21 Food Items You Should Have During Rainy Season

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Food and rains have a unique relationship. The cloudy sky, cool weather, and early showers cherish the whole experience even more. The experience gets better while under an umbrella outside, with some of the steaming hot food and rain pouring down from everywhere while you eat each bite of it. The cold and wet touch of rain, while some of the lip-smacking food creates heat on the inside, boosts the taste of the food 100 times more and makes you crave for more.

21 Food Items You Should Have During Rainy Season

1. Vada pav

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The iconic dish of Mumbai and the craving of every stomach is Vada Pav. The steamy hot vadas made from potatoes and other goodies and fried to perfection are sure to lighten up the cloudy day. If that is not enough, the combination of various chutneys meeting the vada, packed in a pav would surely steal your heart and make your hunger pangs deliciously meet satiety. The spicy lovers would adore this dish with a bite of chilly and a bite of Vada Pav while the rain pours down, making the weather cold.

2. Chai and coffee

Source: India TV News

The two drinks dominating the hearts of people get brewed more often with special condiments during rain. There would be a huge queue at a chai tapri or the whole house would be filled with the aroma of chai. Chai, a soulful drink, makes you refreshed even more during the rain when your body needs something as warm and aromatic as chai. Chai mixed with spices like elaichi and ginger would enhance the whole experience even more and boost your immune system too.

Coffee, having an equal number of admirers, refreshes your mind and caters to all the cravings during the rain. It could be explained more appropriately by imagining the cool showers pouring down at your window pane, and you are sipping your coffee while enjoying the whole atmosphere with a gracious smile.

3. Bhutta(Corn Cob)

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There would be very few telling that while amidst a rainy day, they have not had a cob of corn or a bhutta. Bhutta, another term explaining the cob of corn eaten during rain is sure to pamper your tongue appealingly. The cob of corn, roasted, marinated with different spices and salt and a lemon slice used to rub over it, imagining it is capable of invoking hunger.

Corn, whether eaten with a cob or sliced out, is essential for rain. Especially on a rainy day on the beach or at a hill station, one should not miss out on having this crazy street food, with every bite giving a scrumptious taste and all the spices covering your mouth.

4. Pakora(Fritters)

Source: Foods and Flavours

The wide array of pakoras or fritters would make you crave more during the rains. Pakoras containing different fillings and served hot, with mint chutney and chai is all that your heart will crave for more than the stomach. If you are more experimental, you can try out some of these ideas for the next time when your food cravings are at a peak. One can try out the most iconic Kanda bhaji, Paneer pakora, cheese pakora, mix cabbage, capsicum, and corn pakora, Palak pakora, potato pakora, eggplant pakora, Chilli pakora, green banana pakora, and the list is endless.

5. Masala Maggie

Source: Vegecravings

While talking about rains, one cannot miss the Indian snack, Maggi, which is one of the major food cravings during the rainy season. Maggi, a bowl of happiness, cherishes it even more during the rain as you slurp the piping hot noodles. The combination meets perfection while you experiment with different types of Maggi or simply add extra flour or cheese over. It’s the most cherishing experience while you sit near the window with a bowl full of steaming hot Maggi and enjoy every chance to see and feel the alchemy of rain.

6. Samosa

Source: VegeCravings

Samosas are little goodies packed with fillings full of goodness with delightful and crunchy cover. Hot Samosas, directly from the frying pan into your dish served with chutney or sauce are the best thing you might crave on a cloudy day. The cool weather would further enhance this tempting delicacy’s hot and spicy taste.

One bite and the steam escapes from the Samosa, enhancing your experience and taste buds even more. The taste of Samosa comes out in an even more delectable way when it is placed in between the Pav along with flavorful chutneys.

7. Pav Bhaji

Source: Cubes N Juliennes

The list of steaming hot food along with a spicy taste is dominated by this street dish oozed in butter and spices. Pav Bhaji with buttery pav and the bhaji filled with mashed vegetables and other spices would surely give you major food cravings with its tempting texture itself.

The beauty of the dish is enhanced while you eat it on a rainy day along with its different flavours that melt in your mouth, making the last bite even more cherishing. Along with Pav Bhaji, the next dish similar to it is cheese Masala pav with the cheese, making it more delightful, satisfying all the hunger needs.

8. Misal Pav

Source: Pepper, chili and Vanilla

Another dish that is served along with a pav is a Misal Pav. The Misal in the dish invoking different flavours, mixed with farsan and onions, could be a major pick for a rainy day. A dish giving a perfect dish for a cloudy day would be agreed by all the Misal lovers.

9. Chaats

The Chaats have been on top of food cravings whether it is a rainy day or not, filling the soul more than the stomach. The small goodies with each one of them having a unique combination of chutneys and ways to eat are essential for enjoying the rain.

It might be the warm, spicy, and sour Chana Chaat with the channas cooked in butter, spices, vegetables, and for a final touch, raw mangoes cut over it and a lime juice put over it. The chanas with an array of flavours would make you want more. This is not it; steaming hot Kachoris along with scrumptious chutneys would be the food, making your cravings meet satiety too.

10. Idli Sambhar

Source: Awesome Cuisine

Rains call for something warm and spicy and Sambar is a perfect dish to go along with Idli, Dosa, and Medu Vada. Piping hot Sambar served along with steamy Idli, a perfect combination to add up the moment during a rainy day. The South Indian delicacies along with Sambar are toothsome in themselves.

11. Barbecue

Source: Days of the Year

The burnt smell of a barbecue during a rainy day is the first best experience of the dish. The roasted vegetables and cheese or any other non-vegetarian picks over the flame stacked in a barbecue dish, giving you amazing Smokey flavours. The barbecue eaten with mint chutney will surely warm your soul.

12. Soup

Source: Bicycling

While listing down items that are steaming hot, soups too, don’t take a step back. Soups, which are available in an array of flavours ranging from tomato soup, sweet corn soup, and Manchow soup, are sure to warm you from shivers of rain. Soups are the best thing to sip on a rainy day.

13. Momos

Source: Wikipedia

Momos are a dish for all the people who live to eat and have become a favourite of many foodies. The momos along with a variety of fillings and chutneys could be eaten any time and particularly on a rainy day would make you crave for momos.

14. Indian Chinese

Source: Quartz

Indian Chinese includes Chinese dishes which are given an Indian twist rather than being authentic Chinese. These dishes with flavours, satisfy various cravings and give you an experience like none other.

15. Sizzlers

Source: Restaurant India

There would be many foodies out there craving for a sizzler on a rainy day as it includes everything making you feel warm and satisfied. This could be experienced in the stir-fried vegetables, different combinations of sauces, patties, salad sticks, and everything, giving an aroma perfect for the weather outside.

16. French Fries

Source: Real Simple

The rainy weather may make you crave something salty and warm. The fries and the combination of ketchup to go with the vibe are the best. The fried snacks appealing to your taste buds are the perfect light snack for a rain lover. The crunchy French fries meeting the tangy taste of the sauce make an amazing combination in itself, and enhance the taste further on a rainy day.

17. Pasta

Source: The local Italy

The creamy texture of Pasta, melting in your mouth with all the melted cheese and stir-fried veggies, is a sight, drool-worthy in itself. The same dish is perfect for all Italian lovers. Pasta along with its partner in crime, Pizza, would add a feather to the hat. One creamy and another crunchy dish are the perfect Italian picks for a rainy day.

18. Cheese corn ball

Source: Youtube

Here is yet another dish loaded with cheese and fried that would make you crave for more. The dish with cheese oozing out to enjoy sauce or any other picks would make you relish each bite.

19. Sandwich

Source: Times food

Sandwiches, especially the grilled ones along with an Indian twist of chutneys and vegetables, would be one of the major food cravings. This could be well explained from your memories spent with your friends on a rainy day enjoying a bite of this dish while asking for extra chutney as the spice soothes the taste buds during the rainy weather. The sandwiches along with shredded cheese would make a perfect combo and make you crave more.

20. Frankie

Source: Spice up the curry

While talking about rolls, one of them could give you major food cravings is Frankie. Frankie, with its warm feeling, along with cheese, vegetables and sauces will make you feel satiety and something all you want during a rainy day. This go-to snack would be the best when you are on a run but want to enjoy the weather with something more stomach-filling and soothing.

21. Ice cream

Source: Joyofsunshine

Ice-cream might make you think, it’s off-beat, but it’s eaten by many people. It’s for all those people who want to enjoy the cool weather along with something cool to have. The vast array of ice-creams is sure to satisfy the craving of ice-cream lovers, but keep in mind that if you overeat, you would catch a cold.

So all the rain lovers out there, what are you waiting for? Pick out your aprons as the sky gets dark and enjoy some of these food items. You might not feel hungry now, but these food cravings are sure to make your stomach growl.

There is an even greater bond between rain and food as for a minute remember your monsoon memories, there would be tons of memories connected with food. It would be the last rain you spent at home cooking some steaming hot food during rain, the last hill station you visited with your friends or maybe sharing a food item with your love. The experience gets better and the food cravings get bigger. Here are some food items you might be craving, amidst rain and dreaming of eating them.

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