15 Dishes You Can Make With Bread At Home

What’s better than some toast for breakfast? You can come up with many other dishes with bread. If you’re someone who is a fan of cooking from scratch, you need to try these amazing dishes with their main ingredient as bread, something which we always have in our kitchen at all times. So make use of your time at home and try out these amazing recipes. 15 Dishes You Can Make With Bread At Home 1. Bread Mud Brownie If you don’t like going through the hassle of making brownies but still want to have them, then this recipe is … Read more

12 Delicious Shakes That Can Be Easily Made At Home

On days when you don’t feel like eating anything solid, delicious, and fulfilling, shakes are your go-to options. The best part about making shakes at home is that we can customize them the way we want and even make them healthy if we want to shed a little weight. So here are some shake recipes that you need to try. While some can be the ones you’ve tried at your nearest café or barista, some are entirely different from your regular shakes and will leave you feeling full and happy. These recipes will give you thick and heavy milkshakes, great … Read more

5 Brookies To Satisfy Your Brownie And Cookie Cravings

Have you ever experienced the joy of love at first bite? If not, I guarantee you that the first-ever bite of the delicious Brookie—the lovechild of cookie and brownie will surely provide you with that joy. This Brookie comes with the perfect mix of chocolate brownie and choco-chip cookie with the flavour of rich chocolate and all-purpose flour. And the perfect amount of sweetness makes it the perfect addition to your sweet course. Those who possess the love for both cookies and brownies now have an alternative for the fusion of both in one. As for anyone, it is hard … Read more

15 Heavenly Brownies You Should Indulge In

Brownie is a wonderful choice for any occasion. It may not be as huge as a cake but is neither small like a cupcake. It is just the perfect dessert to complement the meal and satisfy the soul. It is no rocket science to prepare brownies. After all, they are most of the time merged with hilarious ingredients. It might be easy to consume brownies,s however confusing to twist them into other flavours. Here is an exotic list to light up your day with numerous brownies. 15 Heavenly Brownies You Should Indulge In 1. Buckeye Brownie Buckeye Brownies would make … Read more

15 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Chicago

Among other things, Chicago is known for its exceptional cuisine. It is home to various mouth-watering dishes originated from and is also responsible for attracting a dozen foodies. The list consists of a variety of flavors from sweet to savory, frozen to fried, etc. Each one of them has made its own special place in the heart of Chicago. 15 Local Foods You Must Try Out in Chicago 1. Chicago – Style Hot Dog Chicago style hot dog or also popularly called as Chicago Red Hot is an all-beef hot dog topped with mustard sauce, bright green sweet pickle relish, … Read more