All you need to know about Thai cuisine

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All you need to know about Thai cuisine


Central as food can be to any social event around the globe, Thai food is not the exception to their people. Each dish, each recipe is a celebration in itself because of the construction of the meals they have. It is not all about the cooking, it is also the serving and the people you share it with. It is a way of bonding and connecting and that is why it is so important to them. 

In an attempt to travel all the way to Thailand to get to know more about this exquisite cuisine and its custom flavors, here is the guide you need for Thai food.


Thai cuisine is ever updated, but the influences it was constructed under are easily traced back to ancient history.  Thai cuisine as we know it today is, mainly, the result of the land they first established at, the Chinese and the Indian customs. It goes without saying that borders don’t play such an important role when it comes to food. That is why we can also feel the influence of neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. But let’s see each of these influences in detail.

From the Indian, they received the spices, naturally. However, the student became the teacher because this is where they found their true and unique characteristic.

The Chinese brought noodles to the table, but their influence goes beyond ingredients, they also brought a cooking method: the wok.

Many cuisines

As it happens with many countries, Thai cuisine can actually be described as a group of cuisines. Other than the flavors and presentations, Thai cuisine is highly diverse along the territory. Let’s see what this means.

To the north, you will probably find herby dishes. Mushrooms and greens are common and, because of the jungle, it is likely to find pork meat. The typical spices here reflect the influence of adjoining regions. coriander and cardamom are very common.

On the opposite side, the south, seafood plays a bigger role due to the proximity to the sea. Besides, coconuts are highly used in all kinds of recipes and preparations. When it comes to seasoning, turmeric is very common.

Flavors and ingredients

You might be wondering if rice was a local or foreign ingredient. Even if it could be possible that the Chinese brought it first, the truth is that Thailand mastered the art of growing rice crops all over the country. To these days, Thailand is the number one exporter of aromatic types such as Jasmine rice and it produces other varieties too.

On the other hand, Thai cuisine is characterized by the combination of flavors. And if you are thinking that one or two flavors are enough, try again! Thai dishes are, quite literally, flavor-packed as they hold five of them including sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter. Compared to Indian, for example, which can be described as spicy, Thai food creates a balance making the dish a tasty experience. If you are craving Thai food, try this recipe out:

Coral islands, pristine-water beaches, mountains, jungles and more. Thailand is a rich and diverse country and its cuisine is a fine reflection of it. 

It is undeniable, its popularity has increased nonstop in the last few years. Thousands of people visit the country every month, but it doesn’t stop there. It is also noticeable how trendy Thai food restaurants and food trucks have become. This can only be used to one’s favor. Thai cuisine can make a stop at your house and it is just one Google search away. Do not miss the opportunity to give it a try and let us know how it goes!


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