22 Outstanding Fast Foods You Must Try Out in Mumbai

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Fast Foods You Must Try Out in Mumbai


Among countless amazing characteristics of Mumbai, the one that stands out the most is that the city has an overwhelming abundance of clichés in its hat. It is a given that Mumbai never sleeps, and this article will help you identify all the savory reasons that make nightlife and the general daytime hustle and bustle of this city all the more electrifying.

22 Outstanding Fast Foods You Must Try Out in Mumbai

1. Vada pav

A hot Vada Pav, undoubtedly the signature dish of Mumbai, is one of the easiest things to spot on the street corners. It is basically a variation of the burger. Vada is, in essence, a fist-size potato fritter filled with ingredients such as chili, curry leaves, coriander, and an aromatic amalgamation of spices. This Vada, along with a combination of hot garlic-coconut chutney and sweet-and-sour tamarind chutney, is sandwiched between a pav, or bun, and served hot. The city hosts nearly 50,000 stalls that sell this flavorful combo, but owing to the uniqueness of the recipe, each of them is perpetually crowded.

2. Pav bhaji

Second to Vada Pav, this dish is next in line to claim the crown for Mumbai’s Top Favorite Street Food. It is a tangy, saucy, tomato-based veggie concoction tastefully garnished with a fresh lemon wedge, finely chopped onions and a generous dollop of butter. When paired with gently toasted buns, this steamy dish makes for a perfect bite that will keep you coming back for more. For an even better experience, make sure that you head to Juhu Beach and enjoy Pav Bhaji in close proximity of the swift waves in the ocean.

3. Ragda Pattice

Ragda is a yellow-pea gravy doused in turmeric-y goodness while Pattice is simply delicately fried potato patties. Served with sharp condiments such as green chilli chutney and tamarind chutney, and topped with salted sev, chopped onions and coriander leaves, this iconic chaat dish is a must-try especially when on the seashore.

4. Kanda Poha

A breakfast staple, this dish is a local favorite. Breaking down the title, “kanda” translates to “onion” and “poha” means “rice flakes”. Kanda Poha, then, is an aromatic plate of flaked rice sauteed in a spicy tadka of mustard seeds, turmeric and hot green chillies. A garnish of soft, sweet coconut and a squeeze of fresh lemon adds a zing to the dish which one simply cannot get enough of.  

5. Mutton Egg Roll

If you want your experience of Mumbai’s night-life enhanced tenfold, Mutton Egg Roll is just the item for you. Walking on the streets under dazzling lights, the wafting aroma from meat roll stalls will tempt you to grab a bite ASAP. Tender, moist pieces of mutton sauteed in a zesty stir fry are wrapped in a cosy roll of Indian flatbread to make your mouth water like never before.

6. Pani Puri

“I do not like Pani Puri”, nobody has ever said this. Spherical canapes filled to the brim with lip-smacking sweet-sour-hot savory syrup and chickpeas, this dish is a true classic. The crispy feel of the puri deliciously complements the sharpness of the fillings, the result being a literal explosion of flavor just waiting to captivate your senses.

7. Mysore Masala Dosa

The diverse spirit of Mumbai is unmistakable when one explores the culinary trends and habits in the city. One such indication is the South Indian Dosa, which is basically a crepe made from fermented rice. Accompanied with fresh coconut chutney and a fragrant bowl of hot stew known as sambar, Mysore Masala Dosa is a wholesome hug for your tummy. It has a filling of multiple veggies along with the usual potato, convened by a blend of magical spices and a torrent of butter.

8. Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri is a peppy, tangy, crisp mixture of puffed rice, onions, tomatoes, peanuts, raw mango, and assorted chutneys. Finished with a zingy glaze of lemon and a dash of chaat masala and sev, this refreshing snack is almost synonymous with the beaches of Mumbai. Even so, one can easily spot Bhel Puri vendors on nearly every other street in the city.

9. Dabeli

A real cult classic, Dabeli has its origins in Gujarat. It is basically a spicy affair of potato filling tightly jammed between buns that are lovingly roasted in a river of butter and masala. A fresh garnish of pomegranate, peanuts, chopped onions, and sev adds a perky element to the dish. Dabeli is one of those decadent street finds that will tempt you to forget dieting and enjoy life, one bite at a time.  

10. Keema Pav

Keema, as an ingredient, is ground meat. Keema as a dish, on the other hand, is a piquant stew typically made from minced goat meat. Adorned with sweet green peas, this spicy, greasy, meaty plate of contentment is paired soft, warm buns. Interestingly enough, when the context of street food is taken away, Keema is coupled with a fancier version of Indian flatbread and served as a gourmet dish.

11. Idli Vada

Popular as a breakfast food, Idli Vada has a massive fan following. Idli is a variety of fermented rice cake steamed into a soft texture. Vada is a variation of bagels, made from urad dal. Typically served with sambar and chutney, hundreds of vendors sell this dish, especially in the early hours of the day; so much so that foodies, at times, travel for a good hour or so, just to get a bite of Idli Vada from a vendor with the best sambar.

12. Baida Roti

Similar to a Mutton Egg Roll, this dish has a deceptively simple name that does little justice to how immensely satisfying it is as a food item. Baida is “egg”, and Roti is an Indian flatbread. Baida Roti, then, is a type of bread that is doused in delicious egg-yness spiced up with an assortment of condiments. If you plan on going on an eating-spree, make sure you have someone to share this dish with, because one separate plate of Baida Roti and your tummy will be completely satisfied.  

13. Kothambir Vadi

Kothimbir, or Kothambir is the Marathi name for coriander. In essence, Kothambir Vadi is an appetizer made from coriander leaves and gram flour, tastefully seasoned with ginger, garlic, cumin, turmeric, and so on. Traditionally served with a coconut chutney, this fried snack is an excellent palate stimulant.

14. Sev Puri

A chaat essential that one simply cannot ignore, Sev Puri is an extremely popular street-snack. Unlike the spherical puri used in Pani Puri, the puri in this dish is flat. Sev Puri has closer resemblance to canapes, and has toppings such as chopped onions, tomatoes, tamarind chutney, and a seasoning of chaat masala and generous additions of sev.

15. Thalipeeth

A typical Maharashtrian snack, Thalipeeth can be crudely broken down as “plate” for “Thali” and “flour” for “peeth”. Thalipeeth is, in essence, a multi-grain pancake made from grains and legumes such as rice, wheat, jowar, bajra, chana and urad. A highly nutritious, and exceptionally delicious, alternative for health-conscious foodies, this dish is best enjoy hot, with a dollop of yoghurt.

16. Chicken Tikka

A Chicken Tikka stall with its mouth-watering displays of grilled chicken, has bewitching powers. Simply lay your eyes on one, and the enticing looks of the scrumptious, bright red pieces of chicken intrigue you for a closer view. Step closer, and the divine aroma of the marinade, which constitutes of an outstanding mixture of curd and spices, fires up a ravenous appetite.

17. Falooda

Falooda is a milk-based ice cream dessert, loosely resembling a milkshake. Typically, a falooda involves a big glass of velvety coldness coming from rose syrup, milk, a big scoop of ice cream, and plentiful toppings of sweet basil seeds, vermicelli noodles, and dry fruits. This dessert, with its luxurious ingredients, is actually fit for a king.

18. Bun Maska

This dish is a cult classic. Customarily found on the menus of Iranian cafes in Mumbai, Bun Maska is essentially about soft, fluffy, deliciously fragrant freshly baked bread with a thick layer of golden, buttery goodness. This straightforward dish of bread and butter celebrates simplicity, especially when paired with a piping cup of chai.

19. Bombay Sandwich

Slices of grilled white bread filled with layers of veggies and diverse chutneys, Bombay Sandwich is yet another beach snack that made its way to the menu cards of multiple food joints across the city. The secret of its drool-worthiness lies in the green chutney that makes use of fresh elements such as mint and coriander leaves with aromatics like ginger and garlic, seemingly blended in a meticulously measured manner so as not to overpower any one of the different tastes.

20. Misal Pav

Misal is a deeply flavorful curry of sprouted pulses, served with fluffy pavs. Chopped onions, a squeeze a lemon, and fresh coriander leaves enhance this dish even further. Misal Pav, like Vada Pav, is an iconic Mumbai dish that is served in multitudes of eateries; all carrying out innovative experiments with the flavor combinations.

21. Frankie

Frankie is simply a flatbread roll with zesty fillings, such as the Mutton Egg Roll listed above. Frankies flaunt a large selection of flavors to choose from- right from cheese, or paneer, to extravagant varieties of chicken or mutton gravies. Chinese condiments such as the Sichuan sauce are also widely popular as Frankie flavor.

22. Shawarma

A distant cousin of the Frankie, Middle-Eastern, in fact, Shawarma is one of those sumptuous, meaty delights that Mumbaikars love to indulge in. This decadent wrap of pita bread is generously stuffed with hot grilled chicken, and the coolness of cucumber, tomatoes and mayonnaise tie all the flavors together for a highly satisfying mouthful.


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