15 Best Street Foods You must try out in Gurgaon

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Street Foods You must try out in Gurgaon

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A small city in the north-Indian state of Haryana, Gurgaon is officially known as the new Gurugram has gained its name through its spectacular booming infrastructure and rapid growth of urbanization. The kingdom of Dreams is a trip you would definitely look out for. If something you shouldn’t miss is its extravagant street-style dishes. Look out for some mouth-watering Gurgaon Go-to street food here:

15 Best Street Foods You must try out in Gurgaon

1. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji

The winning heart of locals with something common over the globe isn’t easy. Yet Bombay Best Pav Bhaji, a simple small stall every day serves more than a hundred orders. The buttery, fresh, and hot Pav Bhaji definitely is hard to resist.

2. Jalebi


A little tangled into its flavors, Jalebis form a strong set of followers in the city. The crispy, lip-smacking sweet delivers goodness Sardaar Jalebi Wala, a 68-yr old shop run by a family is your place to go.

3. Chaat


If you travel to the cities in India, you can’t forget the importance and respect of chaats. A little sweet and sour but always more delicious than ever. Delhi Chaat Bhandaar in the city offers Dahi bhalle, Aloo chaat, Gol gappes, and the list continues.

4. Pakore


A dish known for its ecstatic flavors, and not its usual recipe, Pakores can be accompanied by another meal yet, you won’t forget its charm. Pakores in Gurgaon by Gandhi Pakore wala run through three generations, served with chutney and masala can’t be denied.

5. Chaap


The current love of the people, Chaap and it’s ever-amazing taste is hard to miss. Lajavab Chaap express is a hidden gem of Gurgaon. Visit there for its scrumptious soybean chaap with Rumali Rotis, and spend your evenings with a beautiful view.

6. Chur Chur Naan

Chur Chur Naan

A different naan served across the table with its spicy, tasty stuffing is a beloved desi bread that people can’t be enough of. Dilli Light is making quite a buzz around the city for its special Aloo Pyaaz Chur Chur Naan and raita that’s surely a must-have.

7. Parantha


The dish that holds for its simplicity and flavor, Paranthas never recognized, yet is our unnamed honor. A flavorful delight to consume for nocturnal folks. The tapri Parantha stall near park plaza has effortlessly gained love.

8. Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature

A dish that suffices your hunger just by the look of it, Chhole Bhature at Balji Restaurant tops the list of must-haves. The enormous sized bhaturas and the flavorful spicy chhole makes you lick your fingers by the end.

9. Kathi Roll

Kathi Roll

A kebab-stuffed roll is an authentic delicacy to devour. Filled with veggies, sauces, and vegetables is a dish you can’t ignore. The roadside Kathi roll savours every bite of true ethnicity.

10. Cheese Momos

Cheese Momos

If life is great, cheese makes it better. The cheesy momos are true love in disguise. The ever-happening momos and the cheese inside paves the way for complete fulfillment in the end.

11. Tikki with Chhole

Tikki with Chhole

What else would you ever need, the old traditional tikkis served with chhole, tomatoes and chutneys make it special. The famous Rupa Tikki is your go-to spot.

12. Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha

The old-style Litti Chokha is a burst of true flavors of India. A dish originated through Bihar and Jharkhand for years now is what our elders crave for. So Gurgaon brings forth the best of it.

13. Bedmi Puri

Bedmi Puri

The traditional charm of old Gurgaon, Bedmi Puri has still been a heavy breakfast option to search for. A companion that suits the dish, Jeera Hing Aloo Subzi is quite fulfilling.

14. Dosa


Holding its origin from the south, Dosa has turned out to be a popular snack all over India. The fermented rice batter rolled into thin crispy dosa and Chutney is all you need for the day.

15. Shakes


A glass full of shake would eventually shake you up for the day. The variety of shakes; banana, kiwi, chiku, chocolate, and all that you require at a single stop. Sector 22 market is a place to discover this trip.

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