15 Types of Vada that Tastes Good

A crispy, deep-fried snack, made with a dal- based batter, yes, it’s vada!!! It is not only popular in South India, but all across the country. Vada can be described as fritters, doughnuts or dumplings.

15 Types of Vada that Tastes Good

1. Masala vada

  If you have been to South India, surely you wouldn’t have missed the appetising aroma of masala vada being fried at tea stalls in almost every street corner. You can enjoy it hot with coconut chutney and a cup of tea or coffee.

2. Medu vada

The variety of vada is an essential part of a complete South Indian breakfast. How about adding a crispy, tasty and protein urad dal vada to your breakfast platter with some sambar and chutney!! Well that sounds too yumm!!

3. Cabbage vada

A wonderful mouthwatering deep fried vada of crushed chana dal and chopped cabbage, with a gentle combination of carrots, green chillies and coriander!!! Cabbage vada will make a good after school snack for kids or a tea time treat for elders.

4. Masala sweet corn vada

This is an absolutely easy to make, and tasty snack, thanks to the combination of crushed corn with onions, capsicum and garlic paste. Its just perfect to have with a cup of tea on a rainy day.

5. Oats and moong dal dahi vada

A non-fried version of dahi vada, oats and moong dal vada is a brilliant snack, and healthy too. Fibre from the oats, and calcium from curd makes this a nourishing yet low fat treat.

6. Rava/sooji vada

This is a popular snack with unique taste and fabulous texture. It can be prepared instantly and easily, why not try it when you have a sudden guest at home!!

7. Chana dal vada

A crispy, Indian snack enjoyed by people of all ages!! With loads of onions, coriander, green chillies and spices, this vada is a real tongue thicker.

8. Maddur vada

Hailing from Karnataka, this variety of vada is a classic evening snack made by deep frying a dough of mixed flours, semolina, onion and green chillies. Add in a handful of cashews or roasted peanuts for some extra crunch!!

9. Keerai vada

A crispy dal vada, perked up with chopped amaranth leaves, keerai vada is a popular evening snack. With flavours of ginger, coriander, and curry leaves, it is best served with a creamy coconut chutney.

10. Mysore bonda

It is a deep fried bhaiya, made of plain flour, rice flour and curd, and taste givers like ginger and green chillies.  It is a speciality of Karnataka, having a beautiful reddish golden hue, a crisp outer surface, and a super soft inner core, somewhat like bread.

11. Rasam dal vada

If you are fond of rasam, why not try some Crispy dal vadas, dunked in it?? The tangy, spicy flavour of rasam along with vadas will be a satisfying experience.

12. Aloo lehsun vada

Made from deep frying a mixture of potato and garlic coated with besan, this vada tastes great when served with a pair of pav buns. The strong flavour of garlic will surely make you have more of the dish!!

13. Keema vada

If you are fond of non veg, how about trying a kind of vada made from minced meat?? Sounds yummy, isn’t it!!

14. Kalmi vada

A popular Rajasthani snack served with green chutney, it has a crispy outside and a soft inside making it a great tea time snack. It is an easy and quick fried treat that you can make anytime of the day.

15. Beetroot vada

Beetroot vada is a deep fried, mild, sweetish, South Indian fritter. The dals are soaked for an hour and ground coarsely with fennel seeds and green chillies.

The best part is that, if you are in South India, you can locate this dish anywhere, anytime!!

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