103 Types Of Microgreens You Should Know

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types of microgreens you should know


Microgreens are derived from ‘micro,’ meaning small, plus ‘greens,’ meaning vegetables. Microgreens are sprouted plants or baby plants that come along with the vegetables that we eat. We generally eat matured vegetables, but these tiny substances are highly nutritious, even more than the actual matured vegetable. These are called microgreens, young plants with the highest amount of taste, aroma, and flavors and are also packed with high loads of nutritional value.

103 Types Of Microgreens You Should Know

1. Spinach

Spinach microgreens are an ideal option to include in your daily diet as they are hassle-free and grow in a short period of time, and are also readily available in the markets. Enriched with properties like folic acid, iron, calcium, vitamin K1, and vitamin C, it is the mandatory option to be included in a healthy diet.

2. Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard microgreens are colorful greens that have absolutely mild and satisfying flavors that can be grown at home. Though it takes time to grow, it’s all worth the wait when you find it in your bowl.

3. Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass microgreens are the easiest to grow at home that takes merely 2-3 days to germinate. You can add it to your daily salad bowls or your favorite smoothies to avail the benefits of these magical greens.

4. Aduki Bean

Aduki bean microgreens are known for improving digestion problems and regulating metabolism.

5. Anise

These greens don’t just have great taste but are also rich in antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin C, beta carotenes, and iron.

6. Asparagus

The dietary fibers present in Asparagus greens are just what your gut needs!

7. Barley

Barley is not just your daily chapati staple, but the greens are actually something your body needs.

8. Basil

All the antioxidants, such as magnesium, copper, and potassium are what you’ll find in basil greens.

9. Sunflower

Sunflower microgreens are leaves that germinate from the black oil sunflower seeds. These are extremely rich in calcium, selenium, potassium, and vitamin A. It helps with any minute dysfunction in the eyes and cell membranes and helps to maintain good heart health.

10. Borage

Borage microgreens are the crunchiest and crustiest greens you’ll find in the markets.

11. Kale

Kale microgreens are the best source of antioxidants and minerals like potassium and calcium. It has a mild and sweet flavor that can become an absolute favorite once you try them out.

12. Brussel Sprouts

We are all aware of the goodness that Brussel sprouts contain, but the greens that we generally throw away have double the nutrition than the mature sprouts.

13. Broccoli

These microgreens are the most popular and highly consumed greens by people. They are absolutely easy to grow and are packed with multiple health benefits. The unique crunchy and peppery flavor of these is certainly a must-try.

14. Red Cabbage

These greens should be a must-have because it features the nutrients we all need in our daily lives, like vitamin C and iron.

15. Carrot

The green portion is well nutritious for your eyesight and overall functioning, not just the carrots.

16. Cauliflower

These cauliflower greens are not just tasty to include in your meals but are super nutritious for your gut.

17. Celery

You should include the greens of this celery, which we discard to avail the maximum benefits.

18. Celosia

The vibrant colors of these microgreens are enough to get you carried away by the taste.

19. Alfafa

The alfalfa greens are jampacked with some brilliant nutritive content that helps to control cholesterol levels, maintain liver functions, immunity, etc. You can add it to your daily vegetable salad or sabzi too.

20. Chervil

Chervil greens taste like parsley and can lighten up your mood with every bite of it.

21. Chia

Chia microgreens are the ultimate weapon to ward off all the ailments in your cardiovascular system you might be facing.

22. Chickpea

All the vitamins gather when you consume chickpea greens as they blend all the essential nutrients you are looking for.

23. Chicory

The mild and easy flavor of the chicory greens is to die for.

24. Radish

Radish greens have triple the amounts of nutritive values than matured vegetables like vitamin E, which helps repair cell damage, high amount of vitamin C helps to keep up with a good immune system. It has peppery flavors with a crunchy texture and taste that is an instant hit when you add it to dishes like sandwiches and burgers.

25. Chinese Mahogany

These exotic greens are not just yummy to the core but are enriched with great vital nutrients.

26. Chinese Toon

Known for their taste, these are wildly popular among the Chinese populace.

27. Chive

Not just garlic, but try to include its chives too for their great nutritional composition containing vitamin K, essential for blood regulation and bone health.

28. Chrysanthemum

These have unique greens known as “Garland Daisy” for their attractive taste and flavonoids.

29. Cilantro

The cilantro greens have the triple amount of beta carotene you will ever get from the cilantro leaves. Grab them now!

30. Clover

Clover greens are the best for menstruating people for healthy and regular periods.

31. Collard

All the essential nutrients you need are present in collard greens. Go get them now.

32. Corn Shoots

Include the corn and the greens to avail the maximum benefits from the corn for better immunity and health.

33. Cress

For all the weight watchers, this is a holy grail. You can attain your dream body shape by including these greens in your diet.

34. Cucumber

These cucumber shoots have an amazing amount of iron to support your hemoglobin and increase the RBC amount in your system.

35. Dandelion

Several amounts of essential nutrients are present in these greens for better body functioning.

36. Dill

Dill greens contain antioxidants that prevent heart issues and regulate heart functioning.

37. Dun Pea

Dun pea shoots contain all the goodness you are looking for. Include them in your diet for better health.

38. Endive

Rich in polyphenols, these greens are just the best to keep your blood vessels and arteries healthy and well functioning.

39. Fava Bean

These have a crunchy sweet flavor to please your tastebuds and attain all the nutrients together.

40. Fennel

These fennel seeds are a wonderful option to add to your meals to take away the maximum amount of nutrients.

41. Fenugreek

It is the perfect option if you also suffer from bowel issues as they contain the roughage to release fecal matter easily.

42. Flax

Flaxseeds are wondrous, but the greens obtained from them are much more nutritious than the seeds.

43. Garlic

Garlic greens promote eyesight and bone health and relax your gut.

44. Hemp

Rich in healthy fats, hemp greens are what we should opt for rather than all the junk we eat regularly.

45. Buckwheat

Deriving from Asian countries, buckwheat is a colorful microgreen that adds flavor and vibrance to your platter. It is non-glutinous and is packed with essential phytonutrients such as manganese, vitamins B and C, copper, and zinc.

46. Kohlrabi

The high amount of vitamin C, folate, and vitamin B6 are great nutritional content our body needs.

47. Komatsuna

Komatsuna sounds unfamiliar but is a great source of nutrients to fight off the cancer elements in the body.

48. Leek

Leek greens have a sweet and mild taste that is appealing to eat and nourishes the gut.

49. Lemon Balm

The great antibacterial properties in lemon balm are just what you need daily.

50. Lemongrass

Lemongrass tea must be accompanied by greens that cleanse the gut and relieve toxins.

51. Lentil

Microgreens from lentils are enriched with high fiber and protein, which are important for a well-balanced meal.

52. Lettuce

The excellent properties, such as pro-vitamin A, are engrossed in lettuce greens.

53. Lovage

The bright greens from lovage seedlings originated from California are crispy and pleasing to the taste.

54. Mache

These greens are highly important for a healthier meal and are engrossed with some great anti-cancerous and antibacterial properties.

55. Magenta Spreen

These greens have a slightly tangy and yummy taste that can lift up flavors and your mood as well.

56. Marigold

Marigold greens have a citrusy and spicy taste that aligns with your taste preferences.

57. Marjoram

Marjoram is not just an ingredient for cosmetic items but consuming the greens is much more beneficial than the products.

58. Mesclun

If you are suffering from mental stress lately, try out these mesclun greens that uplift mood and fight stress.

59. Millet

The powerhouse of nutrients, this is something you should inculcate in your daily life.

60. Mint

Mint is something we all want to get freshness and activate energy in the body.

61. Mizuna

These are extremely flavorful and great in active nutrients that can follow up with your taste preferences.

62. Mung Bean

Germinating these greens is a very easy process; you can grow them domestically and add them to your platter daily.

63. Mustard

The perfect green for skin-conscious people as these create a strong barrier to protect the skin from external damage.

64. Nasturtium

These greens can be used in teas and included in wraps and salads for the taste.

65. Oat Grass

These are the best greens that can manage UTI infections and menstrual cycle.

66. Onion

The great amount of health benefits such as iron, calcium, and maintaining cholesterol is what these greens are good at.

67. Orach

These are the best pick for fitness enthusiasts looking for high protein amounts and fewer calories.

68. Oregano

Oregano greens have antibacterial elements that detoxify the gut and pass good bacteria into the body.

69. Cress

Belonging to the Brassicaceae family, this edible herb is extremely easy to be grown at home, and in fact, it can also be grown on paper. These greens are aromatic, tangy, and peppery, support immune health, increase bone density, and protect from body toxins.

70. Paracress

If you have a toothache, try this green along with the paracress plant, and you are ready.

71. Parsley

Parsley is overwhelmed with some great antioxidants that discard all the free unwanted radicals from the body.

72. Pak Choi

Pak Choi is the perfect source of vitamins, especially vitamins C and K. It helps to keep all kinds of cardiovascular diseases at bay and maintains good heart health if consumed regularly. The present vitamin C helps fight all kinds of unwanted radicals from the body.

73. Pumpkin

It’s an all-in-one green that does everything you wish for.

74. Purslane

These greens ensure great immune health and well functioning body.

75. Quinoa

Quinoa greens are much-preferred items to maximize health benefits.

76. Radicchio

Radicchio discards all heart-related ailments and ensures healthy heart functioning.

77. Pea Shoots

Pea shoots are considered one of the healthiest microgreens that contain anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory substances. These shoots have a very low calorific value that can help in weight loss.

78. Rosemary

Your skin irritation can slide away with these rosemary greens, as they are known for their spectacular anti-inflammatory properties.

79. Rutabaga

Vitamins C and K ensure a radical-free immune system and decrease stress levels.

80. Rye

These greens are super chewy, sweet, and nutritious if you want healthy and tasty options.

81. Sage

Sage greens are famous for their memory-building properties as it keeps the memory sharp and improves brain functions.

82. Salad Burnet

A European green, bright, and textured greens perfect to amp up your daily salad bowls.

83. Saltwort

The earthy, mild flavor of these greens is something you should go for.

84. Sambuca

These are known for their medicinal properties as they protect cells from damage and other ailments.

85. Scallion

These have long, skinny, and polka-dotted greens that taste savory and are perfect for your salad bowls.

86. Sea Bean

A vegan source of omega-3 fatty acids that you should include in your diet.

87. Sesame

This is a multi-tasking and beneficial green that has every nutrient you need.

88. Shiso

These are called Beefsteak and have a taste similar to basil or parsley.

89. Shungiku

It is crunchy and crispy with a mild carroty, flowery taste.

90. Sorrel

These are said to be enjoyed raw and without extra flavors, as they have a tangy, citrusy taste.

91. Beetroot

Beetroot greens take much longer to germinate than others and have an earthly taste and aroma that lightens up the mood and energizes from within. These beet greens have reddish pigments that can add colors to your salad.

92. Sunflower

Enriched with nutty and crunchy flavor, these greens are a must-have.

93. Tangerine

As the name suggests, these taste tangy and have beautiful feathery greens.

94. Tarragon

Also known as a herb, this green is used for medical purposes.

95. Tatsoi

Flavored like mustard, it is lighter on taste and perfect for accompanying your fish fries.

96. Thyme

The rich aromatic taste of these greens will make you swoon over them.

97. Triticale

A multilevel green that carries all the wondrous nutritive values to add to your daily meals.

98. Turnip

Turnip greens are easy to germinate and grow, shoot up early and have the perfect mild taste.

99. Wasabi

These greens are spicy too, just like the wasabis we generally consume, with some extra health benefits and taste.

100. Water Pepper

Water pepper greens amp up the zeal in your usual meals by adding a spicy taste to them.

101. Watercress

Hailing from the kale family, these greens have similar taste and nourishment properties.

102. Arugula

These arugula microgreens have double the amount of calcium, vitamins, and iron than a matured vegetable. It takes a very short amount of time to germinate, about two days. Add it to your meals, like sandwiches, eggs, pizza, etc.

103. Amaranth

Amaranth is an ancient plant from the Amaranthaceae family, mainly found in Asian and African cultures. It contains a huge amount of vitamin K that improves bone health. It has a good amount of vitamin C that boosts skin health and maintains body cells.


In this article, we tried to cover the most important microgreens essential for the human body and must be added to our daily diet. I hope you find this article helpful and has inspired you to make the necessary changes to your daily meal plan.


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