10 Best Cakes To Try Out in Los Angeles

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10 Decadent Los Angeles Cakes To Try Out Now!

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A birthday, anniversary, baby shower, or retirement, no matter what the event, the cake is a dessert we crave for our celebrations. But we also love cake any time, just because we are in the mood for something satisfying and sweet. Explore this list of some decadent Los Angeles Cakes and get lost in a plethora of sweet shops, cake shops, and bakeries that the city has to offer. Even if there isn’t an occasion to mark, their cakes are worth eating.

10 Best Cakes To Try Out in Los Angeles

1. Triple Berry Cake

Triple Berry Cake
Source: Cooked by Julie

Sweet Lady Jane’s number one bestseller, Triple berry cake, is a yellow butter cake filled with three layers of lightly sweetened whipped cream with layers of fresh berries: Raspberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries. It is frosted with whipped cream and decorated with buttercream vines and fresh berries.

This Triple berry cake is moist, tender, and filled with fresh ripe berries, and it’s pretty too. It is one of the easy and delicious cakes that you just need to make. It’s such a seasonal treat, and even though this cake is massive. This cake is a customer favorite and the go-to pick for special occasions of all sorts.

2. Mini Layer Cake

Mini Layer Cake
Source: Liv for Cake

Cake Monkey specializes in these mini layer cakes and upscale versions of your favorite childhood snack treat with soft and beautiful pastel colors and a pint-sized stature. These little vanilla cakes are a happy treat that one can share with others. This cake with rainbow sprinkles and vanilla buttercream is a total nostalgia cake. This cake is so delicious and is popular among customers. This vanilla buttercream is the star of the cake, along with a perfectly creamy texture and a delicious taste without being overly sweet.

The confetti used for decorating on the outside and the sprinkles mixed into the vanilla buttercream between the layers make this cake perfect. The cake is moist and delicious. The size of the cake is also perfect. This cake makes you feel like you are eating more than just a slice of cake.

3. Berry Shortcake

Berry Shortcake
Source: Cutco

Lark Cake Shop in LA bakes a full spectrum of pastries and offers vegan cakes and cupcakes too. Berry shortcake from Lark Cake Shop is a White cake layered with fresh seasonal berries, pastry cream, and whipped cream, ices with whipped cream, and topped with seasonal berries. There are three parts of this Berry shortcake, a scone, lightly sweetened berries, and softly whipped cream.

It’s a dessert that is easy to make and highlights the berries. These Los Angeles cakes that you can’t get out of your head taste delicious any time of day, and Berry shortcake soothes your summertime soul most definitely.

4. Pumpkin Spice Cake

Pumpkin Spice Cake
Source: Taste of Home

Pumpkin Spice cake with caramel cream cheese frosting and a frosted cranberry is a popular cake from Magnolia Bakery. Pumpkin spice cake is a mix of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves and brings so much warmth and depth of flavors to the cake. Pumpkin dried cranberries and aromatic spices enhance this delicious cake, topped with caramel cheese icing and a sugared cranberry.

This Los Angeles cake is insanely delicious and tastes like nutmeg and cinnamon, while the caramel cream cheese frosting adds a toasted flavor. The frosted cranberry on top makes a great addition.

5. Triple Layer Chocolate Cake

Triple Layer Chocolate Cake
Source: Los Angeles Times

For chocolate lovers, this triple layer chocolate cake from Proof Bakery is pure heaven on earth. There are three exquisite layers of cake, crème, and buttercream, and is topped with bitter-sweet chocolate glaze. It is a simple layer cake and not as sweet as most cakes. A good buttercream frosting can be flavored to suit and work as a delicious mortar. With a super-moist crumb and fudgy, yet light texture, this chocolate Los Angeles cake will become one of your favorite cakes.

6. Tropical Coconut Cake

Tropical Coconut Cake
Source: Twitter

Order a specialty layer cake such as Tropical Coconut cake from Susie Cakes. The delicious pineapple combined with the creamy tropical flavor, which only coconut can give, makes for an extremely wonderful cake. Deliciously moist, this pineapple and coconut cake is one of the good Los Angeles cakes to try out.

The base of this cake is vanilla with coconut filling and rich pineapple accents. There is also a coconut buttercream and shredded coconut. This easy-to-make and delicious Los Angeles cake is a definite winner. It is incredibly moist, and with every bite of this cake, you can be guaranteed a hit of tropical delight. If you like coconut cakes, this will be your favorite.

7. Salted Pretzel Cake

Salted Pretzel Cake
Source: The Little Blog of Vegan

Milk Bar experts are undoubtedly familiar with crack pie, cereal milk-flavored soft serve, and also many of the New York City-based bakery’s over-the-top layered cakes. Milk Bar does an excellent job at the classic combination of sweet and salty. This is a sweet-salty layer cake with crushed pretzels mixed into the buttery batter soaked with chocolate stout, smeared with chocolate stout ganache, burnt honey frosting, and sandy pretzel crumbs. The cake is perfect; it didn’t make the flavors too complex or too overwhelming. This is the perfect cake if you are stuck deciding between sweet and salty.

8. Funfetti Cake

Funfetti Cake
Source: Taste

Big Sugar Bakeshop is a studio city bakery, specializing in updated versions of classic American desserts. There are cakes, cupcakes, pastries, cookies, pies, and tarts. Funfetti cake from Big Sugar Bakeshop is one of their best-selling birthday cakes. The 6-inch decadent cake comes in various colors, including vibrant pink, with the three layers of vanilla cake shot through with a riot of confetti colored sprinkles, separated by layers of rich vanilla buttercream. If you have a celebration coming up, this Los Angeles cake is perfect for you.

9. Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake
Source: Tesco Real Food

Salted caramel chocolate cake from Republique was everything a chocolate lover could wish for. It consists of three moist layers of dark black chocolate cake sandwiched between a salted caramel filling, which oozes out a bit down the sides, all of which are packaged up in a ganache.

Using dark Valrhona chocolate with an addition of Du jour and salted caramel, it is a moist and tender cake. Chocolate, salted caramel fresh whipped cream, and thick chocolate ganache, all the favorite things in one dessert. So if you love chocolate and caramel, you will love this decadent Los Angeles cake.

10. Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake

Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake
Source: Phoenix Bakery

The strawberry whipped cream cake is a signature dessert of Phoenix Bakery. This bakery is famous for its fresh strawberry whipped cream cake, a not too sweet slice that brightens any celebration. It has two layers of soft yellow sponge cake that sandwich a filling of fresh strawberries and fluffy whipped cream, frosted all over with whipped cream.

This strawberry Los Angeles cake is famous because it’s not too heavy, and satisfies without being a gut-buster. The berries and whipped cream in the cake add sweetness without the over-sweet aftertaste of many frosting. It’s the cake that has filled hundreds of thousands of birthdays, and weddings across Los Angeles.

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