3 Ways to Use Three Ingredient Recipes

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Hola, people! Here’s another food quest, and today we bring to you three different ideas to use the three-ingredient recipe. A bit confused, are you? Worry not! We’re here to explain everything about it to you!

What is the Three Ingredient recipe?

This 3-ingredient recipe is the easiest of easy ways to make sweet dishes. Hold your breath for now, we’re going to unveil the three ingredients we’re going to use today! These are – 1. Ready-made biscuits/cookies, 2. Milk, 3. Eno. Amazed as you are, hold on tight to get straight to the recipe. First, we prepare the common batter we’re going to use.

Take two large packs of any chocolate cookies or biscuits available in the market, like oreo, hide-n-seek, bourbon, etc. Break it down in the mixer and add one cup of milk (approx. 250 ml.), grind well in the mixer. Then add one packet of eno to the mixture and stir in one direction until small bubbles start to form.

Good Old Cake

Source: Dee’s Bake studio

We will use the above-prepared batter to bake a good old cake, but on the stove! Take a pressure cooker, but remove the whistle and put it on the stove for heating or low flame. Meanwhile, lubricate the dish, as per your choice, either of aluminum or steel, in which you want to prepare the cake. There can be discretion according to the shape wanted. Then, pour out the batter prepared following the above steps and place the dish into the pressure cooker for a good half an hour.

Be careful not to remove the lid for the full duration and let the cake rise to it’s full. After half an hour, open up the lid and God forbid, it looks yummy! To check if the cake is appropriately cooked, stick a knife in the middle perpendicularly and take it out. If the knife comes out clean, it is an indicator that the cake is properly cooked. I see it as a win! Let the cake get cold for some time and serve your family or friends. If I were you, I’d finish it all by myself!


Source: Delish.com

The second way is to use the above-prepared batter in the form of mini cakes. That means, mini bundles of joy! What you have got to do is this. Take a pressure cooker and remember to remove the whistle. Put it on heat on low flame. Then, take out small circular dishes, either steel or aluminium ones, which may be used for veggies or small steel tiffin boxes can also be used. Grease them real nice and pour out the mixture prepared following the above steps.

Make sure to fill the dishes only with less than half the batter to give the batter room to rise and expand. Land these small dishes into the pressure cooker and let them be for a good half an hour. After half an hour, open up the cooker and stick a knife at the centre of each one of the cakes to make sure they’re all properly cooked. Now, let them cool and take’em lads out and serve!

Mug Cake

Source: The Indian Express

The final option of using the above-prepared batter is for cooking the delicious mug cake! You’re going to love it because it is even easier than the above two! Trust us! Take out one or more microwave-safe tea mugs and pour the batter prepared following the above steps into them. Fill them to half the capacity of mugs and place them in the microwave. Heat’em up for about two minutes. There! The mug cakes are ready! Brilliant, isn’t it? Besides, they taste the best if served hot!

Note: Add Eno only immediately before pouring the mixture into the dish to make it most fluffy and filling.

Go try them out right away! Thank us later! Happy Cooking!

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