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Condensed milk popularly known as Milkmaid has been part of our lives for a very long time now. A can of milkmaid sparks a joy in every household now thanks to Nestlé’s powerful marketing which brought numerous ideas to the public on how they can use milkmaid to make amazing sweet dishes. The sweet and gooey condensed milk can add richness to any ordinary recipe and make it better whether it’s your good old Kheer some delicious brownies or even homemade ice creams have been very common after Milkmaid became a part of our households and here are 5 recipes you must try with milkmaid and discover what wonders it can do.



This recipe is super simple and needs only two ingredients and makes coconut ludoos better than you’ll get in the market at home. All you need is a can of Milkmaid and grated coconut. In a bowl pour your milkmaid and add your grated coconut in parts until it starts forming dough. Once the dough is formed heat a pan and place the dough on it and cook it for a while so it becomes nice and warm. The heat makes the dough sticky and forms firm ludoos so once you have done that start making ludoos with the dough and then cover them with more grated coconut and put them in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and your ludoos will be ready to serve.


No matter how many ice cream parlours you have tried if you haven’t tried making ice creams at home with the freedom to customize it then you really haven’t enjoyed ice cream yet. For this recipe you’ll need 200g of Milkmaid,

225 ml of milk, 225 ml of cream and vanilla essence. Start by whipping the cream until it’s nice and fluffy. In a separate bowl mix your Milkmaid, milk and vanilla essence and once that has been mixed well add it to your cream and fold gently. Once everything is combined put it in the freezer. After a couple of hours take it out and whisk it so no ice crystals are formed and put it right back in until it’s nice and firm and ready to serve.


For this delicious chocolate fudge recipe all you need is two ingredients and the best part about is that unlike market bought chocolate fudge you can add your favourite nuts to it or even some caramel sauce, the key is to customize it as you want. So first of all take your chocolate and cut it into really fine pieces, you can add chocolate depending on how strong you want the flavour of chocolate to be. Then add your milkmaid in a heated pan along with the chocolate and mix it until it’s all combined. Pour it in a container lined with butter paper and now would the time to add your nuts or you can add your caramel sauce on top and then add more of the fudge mixture so you get a nice and gooey filling in the middle. Place it in the fridge until its nice and firm then cut it into small pieces and it’s ready to serve.


It’s wonderful how we can use caramel sauce in so many ways like for milkshakes or for topping are iced coffee or cakes and brownies and better than store bought caramel sauce is homemade caramel sauce made with only Milkmaid and salt. So take your can of Milkmaid and boil it in how water for 2 hours and take it out and allow it to cool. Once the can is cool open it and pour it in a bowl and add some salt and whisk and your caramel sauce is ready.


For this delicious recipe which will get you better pedas than the once you get at the store, you only need 3 ingredients: milk, milk powder, and Milkmaid. So first take your milk powder in a bowl start adding your milk in parts and mix it until it forms a thick batter. Then on the side heat a pan add ghee to it and pour your milkmaid and start whisking it. Once it starts to get thick add your better and mix until and dough is formed you can add cardamom or kesar for taste if you want. Remove the dough from the stove and let it cool. Knead the dough with your hands once it’s cool and start making your peda in rounds shapes. For making it even better add a cashew or almond on the top.


For this recipe, all you need is a pack of Oreos, milk, and 2 spoons of Milkmaid. Add your Oreos to a blender and blend well to form a powder, to that add a little milk along with your milkmaid to get a dough like consistency and make laddoos out it. add an almonds on top for a better presentation and your ladoos are ready to be served.


We all love a nice bowl of kheer on any special occasion but what makes it even better is some milkmaid. Adding some milkmaid to your kheer can make it thick and even more creamier than usual. So next time when you make Kheer make sure to add some condensed milk to it in order to make it even better.


For this recipe, you have to start by frying your bread then making a sugar syrup by combining sugar and water, and then dip your bread in that for a good 10 minutes. Then prepare your final topping by adding some milk to a pot and add some milkmaid to it and cook it until it’s well combined a thick, add some chopped-up dry fruits and remove that from the heat. Once that’s done you can add it to your bread and allow it to soak to get that delicious and sweet bread pudding.


For this recipe, all you need to do is add some milkmaid in a blender along with some melted chocolate, milk, and gelatin. Make sure you have added gelatin after putting it in some hot water rather than adding the powder. Blend it well until it’s combined then pour it in a bowl and allow it to set. Add some chocolate sauce on top when it’s nice and firm and enjoy your choclate pudding.


Along with making some delicious desserts milkmaid can make your everyday milkshakes better as well. Unlike sugar, it won’t stay at the bottom and is mixed instantly and evenly giving a thicker consistency to any milkshake. Try it out with any milkshake of your choice and experience how amazing it tastes.


This crunchy and chocolaty recipe is very easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious. All you need to do is in a saucepan add some chopped-up chocolate along with some milkmaid and let them both combine well. Once that’s done add some chopped up kitkats to that mixture and fold it lightly. Butter up a shallow tray and pour the mixture in it and allow it to set. Once it’s done cut it into small pieces and enjoy.

These were some really easy recipes using milkmaid which you can try at home with minimum ingredients to serve your guests this coming festival season or even treat yourself any coming day.   

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