4 Rice Varieties you Should Definitely try

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rice varieties you should definitely try


Everybody knows that there exist a wide range of rice varieties around the globe. Obviously, each of them has its own properties and characteristics, but the things that they all have in common are what makes rice so practical: versatility and simplicity to be cooked.

Jasmine rice

Primarily grown in Southeast Asia, Jasmine rice is a long-grain white variety that is considered to have an excellent cooking quality.

What makes Jasmine rice stand out is its fluffiness and sticky texture, and, needless to say, its distinctive aroma. Its pleasant popcorn-like smell characterizes it as one of the most fragrant rice varieties.

This kind of rice is ideal to make side dishes to pair your favorite type of meat or fish, but it is also a great idea to use it to prepare a main course. You can choose to cook a coconut rice easy recipe or a delicious vegetables and rice sauté.

It is so versatile that Jasmine rice is even perfect for preparing desserts, such as vanilla or cinnamon puddings.

Basmati rice

Blessed with characteristics of extra-long grains, Basmati rice is also an aromatic variety that can be recognized thanks to its soft and fluffy texture when being cooked.

You may wonder what are the differences between Basmati and Jasmine rice. Well, while Jasmine rice is sticky and starchy, Basmati rice has firm and clean grains.

Apart from that, although they are both floral and aromatic, their smell differs, too. Basmati rice aroma is nuttier than Jasmine’s.

Basmati rice tastes amazingly well when fried and it is a very nice option to prepare some meat or vegetable pilaf, too.

Jasmati rice

This rice variety can be considered as a hybrid choice between Jasmine and Basmati rice. Although it is a long-grain variety, their grains are slightly shorter than Basmati rice. But, at the same time, they are fragrant as Jasmine rice thanks to their sweet and floral aroma.

It is primarily grown in Thailand and, lately, it has been spread all over the world.

If you are willing to learn to prepare Jasmati rice, you should try making it with coconut milk.

Arborio rice

Well-known for being used in the classical preparation of risotto, Arborio rice is a short, fat and oval-shaped variety that has a pearly white exterior.

When cooking Arborio rice, it releases its starch and it results in a chewier, firmer and creamier rice compared to other types of rice.

It can be characterized by the fact that it doesn’t need to be rinsed and soaked before being cooked – this is what gives the creamy texture to it.

Although risotto is one of the most famous dishes that can be made with this rice variety, there are others that are as tasty as this Italian dish, for example, a creamy rice pudding.

Final words

Each rice variety has its own properties and characteristics, but the good thing, and the one that all of them have in common, is that, no matter which type of rice is chosen to be cooked, it is always going to pair exquisitely with any other ingredient. Just think about it.

Rice can be used for a gourmet entrée or for an everyday lunchtime dish; it can be served as the main course together with some vegetables mix or as a side dish for your favorite type of meat; it can be the main staple to make a sweet bite for kids or a spicy dish for a romantic dinner. It really suits everything and everybody.

No matter who you are cooking to or where you are, you surely have some rice packet in your cupboard that will save your day. There are lots of rice varieties waiting for you. Try as many as you can and take your pick!


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