvelous. And the local shops are pre-prepared with the type of dish you want. Variations can also be made as per different taste and preferences.

2. Kiwi Burger

Kiwi Burger

Nothing fancy, just a normal burger full of meat, cheese and delicious eggy goodness. It is a jazzy burger with high quality ingredients that include amazing vegetables. Well, what makes the “Kiwi burger” kiwi is the fact that it has slices of red beetroot, and a fried egg along with standard burger patties and loads of cheese. The other ingredients included grass-fed beef, aged cheddar, pickles, onions, mustard, pickles, cos, and other added vegetables. It was introduced in 1991, but people starting consuming it as a meal for lunch after 2004 since it became a local dish.

3. Fish and chips

Fish and chips

Considered to be one of the crispiest dishes of all time, this is a must have when you’re near a beach in New Zealand. A hot dish originated from England, it is so crispy and yummy that you would want to have more. It is a popular takeaway food among the locals. It is simply made by deep frying some potato slices along with fish in a pan with spices and herbs. Usually eaten as a starter or snack, this is your perfect go-to dish when in Auckland. One can even order squid rings or scallops with ketchup along with this dish.

4. Kumara


A sweet potato found in New Zealand is rich in antioxidants and is a popular root vegetable. The sweetness of Kumara just makes you want to have more of it. Bought by the Maori settlers, it still remains a favourite vegetable that can be cooked in a heap of ways like kumara croquettes, kumara chips and kumara balls. Very low in fat and rich in fibre, this is what health conscious people would prefer. It is usually served with mashed meat or roasted. Kumara is used in salads, soups, pies, roasts and almost all local dishes.

5. Masala dosa

Masala dosa

An Indian dish originated in the southern state of India, it is extremely popular in Auckland that has a major population of Indians and other locals who can’t resist this dish. It is made of the batter of rice flour in a round shape on a flat pan and then filled with potato fillings with turmeric, chillies, herbs and spices. And the best part is that this dish is gluten-free along with being vegetarian. I mean, who won’t wanna try it?

6. Lamb Roast

Lamb Roast

When we talk about lamb, we can say that almost all dining places, local shops, high-end restaurants offer specially curated dishes that have involvement of lamb in various forms. Today, there are so many varieties available for lamb dishes. One of the most famous lamb roasts is the Canterbury Lamb roast which includes bell peppers, red peppers, minted pea pesto, celeriac mash and potato. It is generally eaten as a burger with garlic and rosemary. What makes this dish super attractive is the cheap price at which they offer meat there.

7. Fried Paua

Fried Paua

A very popular fish found in specific regions of New Zealand, including Auckland, is a superficial sea snail, that helps in cooking a great fish recipe. Paua has great amounts of nutrients and energy. Not only is it eaten as food, but also the shells of these snails are used for making jewelry. The locals give this dish various forms, from raw to paua fritters. Highly consumed form of paua is fried paua, which is deep-fried in oil until it is crisp brown, then herbs like garlic, chilli, turmeric, and other spices are added to make it more delicious. 

8. Chana dal chaat

Chana dal chaat

When we talk about the foods of New Zealand, we usually come across dishes that are either non-vegetarian or include food materials that are fattening. However, we must not forget that people out there have mastered the art of dealing with various sprouts that have come to them due to India. A very popular dish called chana dal chaat is sweet and savoury. The chilli and the tamarind juice will melt in your mouth. This dish is loved by foreigners, for it is quite different from other cuisines Auckland has to offer. People out there add avocados and some of their own ingredients. 

9. Hokey Pokey Ice-cream

Hokey Pokey Ice-cream

The answer to craving something sweet in Auckland is its very famous Hokey Pokey ice cream. It is basically a vanilla ice cream with solid lumps of honeycomb toffee, golden syrup, baking soda, eggs, cream mixed with caramelized sugar. People can make their own version of the dessert which is not only sweet but also marvellous in taste. After a plain vanilla ice cream, it is the only flavour with a creamy delight. Various ingredients added to the dish are chocolates, hazelnuts, caramelized pecans and what not. If you’re planning to try only one flavour in New Zealand, make sure it’s hokey pokey!

10. Pavlova


A meringue dessert that is eaten specially during Christmas. Crispy on the outside with a delightful, marshmallow centre with a sweet and a little tang taste. Pavlova can be too sweet for people but the tangy intense strawberries and other berries and the crazy delicious drizzle balance out the sweetness well. The main ingredients of this sweet dish are egg whites, caster sugar, kiwi fruit, passion fruit, strawberries and syrup which is topped with creamy whipped cream. It is eaten and becomes popular during summertime. 

11. Whitebait Fritters

Whitebait Fritters

A New Zealand delicacy made of lots of immature fish in an omelette like construction. At the local food joints of Auckland, one will definitely notice some amazing variety of dishes but what intrigues us is whitebait fritters. It is made of translucent juvenile fish cooked with egg and flour to produce a crispy omelette. Eggs, whitebait, baking soda, salt and pepper are used. The locals usually go fishing to catch the whitebait so that later they can cook and eat them. It is served warm along with some lemon wedges. It is a unique culinary experience that foodies shouldn’t miss. 

12. Fried Maori Bread

Fried Maori Bread

Kiwis have various alternative methods to put healthier options on their menu. In Auckland, the Maori Fried Bread is a traditional recipe with a doughnut-like texture. It is one of the healthiest forms of breakfast. It is made of a dough of yeast, sugar, all-purpose flour, and salt which is rounded to give the shape of a doughnut. Locals call this dish “para para” which is best paired with hot soup and stew. If you want to have it plain, you can simply lather it with butter or jam. Considered to be a quick snack, it is available at all cafes and bakery shops. 

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