7 Exciting Delhi Food Hotspots To Check Out Soon

There is so much to explore in Delhi, but most search for the food it serves. We are here to bring you a list of the best Delhi food hotspots that you cannot miss out on. One can find hawkers and cafes on almost every street in the city, that’s why foodies love this city so much. But what about those who are new to this food journey? Who simply wants to explore the delicacies the city has to offer? Fikar not, as we bring you some recommendations for the places, you must give your tongue the chance to do the exploration. I hope the suggestions will help you find your favorite spot.

7 Exciting Delhi Food Hotspots To Check Out Soon

1. Xero Degrees

Xero Degrees
Source: Facebook

A cafe in Connaught place which serves food with love. Food makes everyone happy, and here you get a similar feeling! The best part is that this Delhi food hotspot outlet is a dine-in cum takeaway as the jars and containers they serve your food in, can be taken away along with you. Their pizza in a jar and cheesy fries are amongst the most demanding dishes. It is a must-go place.

2. Mr. Crust Bakers

Mr. Crust Bakers
Source: Facebook

This bakery, which is located in Vijay Nagar, provides you with everything from fast food to desserts. Top dishes that people order here include sandwiches, Pasta, Burgers, Fruit Pudding, Waffles, Cupcakes, and Brownies. This Delhi food hotspot is also easy for your pocket and is a must-try!

3. Banter

Source: LBB

Located in Rajinder Nagar is a lounge that serves North Indian, Continental, Italian, and Beverages. The top dishes that people order are Pizza, Mocktails, Dal Makhani, Watermelon Mocktails, Cocktails, Waffles, and Pasta. It also serves amongst the best Chicken Lollipops and Mutton Seekh Kebabs. Here you can also enjoy live music with your favorite food. Music with the yummiest food is the best pair indeed! Explore this Delhi food hotspot and lose yourself in the experience.

4. Blackjack

Source: Zomato

Located in Punjabi Bagh, this cafe serves its dishes very creatively. The mocktails are served in unique jars are very eye-catchy. Top dishes that people order at this Delhi food hotspot are Burgers, Fried Cheese, Chicken Sandwich, Cheesecake Shake, Chicken Patty, Peri Fries, Mocktails, etc. Hijack, in Blackjack!

5. Mama’s Buoi

Mama's Buoi
Source: D for Delhi

Now that we have visited a lot of places for snacks let us explore some lip-smacking main course dishes. Mamas Buoi in Hudson Lane/GTB Nagar serves the best main course dishes, which include the iconic Chicken Curry, Veg Biryani, Chicken Lollipop, and Naan with Laccha Parantha. Here, at this Delhi food hotspot, you can also enjoy live sports streaming.

6. Bittu Tikki Wala (BTW)

Bittu Tikki Wala (BTW)
Source: Baketitude

A must-go place in New Delhi for all street food lovers. By its name, you must be thinking that it must be a typical shop like other street food shops, but once you visit it, you will be surprised to see the big infrastructure of this food center. It is located in Netaji Subhash Palace, whose Aaloo Tikki is the most demanding. A place with a blend of spices and mouth-watering dishes, this Delhi food hotspot is one you can’t miss out on.

7. Karim’s

Source: In My Eye

Jama Masjid’s food street is very famous, but among them, Karim’s provides some of the best non-vegetarian food you could possibly find in this area. The top dishes people order from this Delhi food hotspot are Mutton Korma, Biryani, Seekh Kebab, Chicken Jahangiri, Mutton Burra, Roti, Nihari, etc. On a personal note, Jama Masjid is the best place to eat with some spectacularly lip-smacking non-vegetarian dishes.

We hope this guide has been useful to you. Now, post-pandemic whenever you visit Delhi, make sure to try out these hotspots for the varieties of flavor you absolutely must explore.

Happy food journey!

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