5 Differences Between A Puff And Baked Samosa

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There are several types of bread available in the market. For a real bread lover, it’s difficult to choose one category. Bread is the most preferred food item and can be eaten with various new recipes. Puff and baked samosa are among those (don’t you dare mix it with the regular samosa). Baked samosa differs from the heartthrob samosa. Baked with love and masala, both dishes have a special place in the hearts of foodies and are prepared from a similar dough having veggies or cheese. Even there are choices in these two dishes such as cheese baked samosa, plain baked samosa, aloo puff, cheese puff, and many other tastes.

We have brought the top five differences between a puff and a baked samosa

1. Regional

Differences Between A Puff And Baked Samosa
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The very first difference to note is the regional disparity. While puff is mostly found in states such as Rajasthan, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh, baked samosa is very distinct from puff and can be seen in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. The taste is almost the same, but the recipe and name vary from state to state. The stuffing inside both of them is the same (of potato), which may vary in some dishes, such as paneer puff, but most people don’t know about it.

2. Structure

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The shapes of both the food make them discrete. One noticeable reason is their structure. While baked samosa is of triangular shape and has the same stuffing, puff can seem to have a rectangle-like structure or even square in some regions. Both of them can be easily identified because of their varied structures. Hence, non-identical in that case.

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3. Variedness

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Baked samosa is provided only with limited choices, say, for that matter, 20 or 25, but puff has a greater variety, choices, and tastes to choose from. Baking and deep frying both of them is a similar step, but the inside part varies depending on the type. Still, puff has a larger variety to offer than baked samosa.

4. Size

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The structure of puff is of different shapes, but its size is actually small in comparison to baked samosa. Baked samosas have an average size, but puffs are generally small in appearance. This is because of the difference in structure, which leads to variation in size. Furthermore, their prices are almost the same because of the same ingredients.

5. The Most Important!

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The last contributing factor to these differences is the level of spiciness. Baked samosa is believed to be more spicy and sizzling than puffs. Puffs are spicy too, but the need for water that you’ll have after eating baked samosa is unbearable. An essential point to note is that both are equally delicious! This is only a slight reason which is only known by the hardcore foodies all over the country. 

The life of a foodie is all about exploring new dishes, mainly the regional cuisines, and reviewing them every now and then. But when it comes to food, who doesn’t love baked items? Almost everybody! And not even cakes or pastries, but spicy baked items are mostly preferred! Want to know what are spicy, hot, and tangy baked items this article talks about?
So, puff and baked samosa enjoy a wide fan following, which nowadays is spreading in all corners of the country. Both the items have some similarities, too, such as – the common ingredients for making dough, having the crispy and flaky outer layer, having the same filling (in most types), and undoubtedly, the same taste.

It is again a reminder not to be confused with a deep-fried and baked samosa. Puffs, on the other hand, are called veg patties in some parts of Maharashtra. The only point to remember is puff and baked samosa are different, having the same taste but with different structures, having regional differences, and sometimes, the taste varies according to the type of food item wanted. So go ahead and try your own variation!

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