146 Reasons Why Sugar Is Killing You

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Reasons Why Sugar Is Killing You


Sugar is a single substance we always run back to whenever we are sad, have had a bad day, or even a good day. It’s a part of our daily life that leaves us feeling happy and satisfied. The sugar rush after every bite of that cookie is just what we want at the end of the day. This happy shot we doze on is not just killing us but literally hijacking our brain cells, compelling us to have it every single day.

146 Reasons Why Sugar Is Killing You

  1. The sugar that we intake on a daily basis is messing up our digestive system by passing unhealthy enzymes into the gut, creating a hazardous environment in the gut. Digestive issues such as bloating, acid reflux, constipation, and disturbed bowel movements are some of the issues you might face slowly.
  2.   Sugar releases such free unsolicited radicals that are living in the body and creating disarray in the health system. This is definitely a slow process, but it shows the signs sooner or later.
  3.   If you are someone who hops on to sugary treats every now and then, then you might be struck with an addiction to sugar. Sugar addiction is not less than any regular drug as it forces you to have a bite of those sugary treats even when you are avoiding them.
  4.   Sugar takes its own time to do the damage. It takes a toll on the immune system and slowly but steadily creates a dysfunctional state of your immune system that can ultimately trigger your health and make you weaker and more delicate.
  5.   Sugar can also contribute to weakening the collagen and elasticity of your skin and can eventually accelerate the aging process. You are likely to get wrinkles earlier in life, and your skin gets dull and glow-less in no time.
  6.   Our body breaks down the chemical components of sugar that consist of fructose, which breaks and releases uric acid and creates an overflow of uric acid in the body. The overflow of uric acid in the body can lead to joint pains, difficulty moving the joints, and other underlying diseases.
  7.   We’re all aware of the risk of diabetes that comes along with sugar intake. It can spike up the sugar level in the body, creating a disbalance in the sugar levels and ending up with a deadly disease called diabetes, due to which excess sugar flows into the bloodstream, making it impossible for the body to filter and wrecks up the whole system.
  8.   Dopamine is considered the happy hormone of our bodies that brings us satisfaction and pleasure. Every bite of sugar shoots up that dopamine giving an instant sense of happiness and pleasure. Through the process of time, these dopamine effects can wreck the functioning of the body, causing irregular heartbeats, kidney issues, cancerous symptoms, etc.
  9.   The intake of too much sugar in the body creates a load of pressure on the kidney, making it impossible for it to filter the sugars causing damage to the blood vessels in the kidneys; they stop functioning well and can even lead to kidney failure.
  10.   The excess sugar puts extra pressure on the gut and the functioning of the body, due to which excess fat gets settled in the form of fat on the belly area and distorts the proper absorption of nutrients to the body.
  11.   Sugar is an all-in-one reason for major health conditions, as every part of our body is connected and gets affected if any organ gets damaged. The higher intake of sugar can mess up cardiovascular health causing irregular heartbeats, heart attacks, and even heart failure.
  12.   The dream of getting that perfect body cannot be attained unless the real culprit is discarded from daily life. That extra fat on your belly is mainly due to the daily sugary bites. It is not easy to quit, but never impossible!
  13.   All the drugs that we know of, like heroin, marijuana, etc., are something that might start after a point in your life, but sugar has been a part of our lives since forever. Imagine the damage it has already made!
  14.   High sugar consumption leads to an increase in insulin responses. 
  15.   Excessive sugar intake can disrupt the entire oral health as it causes tooth decay, cavity, and foul smell. 
  16.   It triggers the hormonal levels creating a disbalance in the body, which ends up ruining our health. 
  17.   Sugar can trigger your immune system, which can make you feel tired all day long, even when you are at rest. 
  18.   Sugar is the only reason for obesity as it causes excess fat to get stored in the body. 
  19.   The body loses its capacity to fight any infections or injuries. 
  20.   The main factor that can be extremely dangerous is hypoglycemia which can end up causing diabetes and even death. 
  21.   It disrupts the absorption of important nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and other minerals as well. 
  22.   It can lead to severe skin concerns such as loosening skin elasticity at a young age and excessive fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. 
  23.   Skin gets puffier and loses the glow due to excessive sugar intake in the body. 
  24.   If you’re someone who is suffering from cystic acne or eczema, sugar can make it impossible for the skin tissues to recover and heal the skin. 
  25.   A large amount of sugar intake, especially in kids, can induce crankiness, anxiety, and hyperactivity. 
  26.   If you’re someone who is suffering from PCOD or PCOS, sugar can worsen the conditions and can even lead to ovarian cancer. 
  27.   The sugar dosage can deteriorate mineral digestion in the body. 
  28.   People who are already concerned with joint pains need to keep sugar away, as this can worsen the conditions. 
  29.   Asthma patients need to steer clear of sugar as it is absolutely unhealthy for them. 
  30.   Sugar intake can spike up the cholesterol levels in the body, which eventually gets dangerous for the overall health of a person. 
  31.   If a person is suffering from food allergies, it can aggravate the situation, like choking, body infections, etc. 
  32.   The overconsumption of sugar can elevate the insulin levels in the body and disrupt kidney health.
  33.   Pregnant women should be extremely cautious about their sugar intake as it can be unhealthy for the unborn child and the mother simultaneously. 
  34.   Toddlers should be given a limited amount of sugar as it can cause unusual skin conditions like eczema and acne. 
  35.   Eye infections are aggravated due to excessive sugar consumption, like cataracts, night blindness, etc. 
  36.   The DNA of the body can get unstructured due to high amounts of sugar intake. 
  37.   It causes premature aging and greying of hair. 
  38.   Parkinson’s disease is one harmful disease that is triggered due to the high level of insulin in the body. 
  39.   The sugar intake can cause periodontal disease that causes gum bleeding and swelling.
  40.   Sugar cuts down the body’s natural ability to digest food and slows down the metabolism. 
  41.   Hemorrhoids are a growing problem in old age that is rooted in young age because of excessive sugar intake. 
  42.   If you’re suffering from Varicose veins, stop consuming sugar as it adds to the pain. 
  43.   Sugar plays a major lead role in reducing bone density and even leads to osteoporosis. 
  44.   Sugar can cause early skin problems in children who are consuming excessive sugar.
  45.   Sugar can accelerate your body’s problems if no measures are taken at the right time.
  46.   Cancerous bodily symptoms can start to bulge as the body gets in excessive contact with sugars.
  47.   If you’re suffering from severe headaches, sugar can add to the pain and even cause migraine.
  48.   Sugar causes fluid retention in the body leading to bulky water weight etc. 
  49.   Bowel issues are mostly triggered by sugar intake, as it complexifies the digestive process.
  50.   If you hop on sugars when you are sad, then you might be enslaving yourself to sugars whenever you are sad. 
  51.   Sugar causes the liver size to bulge and swells in the organs. 
  52.   The enzymes in the body lose their ability to function well due to sugar. 
  53.   Eye health is triggered by extreme sugar consumption by people who are already dealing with eyesight issues. 
  54.   Another consequence of sugar intake would be learning disability in kids due to the high amount of sugar in the body. 
  55.   Women are much more prone to develop cancer in the body due to sugar. 
  56.   It causes the impairment of DNA structure in the body, causing genetic defects. 
  57.   Sugar adds to the liver fat and swelling into the liver. 
  58.   Insulin is compromised in high sugar-consuming people.
  59.   Your information-retaining capacity can be bothered if you are someone who takes sugar on a daily basis.
  60.   Alzheimer’s disease is a growing issue in the West which is mainly targeted due to sugars. 
  61.   If your hormonal health is compromised, start cutting down on sugar and thank us later. 
  62.   Due to slow digestion and the inability of kidneys to filter, the kidneys develop irresistibly painful stones. 
  63.   Pregnant ladies who are taking high sugar can face gestational issues in their birthing process.
  64.   The risk of ulcerative colitis hikes due to sugar overdosage. 
  65.   The skin barrier of our body loses elasticity and gets compromised due to high sugars.
  66.   The toxic radicals get a free pass to wander around in the body with every sugar intake. 
  67.   It slows down the food’s movement in the body, causing problems during digestion. 
  68.   The platelets in the body get adhesive with every increasing sugar level. 
  69.   The brain functioning in adults is affected due to high caffeine and sugar intake.
  70.   Some hormones in the body lose their functionality due to sugar dosage.
  71.   The liver can give rise to cancerous symptoms in the body with every bile juice production due to sugars. 
  72.   It can lead to biliary tract cancer.
  73.   Addiction to sugar can cause mental health issues.
  74.   If you are suffering from PMS, sugar aggravates the situation.
  75.   Just like alcohol, sugar is equally toxic to your gut and body.
  76.   Sugar in the body causes emotional instability.
  77.   It can lead to high blood pressure in the body.
  78.   The cells get weaker with every increasing sugar intake of the body.
  79.   The newborn’s health is compromised if the mother has been on high sugar intake.
  80.   Sugar can cause an increase or decrease in appetite, causing extreme hunger or no hunger at all.
  81.   The prostate in the body increases in size due to high sugar. 
  82.   Schizophrenia is another developing issue in children and adults that is deeply triggered due to sugars.
  83.   Sugar causes excessive salt and water retention.
  84.   Diseases like dementia and memory loss are triggered due to sugar intake.
  85.   Women can develop early breast cancer due to high doses of sugar.
  86.   Constipation is aggravated due to the high amount of sugar in meals.
  87.   If you consume alcohol, sugar can aggravate your alcohol intake.
  88.   The adrenal glands in the body lose the ability to function properly.
  89.   Sugar intoxicates the body, just as similar to most drugs.
  90.   High sugar can cause weakness in the body leading to a leaner body.
  91.   Women can develop cysts in the eggs due to high sugar dosage.
  92.   Sugar overdosage can scale up low-density lipoproteins.
  93.   Sugar can lead to pancreatic cancer.
  94.   The higher amount of sugar consumption, the higher the chances of irritable bowel syndrome.
  95.   It increases inflammation in overweight bodies.
  96.   Too much sugar can cause dehydration in the body.
  97.   It increases the chances of cancer development in the small intestine. 
  98.   Brain health gets decayed with every increasing sugar level.
  99.   Excessive sugars, even in the form of fruits, can cause an insulin spike.
  100.   The uterine wall in women can develop cancer or endometrial cancer.
  101.   Skin issues such as painful cystic acne and eczema develop due to high sugar dosage.
  102.   Sugar causes fatigue, drowsiness, and depression. 
  103.   If you are someone who faces breathing issues, sugar can exacerbate them. 
  104.   Sugar can induce mouth ulcers and aggravate oral health issues. 
  105.   Sugar can cause extreme fatigue and sleepiness.
  106.   It lowers the ability of body cells to function well. 
  107.   It can create stomach ulcers if taken repetitively.
  108.   Hormonal changes speed up, causing unusual body changes. 
  109.   Extreme sugar consumption can lead to gastric cancer.
  110.   It can result in quite an increase in appetite, thus causing more and more hunger.
  111.   It affects the urinary electrolyte composition. 
  112.   Sugar can cause epileptic seizures in the body.
  113.   It can cause metabolism to weaken, and the body loses its ability to function well. 
  114.   Sugar can cause neural damage to the embryos inside a pregnant woman.
  115.   Sugars can cause a higher risk of small intestinal cancer.
  116.   Sugar disturbs mental health and causes issues like brain fog, depression, anxiety, etc.
  117.   The rectum of the body gets severely affected due to high dosages of sugars.
  118.   Eating high-sugar meals can distort the sleeping pattern and cause fatigue.
  119.   Sugars are deadly if you are someone who suffers from insomnia.
  120.   Sugar can affect patients who are asthmatic and low on breath.
  121.   Sugar can cause higher chances of stomach cancer.
  122.   Sugar is the biggest enemy for newborns as it can grow radicals into the body of the infants.
  123.   If you are someone who is a weight watcher, cutting down on sugar helps weight loss faster.
  124.   It can lead to hyper-glucose in the body, which is harmful to the body.
  125.   The fluid retention of the body is severely affected by sugars.
  126.   Children should be taught to avoid sugar at an early age so as to maintain a healthy body and weight.
  127.   It is important not to rely on sugars for weight gain but to have a balanced diet.
  128.   Sugar can decrease the growth hormone in kids.
  129.   Sugar can lower the amount of tocopherol in the system.
  130.   Sugar leads to chromium deficiency.
  131.   Sugar can cause liver tumors and aggravate the conditions as well.
  132.   A high dosage of sugars and less water intake increases the chances of gallstones.
  133.   People with varicose veins should cut down on sugar.
  134.   A high dosage of sugar affects the libido and disturbs the sex life of a person.
  135.   Sugar can lead to an increase in appetite and overeating.
  136.   Sugar is the major culprit of getting gout.
  137.   High sugar can cut off the oxygen supply to the brain.
  138.   Sugar causes high blood pressure issues in the body.
  139.   Sugar increases the risk of polio in the body.
  140.   The cholesterol levels in the body are aggravated due to high dosages of sugar.
  141.   Sugar causes high liver fat, which is a major issue in the functioning of the body.
  142.   Sugar adds to the problems in the vision and sight of a person.
  143.   People suffering from severe headaches and migraines should cut down on sugars to reduce the pain.
  144.   Sugar causes hyperactivity, anxiety, and difficulty in concentration.
  145.   The productivity of a person is disturbed due to the high dosage of sugars.
  146.   Sugar can even lead to early memory loss in children.

So, after reading this article, you must have understood just how hazardous sugar can be! It takes time to quit, but when it does, it shows!

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