15 Best Street Foods to eat in Dehradun

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Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand, particularly known for its divine history and culture. Immortalized by the author Ruskin Bond in several of his stories, this touring hotspot has become even more popular in recent years as connectivity has improved.

Local food carts are a typical sight all over the place and serve a great purpose as many who visit are on tight budgets and schedules. Good food, easily available on the move, will give you an insight into what keeps the locals going in this city.

If you happen to be visiting the city, be sure to take along our list of the best street food in Dehradun to experience the best of this city.

15 Best Street Foods to eat in Dehradun


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Dehradun’s own dabeli or vada pav can compare to that of Bombay. Dehradun has its own kind in the form of Bun Tikki. The Bun Tikki is exactly what it claims to be: a Tikki or Patti made with potato and chana dal, flavoured with spices, served in a lightly-toasted bun along with tamarind chutney and other condiments.

If you are around EC Road, you can try the best example of this tasty local treat at a stall simply named after the snack.


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Gaining popularity around the country, the bread pakora has come into its own in recent years. A favourite grab-and-go snack of Dehradun locals as well as visitors, it is a vegetarian sandwich, dipped in batter and deep-fried till golden, and served hot with chutney.

While available on every street corner, The Buffet snack shop serves one of the best you can get your hands on in Dehradun. Also available here are some great burgers and rolls – all cheap and very tasty.


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The Wheat momo has always been a popular local roadside snack all over the city and around. Made with all sorts of delicious fillings, both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian, wrapped in a thin sheet of dough, steamed or fried, and served with a spicy dipping sauce, these little dumplings can go down fast!

K.C. Momos, a little ahead of Silver City is famous for these scrumptious morsels, as well as their soups. Head here for absolutely the best mutton momos in the city.


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What could be more satisfying than a bowl of piping-hot chhole and crispy puris? This spicy chickpea gravy, or chhole, is a common sight at many roadside vendors all across the city and as such has become one of the more popular street food dishes to make a mini-meal of on the go.

If you have a craving for some superb chhole puri while in Dehradun, then you need to head to Chetan Poori Wala at Hanuman Chowk. It is the best in the city and they have been featured on a few food shows, too.



South Indian food is very popular, not only in the South of the country but all over. Tiny Udipi carts, serving vegetarian fast food by the roadsides have become commonplace even in Dehradun.

For some excellent dosas, idlis, uttapam and the like, go down to Madrasi Dosa on Chakrata Road. Even the humble dosa is outstanding here and worth visiting for.



The proximity of Dehradun to China is probably the main reason why there are so many influences and similarities in the food and even culture of the two. Chowmein, a delicious stir-fried Chinese noodle dish, with fresh, crisp vegetables and slivers of meat, is a common sight being tossed up around street corner carts all over.

For some great chowmein in the city you have to visit the famous Bobby Fast Food Corner. Open only in the evenings post 5 till midnight, they serve many other great Indo-Chinese delights, too.


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Another well-loved Spaghetti dish served all over Dehradun is none other than Maggi. The packet spaghetti are a hit all over the nation amongst not only the young but all age groups.

Definitely considered comfort food to many, you have got to visit Shivalik Maggi Point on the way to Mussoorie where you can find a variety of combinations of this inexpensive familiar food in a beautiful surrounding, making the experience invaluable.


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Every state, city and even locality seems to have its own version of this deep-fried snack and Dehradun is no exception. The samosa’s flaky pastry, usually stuffed with spicy potato is a hungry travellers delight.

In Dehradun, a little stall near Bindal Bridge has added their own mouthwatering twist to this already delicious delight. The paneer samosas available at Jaina Ke Samose are like nothing you have had, with fresh cottage cheese and light crust, they are a must try if you are in the city.


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Usually steamed or fried, the momo is a common snack found all over Dehradun, especially around street corners in busy areas, catering to the general public walking by and look for a quick bite. For an unusual twist to the well known and loved dumpling, Lala Jees Angithi is serving them grilled over a tandoor with a variety of stuffings and dips.

Also available are other tandoori delights but be sure to come here and sample the momos as they are something you have probably not tried before.


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Hot out of the oil, no one can resist a good pakoda with chutney. With so many varieties to choose from, the humble pakoda is just about anything dipped in a gram flour batter and then deep-fried till crisp and golden.

A great place for this dangerously-delicious delight in the city has got to be Rajpurwale Sardarji Ke Pakode near Rajpur Chowk. Since 1952, the little kiosk has even been immortalized in stories. Be sure to try the jalebis here, too.


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Though the region is blessed with pleasant weather most of the year, good ice cream does not need an excuse to be eaten. Evidence of the superb local produce is exhibited in most anything prepared locally and dairy has got to be high up the list.

As such, you can find some excellent local ice-creams with unique flavours in the city. To sample some delicious flavours head to Gaylord Ice Cream Parlor in the city; even in the cold weather, you will not be able to resist.

12. Falooda kulfi

falooda kulfi
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India’s answer to the Ice-cream sundae, Falooda with Kulfi is a summertime treat all over, especially the Northern half of the sub-continent. This milk based treat, topped with rose syrup, kalonji seeds, vermicelli and delicious Indian ice cream, or kulfi as it’s known, has got to be the most popular cold dessert here. Go to Kumar Sweets near the city’s clock tower and sample a spectacular example of this treat as well as their yummy Paanwala mithai, ras malai, rasgulla, barfi and much more.


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Kafuli has a thick gravy-like consistency and is prepared from spinach and fenugreek leaves. Nowadays, people use different leafy vegetables to make this dish, but traditionally spinach and fenugreek are used.


Chainsoo is made from lentils (mainly black urad dal). This dish originated from the Garhwal tribe of the region. If you are not prone to this variety of lentil, you might find it a bit difficult to digest.

15. Phanu

Phanu is similar to Chainsoo except for the ingredients. In Chainsoo, black urad dal is commonly used. But, in Phanu, different varieties of lentils can be used like moong or toor dal. Before actual cooking, the lentils are soaked in water for 4-6 hours.

So once you have tried all our suggestions, if you are in the mood to explore even more tantalising street food then be sure to check out Chakrata street where there are a multitude of carts and kiosks all serving delicious treats till late at night.

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