15 Types of Delicious Paan in Banaras

Varanasi, also known as Banaras, has a huge role to play in Indian history and culture. It is the oldest and most religious city in India. This place is famous for ghats on the bank of Ganga river. There is another popular thing in Varanasi, and that is ‘Paan.’

Have a look at the different types of delicious paan in Banaras

1. Saada Paan

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Saada Paan is very famous among people in Varanasi and it is loved by children as well. Saada Paan contains a good amount of sweet gems wrapped in Paan leaves. As its name indicates, this Paan does not contain any areca nut in it. It is garnished with cherries and served.

2. Paan Masala

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Paan masala is one of the popular Paans in Varanasi. This is made out of Paan leaves, saffron, berries, some areca nuts, and cherries. It is coated with silver and served. You should not miss the amazing taste of Paan Masala if you are in Varanasi.

3. Banarasi Patta Saada Paan

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Banarasi Patta Saada Paan is not exactly as the name suggests, it is not a Saada Paan. It contains a maximum type of stuffing material. This Paan looks really big and tastes fabulous.

4. Chocolate Paan

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The Chocolate Paan is popular for its exotic flavor and aroma. It contains grated chocolate, fennel seeds, cardamom seeds, Gulkand, and cherry mixture.

5. Desi Patta Saada Paan

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The content of Desi Patta Sada Paan is as same as any other kind of paan. The only difference is that it is made up of only a small and single leaf.

6. Black Forest Paan

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Black Forest Paan is a speciality of Varanasi. It contains the flavors of the black forest cake. This Paan is very popular among young children.

7. Banarasi Rajratan paan

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Among all types of Paan in Banaras, the Banarasi Rajratan Paan is considered a royal paan because of the ingredients used in it. You must try this to feel the legacy of Banaras.

8. Meetha Patta Sada Paan

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Meetha Patta Sada Paan is the most preferred Paan by girls and ladies. It is made up of some fresh Paan leaves, fruit juices, and also some sweet content.

9. Banarasi Amavat Paan

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Amavat Paan is very famous for its flavor of Aam Papad. It is widely loved because of its sweet as well as sour taste. You must try this once in your life.

10. Chuski Sweet Paan

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This Paan is made up of ice and flavors of methanol with various fruit syrups on it. It is served with cherry, silver jaggery, and elaichi daana.

11. Kesar Paan

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The rich flavors of Kesar with Elaichi makes the Kesar Paan very delicious. You can try this Paan after having heavy meals as a taste changer.

12. Banarasi Navratan Paan

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Banarasi Navratan Paan is also a very unique type of Paan in Varanasi. It contains some fresh spices such as cardamom with some areca nuts. It also carries the mouthwatering flavors of Gulkand, mint, and cherries.

13. Choco Almond Sweet Paan

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Choco Almond Sweet Paan has an incredible taste that you must try in Varanasi. Instead of Paan leaves, chocolate balls are made along with almonds and all the Paan stuffing.

14. Banarasi Gulab Paan

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The Banarasi Gulab Paan has mouthwatering flavors of fruits syrups with the magic of Gulkand. If you are a sweet lover, then you must try this Paan in Banaras.

15. Banarasi Panchmeva Paan

types of delicious paan in banaras
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The Banarasi Panchmeva Paan is an exclusive combination of five dry fruits. These dry fruits are dates, coconuts, nuts, molasses, and gum resin. As this Paan contains all the natural ingredients, it is considered healthy.

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