16 Most Famous Chocolates You Must Try Out in Australia

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16 Most famous Chocolates you will find out in Australia


Hail yourself from Cadbury’s cradle for a while, chocolate lover. No, we are not asking you to break your bond with it but if you are a true chocolate worshiper then let’s just shake the map a little as there’s more to Aussie’s cocoa and delight.. and your devotion to chocolates cannot be justified without throwing yourself in an even bigger cascade… 

Apart from the eternal love of Cadbury, here are some luscious chocolates from Australia that appear to be a whole diversified world for chocolate lovers. 

16 Most Famous Chocolates You Must Try Out in Australia

1. Zokoko

Zokoko is known as the Goddess of all the chocolates. Zokoko is a 68% dark chocolate and also won Gold at the Sydney Royal Chocolate Competition.

2. Sweet Pea and Poppy

Sweet Pea and Poppy chocolates come in very appealing packaging with being drawn something on its body. These chocolates also look very attractive while gifting to your spouse or correspondents because of their appealing packaging.

3. Kennedy and Wilson

The tagline ‘Chocolate Bears’ suits purely the shape of chocolate that Kennedy and Wilson serve.A very fine quality chocolate containing at least 32% cocoa butter. It is an exotic high-quality chocolate rich in milk and dark chocolate contents. Appetizing caramels, toasted-roasted hazelnuts, passion fruit, pralines, and truffles are the enticing flavors available.

4. Bahen and Co

Bahen and Co. are the makers of the chocolate. It collects tempered and tasty ingredients from most of the exotic places around the world and then transforms them into its factory Margaret River wine region.

5. Couverture and Co

Couverture and Co. creates a wide range of handcrafted chocolates. They also offer a wide variety of gluten-free and vegan varieties of chocolates.

6. Hunted + Gathered 

Hunted + Gathered is a Melbourne-based chocolate brand and their chocolates say ‘quality over quantity’ which made them an award winner at 2018’s Australian Food Awards. What’s thoughtful about this brand is that they use only about three to five ingredients in their chocolates offering the customers infinite feels of flavours. 

7. Noosa Chocolate Factory 

Who doesn’t crave fresh and handcrafted chocolates? Noosa Chocolate Factory makes sure that you have a go-to bite of freshness. And that is why you cannot find them online. 

8. Cravve

If you want some artistry embroidered on chocolates, then you should check out Cravve’s products, founded by Perter Mengler. You will find the ambience of art, originality and aroma in their chocolates. 

Bonus: They have a choice named as something like ‘sugar-free’….. 

9. Winnow Chocolates

In case you are looking for colourful and exciting chocolate boxes to gift, stop right here. Winnow chocolates are special for their unusual flavours and forms. Launched in 2013, Winnow chocolates use the French technique of hand-tampering on marble and that totally makes the chocolates arresting. 

10. Koko Black

This Melbourne-based Chocolate brand is famous for premium, gourmet chocolates. Their Koko’s magic marbles, Easter range, and all rounds are worth your full attention. 

11. Luka Chocolates

Luca Chocolates company is based on the NSW central coast. You will taste the Belgian style in every bite of their chocolates. 

12. Jasper + Myrtle 

Jasper + Myrtle roasts exquisite cocoa beans and blends them with quality flavours. Their chocolates are handmade and offer authentic tastes like brandy and orange dark chocolate, Macadamia & Lemon Myrtle milk chocolate and so on. (Not to mention that Jasper + Myrtle is an award-winning chocolate brand.) 

13. Monsieur Truffe

With an online store and a factory, Monsieur Truffe has become one of the most amazing not to mention, artsy chocolate brands. From eco-friendly packaging to organic ingredients… everything’s just special about this brand.

14. Haigh’s Chocolate

Creating quality chocolates, Haigh’s Chocolate was founded by Alfred E Haigh in 1915. Haigh’s offers boxed chocolates which best goes for gifting apart from milk chocolate and dark chocolate. And do not forget to try Easter bilby which has become one of the favourites among the Aussies over the years. 

15. The Smooth Chocolator

Carefully roasted, cracked, winnowed and tempered chocolates are what The Smooth Chocolator reflects an array of. They have been awarded multiple times and also internationally for their quality chocolates. Isn’t it enough the reason for you to take one bite? 

16. Metiisto

Based in Toowoomba, Australia, Metiisto Chocolates was born in Sweden and out of cocoa beans from Solomon Islands. Metiisto has won awards for its Chocolate bars. 

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